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After several late-night run-ins with roaches, you are probably ready to evict these pests from your home—for good. Unfortunately, these creatures are surprisingly resilient and can be extremely difficult for homeowners to exterminate without the help of professional pest control services in Houston. ABC Coach Roach exterminators offer effective and safe ways to eliminate cockroaches from your home or business. We use an innovative combination of insecticide, dust, and pellets to eradicate the target pests. The mixture is easy to apply and will not harm humans or pets. ABC Roach control experts also provide tips on preventing future infestations by sealing off entry points, reducing food sources, cleaning regularly, and monitoring activity.

an ABC pest control specialist performing an inspection for a homeowner’s cockroach problem

Types of Houston Cockroaches

Here in Houston, the two most common species of cockroach that make their way indoors are the German and the American. Each type of roach impacts our daily routine in a different way, and the different species often require distinct extermination approaches for long-term results.

German Cockroach Pest Control

a German cockroach on a leafGerman cockroaches are smaller and more likely to invade our homes since they always seek food and water. They are small, penny-sized insects with an elongated shape, light caramel brown color, and two black stripes along the top. They have a complete set of wings, but they do not fly. Therefore, we apply non-repellent pesticide treatments in areas where roaches most commonly travel, so they take this material back to the nest, which halts the reproductive cycle. In addition, our technicians use bait stations to reduce the mature cockroach population. 

American Cockroach Pest Control

an American cockroach crawling up a wallOn the other hand, American cockroaches are much giant, and you’re more likely to see these types of roaches around the perimeter of your home. While encountering an American cockroach can be more shocking due to its large size, these roaches prefer to live outside. Sometimes, these pests accidentally enter your home through doors or other small cracks and crevices. To prevent these roaches from coming in, your ABC technician will use a repellent to keep these creatures in their natural habitat, seal off potential entry points, and replace weather stripping to keep these pests outside.

No matter what type of cockroach you have on your property, the best way to prevent these pests is to eliminate excess moisture and keep things tidy around your home and yard. 

Warning Signs of a Roach Infestation

Since Houston cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer to avoid interacting with humans, if you start seeing these creatures during the day it can mean that you have a full-blown infestation.

Other than seeing a cockroach, check your property for:

When inspecting your home, you should look in the common areas where Houston cockroaches like to nest. These pests prefer warm, moist areas, so we focus on your bathrooms, kitchen, laundry room drains, and other areas near water.

Preventative Measures for Houston Cockroaches

When your ABC pest control specialist comes to your home, preventative measures can be put into place that is specific to your property. If you’d like to reduce your roach population between visits, we’d recommend the following:

After your initial inspection, your specialist will provide tips tailored to your property on preventing future infestations. Also, you can sign up for ongoing monitoring visits to ensure these pests don’t come back.

The ABC Process

Step 1: Contact ABC

When you contact us, we will schedule an inspection to get an understanding of the problem. In some cases, we can give you a quote over the phone.

Step 2: Get An Estimate

If you have an inspection, we will send you a custom treatment plan and estimate afterward. Once we get your approval, we will schedule your treatment.

Step 3: Treatment

We will come to your property and treat for pests in common hiding and nesting areas. Over time, you will start seeing less and less pest activity.

Step 4: Prevention

Customers with our ongoing pest management services will receive periodic retreatments to prevent the return of the most common pests in our area.

At ABC, we understand that once most homeowners discover they have a cockroach problem, they want to arrange for a professional to begin treatment as quickly as possible. Reach out to us by calling or scheduling an appointment online, and we’ll work with you to implement an effective cockroach control strategy as quickly as possible.

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Get Started

We offer a full range of pest control services.

ABC is a family run business which has delivered effective, reliable cockroach control solutions for over 60 years across Texas, as well as in Oklahoma and Florida. Our customers tell us that they have added peace of mind knowing that our technicians are all drug-tested and background checked before joining the ABC family. In addition, our cockroach control specialists all go through an extensive in-house training program before arriving at your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I contact ABC?

When you reach out to ABC about your cockroach problem, we will schedule a free inspection or provide you with a complimentary pest control estimate over the phone. If an inspection makes the most sense, we will get you on the schedule as quickly as possible. During this in-person meeting, you can expect one of our highly trained pest specialists to:

  • Ask yourself questions about where you’ve seen roach activity
  • Examine your home for breeding and nesting grounds, as well as locate any entry points these pests may have used
  • Identify the species of the cockroach on your property
  • Allow you to ask any questions regarding your pest problem or our treatment plans

After we finish up the inspection, we will create a customized treatment plan which we will share with you, designed to remedy your specific problem. Once we receive your approval of these next steps, we will schedule your first service call.

Can’t I get rid of cockroaches myself?

While there are products you can buy from the store and apply yourself, many of our customers find that dealing with a roach problem can become a nearly-impossible, time-consuming task. Why? To begin with, some species of cockroach lay up to 10,000 eggs in a single year. In addition, these pests can survive off nearly any organic matter, so removing their food source to eliminate their populations won’t usually help.

Because of the potentially harmful impact, Houston cockroaches can have on your health and the damage they can do to your property, enlisting the help of a reliable cockroach control professional is often the best route to take if you suspect you have an issue.

How often will you treat my property?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. When creating a custom treatment plan for you, we will consider the extent of the infestation, the species of cockroaches on your property, and any factors that make your home vulnerable to a roach infestation.

The most effective way to prevent future infestations is to take advantage of our ongoing monitoring program. ABC customers enrolled in ongoing monitoring benefit from regular treatments, during which our technicians apply preventative solutions and check to see any sign of new pest activity.

What impact do your products have on my family and the environment?

As a family-run business, ABC’s top priority is your family. One of our core company values is treating your home as our own. As an extension of that philosophy, we would never use a product on your home that we wouldn’t use on our own. All of the products we use are specially formulated for residential use, and our technicians are extensively trained to use them. Additionally, ABC pest control specialists try to use chemical treatments in the lowest concentration possible while maximizing effective pest control.

What if I still see roaches after a treatment?

Despite what you may think, it’s actually a positive sign to see roaches after your treatment—at least in the short-term. This is because your treatments have made cockroach resting grounds inhospitable and these pests are searching for a new place to live. What the cockroaches don’t realize is they will actually be bringing the product back with them to their new nesting areas, which will eventually lead to the elimination of the entire population.

If you find that pest activity has not decreased 7 to 10 days after your initial appointment, reach out to us and we would be happy to send a specialist back to your home. Any visits after 7 days and within 30 days of the initial service will occur at no additional cost to you.

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We offer a full range of pest control services.

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shante goggans


“I would definitely recommend ABC!! They were professional, courteous, and did a great job. During the treatment my blinds had to be removed, and they graciously put them back up before they left. Blair came three weeks later to do a follow-up check and was extremely friendly and helpful. He gave me more information and suggestions in regards to staying bed bug free. He even carried my large Amazon package into the garage for me. I would definitely recommend them for all your pest control needs. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

Adrian Allen


“Do your research, but this is the company to choose for your pest and rodent control. A new townhouse community is being developed in an adjacent wooded field, so all these woodland creatures started relocating to our established neighborhood. I get it, this land was theirs before it was ours, but after 20 years, they had no right to move into my house rent free. The cute hares/ rabbits were ok at first. They would flop around, and the worst they would do is leave small chocolate eggs in the yard. But when we heard scurrying in the attic, our anxiety levels started to rise. We were already overwhelmed by a pipe bursting in the garage in February due to a flash freeze. Then we noticed droppings as the restoration company came and cleared out the garage. But we really didn't connect all the dots because simultaneously we were caring for my 85 year old grandmother who was on hospice care from terminal breast cancer. So our hands were a little full at the time. But when we saw evidence that there was probably a mouse or something, we had to make it a priority. I called 3 or 4 local companies for quotes. 2 came to the house and 2 acted like they could care less about actually securing my business but were willing to quote hundreds of dollars for the service. One thing that stood out was the other companies said they would plug the holes leading into the house, but 2 said they don't go into the attic. Well that's where we heard them and so it didn't make sense to not go in the attic to hunt them down. Then Kirby from ABC came out. He did a thorough inspection and designed a plan to attack the problem. They definitely weren't the cheapest company, but they provided the best proposal with the strongest warranty. So we pulled the trigger. The crew was very professional and plugged holes and set traps. And the we waited. But there were no dead mice for weeks. So they came back out and found more holes to plug. Then the rodents got more desperate. One was bold enough to entire the kitchen at night. I was ready to burn down the entire house. Frustration was level 10. By this point my grandmother had passed away. Grief plus phobia and a general sense of absolute exhaustion had settled in. All the techs that came out were nice, friendly, professional and courteous, BUT we were sick of the rats running our house. I was also frustrated by what seemed to be a long wait between reporting sightings and an available appointment time. Mark Rodriguez came out and did a good job observing the situation and he realized that a supervisor was needed for a solution. Enter Kenneth! He was absolutely amazing. Between crawling through the attic and discovering new holes to tracking down a food source (a case of mac snd cheese boxes) in the garage that my grandmother left months before her passing (she was always prepared for when her great-grandchildren came over), Kenneth understands the mind of a mouse and the rationale of a rat. He made it his mission to eliminate these evils. And one by one, he did. Kenneth is a hero in our household. He will be receiving a Christmas card this year. My grandmother's dying wish was to rid the house of these invaders, and Kenneth and his team were able to accomplish that. It was worth ever penny for the complete customer care and warranty on the work. If you are looking for a quality solution, you've found it. Be patient, because rodents can be tricky and hard to eradicate, but ABC is committed to the long haul.”

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