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How long will I need to wait for my service call?

Seeing a roach, rat or any other insect or animal in your home can be incredibly distressing. We understand the urgency of pest problems and make every effort to remove these unwelcome guests as quickly as possible. That’s why we always offer our clients a complimentary, no-strings-attached estimate. Sometimes, we’re even able to offer estimates over the phone.

That said, you'll want to keep in mind that no two pest control situations are alike. Odds are you will benefit from a personalized treatment plan designed for your particular situation. In the majority of cases, we prefer to send a pest control professional to your home to learn more about your problem and determine the most effective course of action before beginning treatment. Typically, a visit can be scheduled within just a few business days. 

Once we have a clear understanding of your needs, we’ll create a specialized treatment plan. Before we get started, we’ll provide you with a complimentary, obligation-free estimate to approve. Once we've heard back from you, we’ll schedule your first treatment visit.

What types of pests can ABC help me with?

At ABC, we’ve handled virtually every type of pest infestation under the Texas sun. Some of the most common pest control services we specialize in include:

A cockroach

Roach Control 

Cockroaches can give us quite a fright when we turn on the bathroom light in the middle of the night and find one in our sink, trash or bathtub. Roaches are a universally hated pest because they can spread germs, contaminate food and damage textiles and paper goods. Cockroaches are particularly difficult to get rid of because they live off of almost any kind of organic substance and can sneak through the smallest cracks or crevices near our foundations, doors, windows or drains. 

The best thing you can do if you have a roach issue is to contact a pest control expert. The team at ABC understands the most effective treatment options for roach control and how to find roach breeding and resting zones. Our pros can rid you of your roach problem so you can get peace of mind.

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control 

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance. These tiny, blood-sucking insects can also carry diseases like West Nile virus and Zika virus. Mosquitoes are able to reproduce in a very small amount of standing water, making it all too easy for them to take over your backyard. The team at ABC has extensive experience in implementing effective mosquito control measures. Our comprehensive approach eliminates adult mosquitoes and halts the mosquito life cycle so you can enjoy your outdoor areas in peace. 

A bed bug crawling on someone's skin

Bed Bug Control

It’s a frightening reality: Bed bug infestations are on the rise across the country. Experts hypothesize that the resurgence of bed bugs is a result of the ease of modern travel. When people visit an infested area, they can carry these pests back home without realizing it. Bed bugs can hide in tiny folds of mattresses, furniture and even inside electrical sockets. Worse still, these creatures can stick around for long stretches without being detected. ABC's pest control professionals know how to uncover hidden bed bugs and can implement an effective treatment strategy so you can feel comfortable when your head hits the pillow at night. 

A subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control

Subterranean termites tunnel through the soil under your home until they find a plentiful food source, such as the foundation of your home. When these destructive pests find food, they eat all day, every day, which can result in costly structural damage. Worse, because they tend to feed in difficult-to-access areas on your property, these tiny pests can eat away at the wood in and around your home for long periods of time without being detected. 

If you are worried about termites, reach out to ABC. With a proven process that begins with a thorough inspection, our experienced technicians will locate and eradicate the colony of termites living on your property. Through regular monitoring, our technicians can confirm that your biggest investment is protected from these destructive pests. 

A rat sitting on a roof

Wildlife & Rodent Control

From rats and mice to raccoons and opossums, many types of wildlife can cause some serious destruction when they get into our yards, garbage, electrical wiring and crawl spaces. When critters invade your property, they tend to leave droppings, germs, fleas and ticks behind. You can trust ABC to remove animals that move into your home without an invitation. Then, to deter wildlife and rodents from future visits, our technicians will barricade potential points of entry. 

Fire ants coming out of a nest

Fire Ant Control

With a notoriously painful bite, fire ants are always an unwelcome surprise in your yard. In Brenham, you can easily accidentally stumble over fire ant hills and end up covered in welts. To eliminate a fire ant colony, or to resolve any other issues with ants inside or outside of your home, get in touch with the pest control technicians at ABC. We’ll help you safeguard your family and pets from these pests, and provide you with guidance on how to make your property less attractive to ants in the future. 

A tick crawling across white fabric

Tick & Flea Control

Fleas and ticks may be two different types of insects, but they can both bite us and our pets. If fleas invade your household, they can be responsible for irritating bites on you, your children and your furry family members. And while ticks tend to stick to the outdoors, they can have a big impact, since they have the potential to transmit illnesses like Lyme disease in a single bite. Both fleas and ticks can be difficult for homeowners to get rid of on their own, as these pests require different types of treatments at different life stages. The experts at ABC can treat your property’s interior and exterior for ticks and fleas with a personalized treatment that targets each stage of the pest's life cycle.  

A wasp nest with wasps crawling on it

Wasp Removal 

Wasps can create a real problem for homeowners in Brenham. These biting insects tend to build nests near our doors and patios, and can attack if you mistakenly disturb them. Wasp stings are painful at best and can cause serious allergic reactions for some. ABC’s technicians are experts in removing wasps nests from properties. To prevent wasps from returning, our team will also close up entry points and leave you with tips on how to prevent wasps from returning. 

A black widow spider

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Few things are as startling as encountering a spider or scorpion in an unexpected place. Because spiders and scorpions tend to try and steer clear of humans, they may hide in garages, closets and other cool, dark areas. Unfortunately, in Brenham, you can find scorpions, in addition to a variety of spiders—including the venomous black widow and brown recluse. If you have seen an uptick in this type of activity or if you are unsure whether the creature on your property is venomous, contact ABC. We can help rid your house of these creepy crawly critters and provide guidance on preventing future invasions.

What is ABC’s pest control philosophy?

With an intimate knowledge of pests and their habits, the professionals at ABC can deliver effective, personalized treatments to keep your home free of pests. We’ve been serving households in Brenham and throughout Texas for decades, and have become the largest independently owned pest control company in the area. Much of our success can be attributed to our commitment to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

The tenets of IPM emphasize efficient, affordable and low impact techniques for pest control. Drawing from knowledge taken from the fields of entomology, biology, animal behavior and horticulture, the IPM method is proven to be effective while minimizing the impact on the environment. 

The IPM approach prioritizes non-chemical treatments whenever it is feasible. The multi-tier troubleshooting method involves identifying reasons behind infestations and taking preventative measures to avoid pest invasions in the future. For example, we may recommend moving firewood or mulch away from the exterior of your home to make your property less susceptible to a termite or cockroach infestation. Or, we may advise you to alter your lawn watering schedule or dump out kiddie pools when not in use to make your yard less appealing to mosquitoes. All of these steps are low impact and low-cost to prevent pests from coming into your home or yard. 

What can I expect to happen during my inspection?

The key to effectively treating pests is to create a plan that is tailored to both the property and the infestation. Our first step to an effective pest control solution is to have a specialist come to your home to get a better understanding of your problem. During your inspection, an ABC technician will: 

  • Ask questions about your experiences with the pests to learn more about your situation
  • Inspect your property to find pests and identify points of entry 
  • Assess your property for any pest-related damage 
  • Identify the type of pest, if necessary
  • Answer your questions about pests on your property, as well as our methods 

After the inspection is completed, you will receive a custom treatment plan and an estimate. Once we receive your approval, we’ll set up your first service call.

What does a typical service call look like?
What’s the usual duration of your pest control treatments?

No two pest problems are the same, so we customize our pest control treatments to meet the needs of each customer's unique situation. That’s why it’s tough to say for sure how long it will take for an issue to be resolved. We understand that most homeowners would like to hear that their pest problem will be gone in just a few visits. However, most infestations require multiple treatments. Additionally, some pest activity is seasonal in nature, so we may recommend ongoing treatments to prevent another infestation down the line. 

The length of treatment and number of service calls may depend on several factors, including the pest species, season and the extent of the infestation. You can rest assured that we will make every effort to rid your home of unwanted visitors in as little time as possible. To prevent pest problems throughout the year, ABC offers a recurring preventative service to control the four most common pests in Brenham and surrounding areas. We will come back on a regular basis to treat for roaches, mosquitoes, spiders and scorpions. 

Will I need to plan to be at home for every treatment?

At ABC, we know how disruptive a pest infestation can be to your normal routine. To accommodate our customers' busy schedules, we offer “outside only” services that include routine treatment of the exterior of your property and yard. You don’t have to be home for these services. All we ask is that you provide us with any applicable information to access your property, such as a gate code. 

How does ABC handle honey bees?

Bees are an important part of our environment. Because of this, our team will do everything we can not to disturb either bees or their hives. If you have a problem with honey bees on your property, we can give you the contact information of Brenham beekeepers who can remove and relocate honey bee hives in a safe, humane manner. 

Why is ABC the best pest control company to handle my problem?

ABC has been serving residential and commercial clients throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Florida for more than 70 years. Because we are a family-run company, you can trust us to respect your home and belongings as if they were our own. All ABC technicians undergo a rigorous screening and training process before they begin going on service calls, which includes passing a drug test and a background check. When you choose ABC, you can feel comfortable knowing you will receive the most effective pest control treatment, in addition to unparalleled customer care and friendly service.