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How long will it take you to get here?

Some pest problems require immediate attention. That’s why we make every effort to get an inspector to your property as soon as possible to provide you with a recommended plan of action. In some cases, we can even provide you with an estimate over the phone for our most popular service, including treatment for spiders, mosquitoes, ants and scorpions.

If an in-person appointment is necessary to give you an accurate estimate to tackle your pest problem, we do our best to make that happen in a few business days.

What happens at the free inspection?

Since no two pest problems are exactly the same, in many cases we will recommend an in-person appointment to help us develop a plan that will get better, long-term results. At this time, our inspector will:

  • Conduct a preliminary assessment of your property to look for possible entry points or any other unique features of your home which could make it more vulnerable to pest activity

  • Ask you questions to learn more about the nature and extent of your problem

  • Answer any questions you might have about our service offerings

After this appointment, we will send you a free, no-obligation estimate for the treatment options that will be the most effective for long-term results. Your first treatment visit can be scheduled as soon as you approve the estimate.

Which pest control services do you offer here in Bryan?

ABC has built a reputation here in Bryan for effective, long-term solutions to even the peskiest pest problems.

Our experienced, highly-trained technicians regularly provide the following pest control services to Bryan households:

Pest Control Bryan TX

Roach Control

Considered one of the most resilient creatures on Earth, cockroaches can survive underwater for a half hour, live without a head for a week and go without food for an entire month. No wonder Bryan homeowners have such a  hard time controlling these pervasive pests on their own! ABC’s technicians have the experience and training to know exactly where to look to find nesting and resting areas and to use effective measures to reduce your roach population.

Mosquito control Bryan TX

Mosquito Control

What do mosquitoes need to breed? Water. How much do they need to lay eggs? Very little. Whether Lake Bryan is in your backyard or you have a birdbath in your front yard, mosquitoes can easily take up residence and make spending time outside miserable. Although the primary reason many homeowners seek professional help for mosquitoes is because getting bitten is annoying, mosquitoes can also spread serious diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses. ABC’s pros can advise you on the best ways to keep mosquitoes at bay so you can protect your household from these bloodsucking pests.

Bryan TX pest control

Bed Bug Exterminator

Although we tend to hear about bed bug infestations in apartments and other densely-populated areas, the truth is that bed bugs can and often do infest single-family homes. What’s worse, these pests can live up to a few months without a blood meal, which is one of the reasons DIY approaches are ineffective. ABC implements targeted control measures to eliminate bed bugs at all stages in their life cycle to reduce both the current population and prevent another infestation.

Pest control Bryan Texas

Termite Control

Termites are sometimes called “silent destroyers” because subterranean species tunnel to your home through mud tubes, allowing them to cause significant damage before a homeowner realizes there is a problem. ABC’s termite experts can quickly identify the source of your problem and suggest next steps so that you can minimize your losses.

Bryan Texas pest control

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Although insects can disrupt your household, larger pests, including rats, possums, mice, raccoons, birds, and other creatures can do even more damage. Whether it’s chewing through electrical wiring, leaving behind disgusting and potentially dangerous droppings or causing a mess, rodents and other types of wildlife can cause quite a headache for homeowners. These larger pests can even bring fleas and ticks onto your property, leading to even bigger issues. The skilled technicians survey your property to determine how and why these animals are getting into your home or yard and put measures in place to keep them from coming back.

Pest Control in Bryan TX

Fire Ant Control

Many of us here in the Bryan/College Station area are already very familiar with fire ants and the painful after-effects of a bite. If these pests gain a foothold in your yard, you’ll have to deal with unsightly mounds and the risk of someone in your household getting bitten. ABC’s experts can help you manage all types of ants on your property—both the species that you’ll find indoors as well as fire ants and other outdoor-dwelling species—so you can be protected from these unwelcome guests.

Pest Control in Bryan Texas

Flea & Tick Control

These two types of parasites are among the most common pests which attack not only the human members of our household but also our furry family members. Pets that suffer from flea bite dermatitis can become quite miserable if you have a flea infestation, and these tiny insects will also bite humans. Although it’s less likely that you have a tick infestation, just one bite is enough to transmit serious diseases, including Lyme disease. The pros at ABC use their extensive knowledge of pest behavior to implement effective treatment plans to address both indoor and outdoor flea and tick populations so you can get rid of these creatures—for good.

Pest Control Service Bryan TX

Spider & Scorpion Control

Bryan, similar to the rest of the state, is home to two poisonous spider species: the brown recluse and the black widow. Unfortunately, not many homeowners can tell these spiders apart from other common nonvenomous spiders that may choose to take up residence in your home. Scorpions are another unwelcome houseguest, particularly since these creatures can sting if threatened, which can feel similar to a bee sting. ABC’s helpful technicians can help handle any infestations, identify species of concern and provide you with guidance to minimize future encounters.

Does ABC follow a specific pest control philosophy?

The principles of integrated pest management (IPM) serve as the foundation for how we develop and implement our treatments. This philosophy is based on how your environment makes your home more or less vulnerable to pest activity. By making changes to your environment, you can help keep pests away.

Our work begins by directly addressing your existing pest problem. Once we are done, our skilled technicians identify potential breeding grounds so that your same issue doesn’t reoccur. To prevent future invasions, our experts will take a close look around your property to seal any gaps or openings which can make it easier for these pests to enter and hang around in the first place.

What are the chances you’ll need to come back?

Pests get their name for a reason: these creatures are incredibly difficult to manage on your own. In many cases, pests can and do return. In addition, treatment solutions are time-limited, so they will become less effective over time. To make matters worse, pest problems can get better and worse, depending on the season.

For all of these reasons, ABC now offers year-round service. Customers that take advantage of this offering get a special program of service calls to address the most common pests here in Bryan: spiders, roaches, ants and scorpions.

Must I be home for every ABC service call?

Being at home for every service call can be challenging. That’s why ABC also offers outside-only pest control services. While you are away, our technicians will treat the exterior of your home for pests, so that you can have peace of mine that when you return, you will see fewer of these pesky crawling insects.

What other services does ABC offer in the Bryan/College Station area?

Although ABC has established a reputation for providing reliable and effective pest control services, we also offer Bryan homeowners the following services:

Lawn & Tree Services

ABC’s lawn pros can improve your curb appeal and help your plants thrive year-round in our hot, dry climate. Just a few examples of how ABC can transform your home’s exterior include:

  • Keeping your grass healthy and looking neat with reliable, regular mowing

  • Supplementing your plants’ nutrition through seasonal fertilizers that have been formulated for our Bryan soil types

  • Specialized, professional care for any sized trees on your property, including trimming

Holiday & Event Lighting

Festive lighting can add to your holiday cheer, but the concept of actually checking that item off your to-do list during the holidays can be daunting. ABC’s lighting pros can:

  • Provide you with environmentally-friendly lighting options

  • Design a lights display to highlight your home

  • Remove your lighting when the season is over

  • Safely pack your lights so they will be ready for next year

  • Get your home ready for your next outdoor gathering with temporary or permanent backyard lighting

Why do Bryan homeowners choose ABC for pest control?

Our customers here in Bryan tell us that the main reason they return is that our licensed specialists (TPCL2170) provide both high-quality and friendly service. Better yet, you can feel safe with our employees on your property, because part of the ABC hiring process involves conducting background checks and drug testing on all technicians. Last, but certainly not least, ABC treats your home as we would our own.