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How long will I need to wait for my service call?

Whether it’s your first time noticing a pest on your property or you’ve had multiple run-ins with unwanted creatures, we know that it can be unsettling. We understand the urgency of pest problems and we will make every effort to get your problem handled promptly. This is why our pest control process begins with a complimentary, no-obligation estimate. Sometimes, we’re even able to give you this estimate over the phone. 

That said, the most effective pest control treatment plans are those that are tailored to the property where the infestation is happening, as no two situations are alike. Most of our customers benefit from a customized treatment plan that is designed for their particular problem. In the majority of cases, we prefer to send a specialist to your property to get a better understanding of the situation and determine the best next steps. Typically, we can schedule this visit in just a few business days. 

Once we have an understanding of the problem and your needs, we will create a specialized treatment plan and an estimate for you to review. When we get your approval of the complimentary estimate, we will be able to schedule your first treatment visit.

What types of pest control services does ABC provide in Hearne?

ABC has been solving pest problems for home and business owners since 1949. This means we can provide any type of pest control Hearne area residents may need. Most commonly, we get contacted in regards to the following types of pest control services: 

An American cockroach on a white background

Roach Control

Spotting a cockroach in your home can be a disheartening experience. These pests are widely hated by homeowners, and for good reason. Roaches are capable of spreading germs, leaving behind a musty smell, contaminating food, damaging belongings and worsening allergies. Dealing with roaches can be particularly difficult, as these pests are prolific breeders and can survive off nearly any organic matter. To make matters worse, these creatures are capable of sneaking into our homes in tiny cracks or crevices near our foundations, doors, windows or drains. 

Generally, the most effective way to handle a roach infestation is to contact a pest control professional. Our specialists have a thorough understanding of cockroach behavior and preferences, and can use this knowledge to create a customized roach control solution for you. Typically, our roach control services include traps to eliminate adult roaches and insect growth regulators to slow the roach reproduction cycle so that you'll have limited contact with these creatures in the future. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control

Although public health departments have put measures in place to reduce the number of mosquitoes in Hearne, it’s nearly impossible to eradicate all of these bothersome insects within a residential area. Mosquitoes need minimal amounts of water to reproduce and some species are capable of laying 200 eggs at a time.

Most people only think about the terribly itchy bites that come from mosquitoes, but there has been increasing concern over mosquito-transmitted illnesses, such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. If mosquitoes are making it difficult for you to enjoy your yard, contact ABC. We use a multitiered approach to mosquito control, so you can have some relief. 

A bed bug crawling on someone

Bed Bug Control

It’s an unfortunate reality that bed bug populations are on the rise across the country. When we visit a place that is infested with bed bugs, these pests can easily hitch a ride home with us. You may not even realize that have unknowingly transported bed bugs, as it can take some people up to 14 days to have an allergic reaction to their bites. 

When these creatures make it into our homes, they typically stay well hidden in out of reach areas and in the tiniest cracks where they can easily get a blood meal, which can include in the seams of our mattresses and even in nightstands and baseboards. Bed bugs can be difficult to control because they are resistant to many pest control products on the market and their tiny size makes them almost impossible to see. ABC’s specialists know where to find bed bugs and can implement solutions to eradicate these pests. 

A subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control 

Subterranean termites are the most common species of termite found in Texas, and it is also among the most destructive species. As their name implies, subterranean termites tunnel underground searching for plentiful food sources, such as the foundation of a home. Because these pests are out of sight, it can be difficult to catch a termite infestation before significant damage has already been done. 

If you are concerned about termites on your property, contact ABC. Our highly trained specialists know where to locate termite colonies and can put effective termite control measures in place. For further peace of mind, you can sign up for our termite monitoring program which allows us to catch signs of termite activity before a full-blown infestation takes place. 

A rat on a roof

Wildlife & Rodent Control

We understand that dealing with a rat, mouse, squirrel, skunk, raccoon or possum problem can be overwhelming. These large pests can easily disrupt your regular routine by making messes, strewing trash about, damaging belongings, spreading germs, contaminating food and even chewing through electrical wiring. Not to mention, these creatures typically bringing smaller pests with them onto a property, such as fleas and ticks. ABC can help get your wildlife problem under control and can help with any secondary infestations you may be dealing with too. Once we have removed all of the unwanted creatures from your property, we will seal up potential entry points other pests could use to gain access to your home. 

A tick crawling on a white piece of fabric

Tick & Flea Control 

Fleas are prolific breeders which can make an infestation feel as if it sprung up out of nowhere. Fleas will relentlessly bite us and our pets, leading to incredibly itchy bumps that can even lead to secondary infections. Ticks, on the other hand, don’t typically infest homes. But, the presence of even a single tick on your property can be cause for alarm, as these pests are capable of transmitting serious diseases, such as Lyme disease. 

If you are concerned about the presence of either of these parasitic pests, reach out to ABC. We create customized solutions to target these pests throughout their life cycle, so you can have peace of mind. 

A wasp nest on the outside of a house

Wasp Control 

When wasps nest on our property, it can make simple tasks such as grabbing the mail or taking out the trash a worrisome experience. To make matters worse, wasps commonly nest in areas that we travel through, such as by our eaves, patios and decks. Anyone who has been stung by a wasp will tell you it’s not an experience they wish to relive, and these stings can have more serious consequences if you’re allergic.

If you’re concerned about the wasps on your property, reach out to ABC.  Our specialists can remove the nest and then seal up areas that future stinging insects could use to nest on your property. 

Two fire ants coming out of an ant hill

Fire Ant Control

Finding a fire ant in your yard is unpleasant for a variety of reasons. Not only are these mounds an eyesore, but if you or a family member ends up disturbing the colony, you could find yourself covered in painful bites. To avoid uncomfortable encounters with these pests, contact ABC. We can eliminate the entire colony of fire ants, or any other type of ant colony on your property, so you don’t have to deal with these creatures. Also, we can leave you with guidance on how to make your property less appealing to ants moving forward. 

A black widow spider on a web

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Few things are as alarming as encountering a spider or scorpion when you are least expecting it. Although many people are afraid of these creatures, spiders and scorpions typically prefer to avoid interacting with humans. This means you may find these creatures in your garage, closet or another dark, secluded area. Both spiders and scorpions will bite and sting if threatened, and scorpion stings can be quite painful. Unfortunately, in Texas, there are two varieties of venomous spiders—the brown recluse and the black widow. 

If you are worried about the presence of spiders, scorpions or both, ABC can help. We can identify the species on your property, if necessary, and then create a solution to reduce your likelihood of an encounter with either of these creatures.

What is ABC’s pest control philosophy?

With over 70 years of experience in the pest control industry, ABC has a deep understanding of pest behavior. We use our extensive knowledge to create effective pest control treatment plans for Hearne area homeowners. Much of our pest control philosophy aligns with the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

IPM is an effective management process because it combines lessons learned from the fields of entomology, biology, animal behavior and horticulture. This approach puts an emphasis on efficient, affordable and low impact techniques for pest control. 

IPM prioritizes non-chemical interventions whenever possible. This multi-tiered approach to controlling pest infestations identifies why the pest infestation happened in the first place and what measures can be taken to prevent future pest problems. For example, we may recommend moving vegetation away from the perimeter of your home to make your yard less appealing to cockroaches and termites. Or, we may advise you to empty kiddie pools or alter your lawn watering schedule to make your yard less susceptible to mosquito problems. All of these steps are low impact and low-cost ways to reduce the likelihood of a current or future pest problem.

What can I expect to happen during my inspection?

The key to effective pest control is to create a treatment plan that is customized to both the property and the infestation. This means that our first step in the pest control process is to have an ABC pest control specialist come to your home to get a better understanding of the problem. During your inspection, your technician will:

  • Ask questions about what you’ve been experiencing and where you’ve been noticing signs of pests or seeing the pests themselves 
  • Conduct an initial inspection to locate pest hiding spots and potential points of entry 
  • Examine your property for any pest-related damage
  • Identify the species of pest, when necessary 
  • Give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the pests or our treatment protocols 

At the end of the inspection, your technician will present you with an estimate for our suggested next steps. Once we receive your approval, we will schedule your first treatment call.

What does a typical service call look like?
What’s the usual duration of your pest control treatments?

Each pest problem is unique and we tailor our treatment plans to tackle the particular problem you’re dealing with. That’s why it’s difficult to say exactly how many treatments your property will require. We understand that most homeowners want to hear that their problem will be resolved in just a few visits, but in order to halt the pest reproduction cycle and ensure the problem has been dealt with, we typically recommend multiple treatments. Additionally, some pest activity is seasonal in nature, so we may encourage you to engage us for ongoing treatments to prevent a future infestation. 

The length of treatment and the number of service calls is dependent on a variety of factors, including the pest species you have, the season and the severity of the infestation. You can feel confident knowing that we will make every effort to rid your property of unwanted guests in as little time as possible. For long-term relief from pests, we offer a recurring pest control service to control four of the most common pests in Robertson County. When you take advantage of this service, you receive regularly scheduled treatment calls to target roaches, mosquitoes, spiders and scorpions.

Will I need to plan to be at home for every treatment?

During the initial assessment, we ask that you are available in person so that we can ask you specific questions about what we’re seeing and discuss talk through some details that may be difficult to explain over the phone. Depending on what we find, we may recommend indoor or outdoor treatments, or a combination of both. 

We understand that you would likely rather be spending your spare time on the Hearne Municipal Golf Course or taking the kids to an event at the Robertson County Fair Grounds than waiting around for your pest control technician. We also understand that just having a pest problem can be a major disruption to your life. This is why we offer an outdoor-only ongoing treatment plan that keeps pest populations low throughout the year. When we come to your property for these perimeter treatments, you don’t need to be home. All we ask is that you provide us with any information we may need to gain access to your yard.

How does ABC handle honey bees?

ABC values the important role that honey bees have in our ecosystem. If a bee hive near your home is giving you trouble, we would be happy to provide you with a referral to a local beekeeper who can remove or relocate the hive in a humane manner. 

Why should I choose ABC for pest control?

ABC has been providing effective pest control across Texas for generations. As a family-run business, one of our values is that we treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own, and this philosophy extends to the people we bring on to our team. We strive to hire the best of the best, and our job application process includes a drug test and a criminal background check.

Before conducting service calls, our technicians go through an in-house training program to learn everything they need to know about pest control and what our standards are for customer service. Any ABC specialist who arrives at your home will be friendly and knowledgeable, and will create an effective pest control solution for your property.