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What lawn services do you provide?

Our reliable, background-checked lawn care experts can help you with just about any outdoor project, large or small, as well as seasonal lawn care.

Lawn Services Katy TX

Katy homeowners call upon ABC to:

  • Mow, edge and trim grass, shrubs and trees to keep your yard looking tidy.

  • Enhance your existing landscaping by adding in new flowers or plants, adding in more drought (or deer) resistant varieties or converting grass to lower-maintenance groundcover.

  • Remove thatch and other yard debris which can provide a place for lawn pests and hide.

  • Transforming your outdoor spaces by creating a new plan to highlight your home and creating different zones for different uses (for kids, for pets or for gardening, for example).

  • Repair sprinkler systems so that your yard gets the moisture it needs to survive the brutal Katy summers.

  • Highlight your property by adding outdoor lighting.

Once your yard is in great shape, ABC can keep it looking that way with periodic visits to fit your schedule and budget, so that you can enjoy a picture-perfect yard without having to lift a finger.

What happens during the initial consultation?

At ABC, we see our job as making your life easier, and that starts with a no-obligation consultation. During that initial visit, our lawn experts will gather information from you about what you want done and your budget. We will inspect your property to determine what the best solution is to meet your needs. Then, we’ll present a plan to you for approval. We don’t like surprises, and we know homeowners don’t, either, so our estimate will include all anticipated costs, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden or additional fees.

How often do you mow?

We customize our lawn care to your property, so our lawn techs will recommend a mowing schedule based on your type of grass and what fertilizers you use, if any. Some of our customers prefer a more frequent schedule, and others only call us for touch-ups on an as-needed basis.

Who will be mowing my lawn?

At ABC, we hire only the best of the best. All of our employees undergo background checks and extensive training so that you can rest assured that our technicians will provide you with reliable, top-notch lawn services. In addition to our lawn care experts, ABC draws on the expertise of master landscapers and entomologists to keep your outdoor spaces and looking healthy and green.

What products will you use on my property, and are they environmentally friendly?

We care about the communities we serve. That’s why ABC uses specially-formulated lawn products in diluted concentrations to keep your yard healthy while minimizing the impact on the planet. If you have questions about any particular products or ingredients, we are happy to provide you with the Material Data Sheets on any products we use and work with you to address your concerns.

Can you identify lawn diseases or other problems?

Our lawn experts can spot common lawn conditions, including brown patch, take-all patch, shade and drought stress and iron chlorosis. During your free consultation, we can identify these issues and recommend a course of action to repair the damage done to your turf.

Can you help with landscaping and lawn care at my business?

Yes! Our commercial team can help your business put its best foot forward by keeping your entrance and walkway looking neat and tidy and adding in seasonal landscaping.

Do you provide other home services in Katy?

In addition to lawn care, ABC provides the following top-notch, reliable home services in Katy, as well as in the other communities in the greater Houston area:

Pest Control

Katy residents can count on ABC to help get rid of common pests inside your home and in your outdoor areas. The pests Katy homeowners most frequently call upon us for help with include cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, rodents and other larger wildlife, fleas and ticks, bees and wasps, ants and spiders. Our pest control specialists can:

  • Identify the source of your pest infestation.

  • Provide you with a treatment plan, customized for your needs and budget.

  • Perform routine application of treatments to control any future infestations.

  • Recommend additional steps you can take to keep pests away.

Pool Services

All it takes is a dip in the pool to forget about the relentless heat of a Katy summer. Pool owners understand that routine maintenance and cleaning are part of the responsibilities that come with having a backyard oasis. When something breaks, it’s helpful to have an understanding of your pool’s mechanics to understand what repairs are needed. ABC’s pool services include:

  • Regular cleaning, which includes washing, brushing, skimming and vacuuming

  • Monitoring your pool’s pH, chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and chlorine levels

  • Emptying your pump and skimmer baskets

  • Performing preventative maintenance checks to help avoid costly repairs

  • Handling pool draining and acid washes

  • Remodeling your pool, which can include replastering, tiling or coping; adding new water features; revamping your deck or installing new equipment, such as ladders, pool cleaners and lighting

Christmas Light Installation Services

ABC has a full list of services to make homeowners’ lives easier, and there is no time that homeowners are busier than during the holidays. Give your home a festive touch with a Christmas lights display that will impress everyone on your street. Better yet, ABC can supply the lights, install your display and return to remove your lights and pack them away, so you are ready for the new year.