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What lawn services do you provide?

Whether you prefer ongoing, one-time or seasonal assistance, ABC’s background-checked lawn specialists can take care of any size lawn project so that you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.

lawn services The Woodlands

Here in The Woodlands, homeowners rely on ABC to:

  • Mow the grass, edge along driveways and paths and trim shrubs and trees so that your yard looks neat and tidy.

  • Incorporate new plants into your existing landscaping which fit your lawn’s needs, whether you have full sun, full or part shade or if you need deer resistant varieties.

  • Recommend native, drought-tolerant alternatives to your current mix of flowers and plants.

  • Convert grass to lower-maintenance groundcover to save you money on your water bills.

  • Clean up your yard by removing leaves, yard debris and thatch which can attract pests and encourage lawn diseases.

  • Create a new landscape plan with zones for different uses (for your pets, for your children, for gardening, for outdoor entertaining and for a pool or water feature).

  • Repair your sprinkler system so that your grass and plants get the moisture they need to survive the hot summers we have here in The Woodlands.

  • Brighten your home’s appearance at night and improve your security with the installation of outdoor lighting.

Once your yard is looking great, you can schedule periodic visits from ABC’s lawn care experts, on a timeline that fits your needs and budget, so you can enjoy a picture-perfect yard without having to lift a finger.

What happens during the initial consultation?

On our first visit to your home, our background-checked lawn expert will gather information from you about what type of project you have in mind and your budget. After inspecting your property, ABC will provide you with a no-obligation estimate, customized to your property and your needs. This set of recommendations will include all anticipated costs, so that you won’t have to deal with any hidden or unexpected fees.  

How often can you mow my grass?

ABC takes an individualized approach to lawn care. That means that the recommendations from our experts take into account your type of grass, its condition and the amount of water and fertilizer you are currently using to develop a schedule of mowing which will fit your time and budget and keep your yard healthy. Some of our customers in The Woodlands count on us for regular mowing and others contact us on an as-needed basis.

Who will be mowing my lawn?

At ABC, we treat our clients’ homes as we would our own, which means that we only hire the best of the best. Our employees undergo background checks and receive extensive in-house training, so they are equipped to deliver unparalleled service. When you choose ABC, you are choosing not only experts in lawn care, but also a company staffed with entomologists and master landscapers, so our team can take on any problem or challenge you may be having with your outdoor spaces.

What products will you use on my property, and are they environmentally friendly?

Our top priority is the health and well-being of your family. That’s why ABC only uses products formulated for residential use, in low concentrations. During the decades that we have worked on lawns in The Woodlands, we at ABC have learned which products work best, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Customers can request to see the Material Data Sheets on any of the products we plan to use, so you know what the key ingredients are and any potential risks, and we work with customers on alternatives to address any concerns.

Can you treat lawn diseases or other problems?

Our in-house experts have the knowledge and training to identify and treat common lawn diseases, including brown patch, shade and drought stress, iron chlorosis and take-all patch. Our inspectors can provide you with a treatment plan to address your problem and suggestions on how to restore your lawn.

Can ABC take care of landscaping and lawn care at my business in The Woodlands?

Local businesses in The Woodlands can count on ABC for the same level of reliable, high-quality lawn and landscaping services upon which homeowners have grown to depend. Our commercial lawn care team can make your entryway inviting, keep your pathways and walkways neat and tidy and give your exterior spaces a pop of color with seasonal landscaping.

Do you provide other home services in The Woodlands?

One advantage to choosing ABC for your lawn care is that you can also utilize the many other services we offer in the greater Houston area:

Pest Control

Homeowners in The Woodlands can trust ABC to help get rid of common pests inside your home and in your outdoor areas. The pests homeowners in our area most frequently call upon us for help with include cockroaches, mosquitoes, termites, bed bugs, rodents and other larger wildlife, fleas and ticks, bees and wasps, ants and spiders. Our pest control specialists can:

  • Find the source of your pest infestation.

  • Develop a treatment plan, customized for your needs and budget.

  • Perform routine application of treatments to prevent any future infestations.

  • Recommend additional measures you can take to keep pests away.

Pool Services

A quick a dip in the pool can help you better handle the relentless heat we experience here in The Woodlands during the summer. Pool owners soon recognize that routine maintenance and cleaning can quickly become time-consuming. When something breaks, it’s also helpful to have an understanding of your pool’s mechanics to understand how to make repairs. ABC’s pool services include:

  • Regular cleaning, which includes washing, brushing, skimming and vacuuming

  • Monitoring your pool’s pH, chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and chlorine levels

  • Emptying your pump and skimmer baskets

  • Performing preventative maintenance checks to help avoid costly repairs

  • Handling pool draining and acid washes

  • Remodeling your pool, which can include replastering, tiling or coping; adding new water features; revamping your deck or installing new equipment, such as ladders, pool cleaners and lighting

Christmas Light Installation Services

No time seems busier than during the holidays, and ABC is here to help make homeowners’ lives easier. Could your home benefit from a lights display, but don’t have the time or energy to make it happen? Are your existing lights old and not fully functional? Not only can ABC provide you with lights and install them, but our pros can even come and take them down once the holidays are over and box them up for you. Talk about a no-hassle solution!