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Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! We'll send an inspector to take a look at your gutters, assess their condition, and present you with an estimate to have your gutters cleaned. Once you approve the estimate, we can set up a convenient time for the work to be done.

How do you clean my gutters?

Our gutter cleaning specialists use a custom tool to move leaves, sticks and other debris across the length of your gutters to one side. 


Gutter cleaning San Antonio


San Antonio gutter cleaning

Then, debris is removed by hand to keep it out of your driveway, walkway or flower beds. Our specialists will then check your downspouts for any blockages. If any clogs are found, we will use a leaf blower to remove the obstruction or even disassemble your downspout to remove the source of the problem by hand.

Once the gutter cleaning is complete, our crews will take away all waste materials they've collected and make sure your property is left in pristine condition.

What are some of the consequences of not cleaning out my gutters?

Since many of us need a ladder to inspect our gutters up close, we can often miss signs of accumulated debris. Some common warning signs that indicate your gutters need cleaned are:

  • Water overflowing out of the top of your gutters vs. coming out of downspouts

  • Seeds sprouting in your gutters

  • Clumps of dirt

  • Rodent or bird nests

  • Pest infestations

If enough materials collect in your gutters, the added weight can cause your gutters to deteriorate, which can result in your gutters leaking and eventually pulling away from your home, damaging your home further.

Can you remove those black lines from my gutters?

Homeowners sometimes ugly black lines or streaks forming along gutters. These are called “tiger stripes” and form as a result of electrostatic bonding of debris to your aluminum gutters.

ABC can use power washing equipment and special cleaners on your gutters to disrupt this chemical bond and remove this ugly residue.

How often should I have my gutters cleaned?

Gutter cleaning frequency largely depends on the number of trees in your yard, although severe weather can also impact that need.

Many of our customers choose to have their gutters cleaned twice a year to avoid any potential damage from clogged gutters. Gutters positioned next to roofs with a steeper angle may require more frequent cleaning.

If you'd prefer, you can opt to have ABC's gutter cleaning service set up as a recurring service to make sure this important home maintenance task gets completed regularly.

Do I need to be home when my gutters are cleaned?

In most cases, our gutter cleaning crews can perform their work when you're away from your home. If that's preferred, we simply ask homeowners for access to the perimeter of their homes for our work and that pets and children remain indoors during our gutter cleaning service.

Why should I hire ABC to clean my gutters?

Not only will you save yourself free time, but you'll be safe from the dangers associated with getting up on a ladder, a risk which is linked to over 160,000 annual visits to our country's emergency rooms. ABC’s equipment and experienced specialists will do the job quicker, safer and better than you could do with a hose and a bucket.

When you choose ABC for your gutter cleaning, you are selecting a company which has provided a range of top-quality home services in Texas for decades. Our customers say they select ABC because they know that we conduct thorough background checks on all our employees and because our specialists are drug tested. All our staff receives extensive in-house training and will treat your property as they would their own.

What does ABC's gutter cleaning service look like?