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My previous lawn company was servicing my lawn for about 10 months when I realized that it didn't quit look as good as it did when they first started. I decided to make a switch to ABC for my lawn service. 

I must say that Jaime and Simon have done an excellent job in the short time since they started servicing it. They always offer helping suggestions on how to improve the appearance of my lawn. Thank you for making my lawn look beautiful again.

- Joyce A., August 2014
How often do you come treat my yard?

We treat your yard seven times over the course of a year. At varying times of the year, lawns need different elements and products applied to them. We pride ourselves in finding the right balance for your yard by designing the correct year round application schedule. By treating with the proper produts at the correct time of year, you get a healthy, attractive lawn.

What can you do to fix an unhealthy looking lawn?

The first step is always lawn diagnosis. Our lawn specialist will determine what’s ailing your lawn so we can take the proper course of action. Lawn diseases such as gray leaf spot, brown patch, and spring dead spot require different treatment than destructive insect infestation such as white grub, armyworm, and cinch bugs, just to name a few.

Once we know what’s wrong, the specialist will design a customized treatment plan.

ABC uses the term turf enrichment, is that the same thing as fertilizing?

Yes and no. At ABC, we believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our environment. That means the use of as few chemical-based products as possible. Instead, we believe that the best lawn is a truly healthy lawn - one that's has good soil nutrients and one where the health of the turf is the ultimate goal. So, the products we use - more often than not - are organic, non-chemical compounds that are designed to promote overall lawn health.

It's important to note that although we use fertilization products which are rich in nutrients, that doesn't mean there will always be a quick "green-up." Many chemical-based products commonly available at the big box stores are designed for a quick green-up, but don't necessarily strive for overall, long-term health of the yard. It's kind of like treating the symptom of a problem without actually treating the problem.

Borrowing a term from health care - we take a "holistic" approach, designed to benefit the overall health of your lawn, resulting in an attractive yard in an environmentally conscientious manner.

What is Holganix?

Holganix is a 100% organic plant probiotic that balances the soil's ecosystem, building strong roots and growing healthier, more resilient plants. Instead of chemicals, Holganix uses an abundant and diverse list of beneficial microorganisms, microbial food sources and organic additives that turn a small amount of fertilizer into the most effective plant treatment available.

Why should I use Holganix?

Traditional chemical fertilizers contain phosphorus, nitrates and pesticides. These chemical compounds make their way to lakes, streams, ponds and bays where they produce an overabundance of algae and plankton. This creates an imbalance that depletes precious oxygen that wildlife needs to survive.

Reducing the use of chemical fertilizers can help eliminate the dead ones in our waters, where marine life can no longer survive. When you use Holganix, you’re reducing the use of nitrates and phosphates by as much as 90%, and helping to reduce the impact of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides on our environment.

Can fertilization (turf enrichment) be added to a regular lawn mowing service?

Yes, and we highly recommend it!