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- Mr R., February 2018
What kind of water heater do I need?

Your ABC plumbing specialist will work closely with you to find the water heater that best matches your family's needs. While we install both conventional and tankless water heaters, we encourage you to consider a tankless system. They’re smaller, more efficient, and you will never run out of hot water! They work especially well in busy households with lots of people taking frequent showers, washing dishes and doing laundry. However, if a conventional system works better for your needs, we supply and sell several sizes and brands.

What's the difference between a tankless and traditional water heater?

A traditional water heater stores water in a large tank, heating it from the bottom and holiding it at a certain temperature for future use. The hot water at the top is what you're using when you turn on the tap. The down side to this is that it's possible to run through all the hot water in the tank with heavy usage.

Think of a tankless system as on-demand hot water. It only makes hot water when you turn on your tap and can't run out. When you turn off the tap, the unit shuts down. When you’re not using hot water, the tankless system isn’t using energy and adding cost to your utility bill.

Will a new water heater save me money in the long run?

A tankless water heater is more expensive than a conventional, but generally pays for itself in a few years with reduced energy cost. A well maintained tankless heater can also last double the lifetime of a traditional water heater.

What kind of warranties do your water heaters come with?

We offer a one-year guarantee on all installations.

Are plumbing issues costing me money on water?

If you have a leak at your home, you're wasting money on water you don’t even use. Our skilled plumbers can save you money by repairing leaks and can even detect problems early on, before they become costly repairs.