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All personnel with this company that I have encountered —in the office as well as those who actually perform the service—have been efficient and polite. Excellent service-highly recommend.

- Jn R, April 2019
What lawn services does ABC offer?

ABC’s reliable, professional team offers full-service mowing.

Lawn mowing Corpus Christi

ABC customers who take advantage of our basic mowing package receive not only regular mowing, but also edging and weed-eating. When we are finished, our technicians will blow the cut grass from your driveway and walkways so that your yard will be picture-perfect.

Many of our customers also choose to add on additional services, including fertilization, specialized care for shrubs and trees and hedge trimming. ABC helps Corpus homeowners keep their outdoor spaces thriving, even during the hottest times of the year.

What can I expect during my free consultation?

No two yards are exactly alike, so our mowing experts take a customized approach to keeping your outdoor areas looking their best. Once you reach out to ABC, we will arrange for an inspector to meet with you at your home. The goals of this visit are to:

  • See first-hand the condition of your lawn and plants to determine the best schedule and services for your needs

  • Learn more from you about your desires and budget

  • Provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have

  • Determine whether there are any unique challenges or conditions which might impact service delivery

After this meeting, ABC will deliver a no-obligation, free estimate for what we recommended your lawn will need to stay healthy and vibrant. Once you have had a chance to review and approve the estimate, we can set up your first service call.

What does the lawn mowing service look like?

How often will you come to cut my grass?

We work with all our customers to come up with a mowing schedule to fit your budget and needs. When we recommend a schedule, we based it on which grass species you have in your yard, how quickly they tend to grow and your desired grass height. During certain times during the year, our technicians may suggest mowing as often as once a week to keep your lawn looking great.

How short should I cut my grass?

There is a science to mowing which many homeowners don’t completely understand. If you cut a blade of grass too short, the plant is unable to properly convert sunshine into energy nor draw nutrients from your soil. The end result is that plant growth will be stunted.

Homeowners used to cut their grass to about an inch and a half tall, but now turf scientists recommend keeping your lawn between two and three and a quarter inches, depending on what grass type you have. In addition to promoting healthy plant growth, keeping your grass a bit taller can make your lawn more drought-resistant, which is important here in Corpus.

Do homeowners need to be present for lawn mowing?

After the free estimate, in many cases, ABC technicians are able to return to your property and perform your mowing services without your needing to be home. We do request that you provide us with any information we might need to access your outdoor areas and that you keep pets and children indoors while we perform services so we can keep everyone safe.

Should I leave my grass clippings on my lawn?

Yes! If you set up your mower so that it can deposit cut grass back into your lawn, the clippings will easily decompose and nourish your soil. Similar to mulch, grass clippings allow your plants to retain moisture and provide a small amount of shade to protect your landscape from the brutal Texas sun. If you don’t like the look of clippings in your yard, you can also opt to deposit your clippings in your compost, so you can return those nutrients to the soil after they have turned into nutrient-rich soil.

What equipment or materials do I need to have on hand?

One benefit of choosing ABC for your mowing service is that our technicians bring professional-grade equipment to your home, which ensures you will have consistent, high-quality results. Perhaps most importantly, you won’t have to worry about tuning up your mower or dusting off your weed eater.

Why should I choose ABC to mow my lawn?

Homeowners in Corpus have depended on ABC for decades to provide reliable, high-quality home services. Our customers tell us that they are loyal customers because ABC hires only the most qualified employees and provides them with all the tools and training that they need to consistently go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. Perhaps most importantly, for a regular task like mowing, ABC can help you free up time so that you can do more of the things you enjoy.

We understand that homeowners care about who comes on a regular basis to their home, so ABC performs routine drug testing and background checks on all our employees. You can feel safe having our crews on your property, who pledge to treat your home as they would their own.