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Does ABC provide free inspections in Altamonte Springs?

We sure do!

ABC strives to exceed your expectations, every step of the way. That begins with a free inspection and a no-obligation, complimentary estimate.

What can you expect once you contact us to schedule a service? It depends on the severity of your case.

For the more straightforward pest issues, a simple phone call may be all we need to gather enough information to provide you with an estimate.

In many cases, however, we do prefer to set up an in-person meeting at your convenience to allow us to better design a treatment plan customized for your needs. In these cases, a trained inspector will come to your home to:

  • Ask questions to learn more about the problem you are having

  • Check for points of entry

  • Determine what factors unique to your property might be putting you at an added risk for an infestation

  • Locate any damage

  • Assess the extent and severity of your pest activity

  • Offer you a chance to ask any questions you might have about our approach and the course of treatment

Once we have answers to these questions, we'll create a recommended treatment plan for you to review and approve. Upon your approval, we can make an appointment for your first service call.

What types of pest control services does ABC provide in Altamonte Springs?

Simply put, ABC’s experts can handle any type of pest problem homeowners might experience.

More specifically, our pros visit Altamonte Springs homes to provide:

Pest Control Altamonte Springs

Palmetto Bug, Roach and Water Bug Control

No matter what you choose to call these insects, you probably feel a sinking sensation when you spot one of these critters walking across the ceiling, running through the kitchen or scaling the bathroom wall.

Roaches have been on Earth longer than humans and are well-adapted to live alongside us in our homes. Capable of spreading disease, contaminating our food, destroying our belongings and aggravating our allergies, these pesky pests can survive on practically any type of organic matter.

Roaches can infest even the cleanest homes and have proven to be very challenging for homeowners to control on their own. ABC's pros know exactly where to look to target both nests and resting areas so that you don't have to worry about a future unwelcome encounter.

Termite Control Altamonte Springs

Termite Control

Termites are silent destroyers, responsible for billions of dollars of damage to U.S. homes each year. These destructive pests invade our property through underground tunnels. Once inside, these voracious insects feast on the wood in your foundation and crawl spaces 24 hours a day, literally eating away your biggest investment. While some pests are a nuisance, termites pose a significant risk for structural damage to your home.

If you do suspect you have termites, you'll want to enlist experienced pest professionals to eradicate the entire colony, which can have up to a million members. ABC's experts can quickly locate termites in the most hard-to-reach areas, eliminate all the termites on your property and set up monitoring visits to make sure these pests stay away. We'll also help protect your property from damage.

Mosquito Control Altamonte Springs

Mosquito Control

Surrounded by lakes and other bodies of water, Altamonte Springs is the perfect breeding ground for a number of mosquito species.

While most of us despise these bugs for their itchy, aggravating bites, homeowners may not realize that mosquitoes can also spread serious diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses.

If you’d rather not spend your time in your backyard swatting at mosquitoes and itching at bug bites, call ABC. With targeted, effective solutions, our technicians can reduce your mosquito population by treating areas where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Our treatment options can also address mature mosquitoes so that you are protected from the next generation of irritating biting insects.

Bed Bug Treatment Altamonte Springs

Bed Bug Treatment

While tourism fuels the economy here in greater Orlando, it has contributed to a surge in bed bug infestations.

What makes getting rid of bed bugs on your own nearly impossible is that these creatures tend to hide in the smallest, hardest-to-reach recesses in your home. It can be very difficult to spot a bed bug in a fold in a bedsheet, a crease of a pillow or a crack alongside a baseboard. Only after you’re fast asleep will these creatures finally emerge, feasting on our blood.

Only the most knowledgeable pest professionals can pinpoint where these critters are hiding and help homeowners avoid a re-infestation. ABC's pros can take swift action if you have bed bugs. We will keep working until your bed bug problem is resolved.

Rodent Control Altamonte Springs

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Not all pests are hard to see with the human eye. Some are quite big, and can pose an entirely different set of challenges.

Mice, rats, squirrels, opossums and raccoons create headaches for homeowners by overturning trash bins, chewing through electrical wiring, leaving dangerous droppings and causing property damage. Like their unwelcome insect counterparts, these larger pests can also contaminate food and transmit diseases to our family and pets. Worse still, these different types of wildlife can introduce other pest problems, including fleas and ticks.

Our experienced technicians can locate and remove these animals, identify how they made their way inside and install protective measures to keep these visitors from returning.

Altamonte Springs Pest Control

Bat Removal

Even though these winged mammals can dine on some of your unwanted backyard insects, the waste material bats leave on your property can pose health risks to your family. In addition, as with any wild animal, there is always a chance you could accidentally startle a bat, causing it to bite. Capable of spreading over 60 strains of disease to humans, bats may choose your eaves, attics and the fascia of our homes as places to roost.

ABC's trained technicians can help ensure that these helpful animals don't make your home theirs while working within Florida regulations to safeguard mothers during maternity season.

Pest Control Altamonte

Wasp & Bee Removal

Altamonte Springs homeowners also would prefer to keep bees and wasps at a safe distance. These stinging insects tend to build their homes in the most inconvenient of places, including near entryways, porches, patios and decks. When in their natural environment, bees and wasps are beneficial. When they get too close, however, you and your family are at an increased risk of accidentally disturbing a nest and getting stung. Consequences can be dire if someone has a bee or wasp sting allergy.

ABC's pros can pinpoint the source of your bee or wasp problem and document associated damage. Then, we can provide you with options on both how to best show these insects the way out and make your property less attractive to these pests in the first place.

Altamonte Pest Control

Tick & Flea Control

Fleas and ticks are parasites that can make their way inside your home, whether you have pets or not. Fleas can make both you and your furry four-legged friends miserable, and recurrences are not uncommon, since both pets and homeowners can unknowingly reintroduce these pests from outside after initial treatments are successful.

Although ticks don't infest homes, just one bite can have life-altering implications if a person contracts Lyme disease or another serious illness. Sadly, pets are not immune to the dangers associated with ticks. As with fleas, tick treatments must be carefully administered to target the distinct life stages to be effective.

ABC taps into our extensive knowledge of pest behavior to help homeowners deal with flea and tick issues, treat infestations and provide homeowners with the information they need to keep these pests from sticking around on your property.

Spider Removal Altamonte Springs

Scorpion & Spider Control

Similar to most animals, when threatened, spiders and scorpions can bite or sting you. That means that when you accidentally disturb one of these creatures when you are reaching into the back of a closet, getting a box from the attic or getting decorations from the garage, you may get bit or stung. While there are only a few species you need to worry about here in central Florida, most of us have no idea how to tell apart the harmful and harmless types.

For peace of mind, enlist the pros at ABC to identify the scorpions and spiders on your property and determine whether any need to be removed. We can also provide you with suggestions to help you avoid crossing paths with spiders and scorpions during your normal course of activities.

Ant Removal Altamonte Springs

Ant Removal

Ants are everywhere, but there are some types we’d rather not deal with, and some places we’d rather not find them. While outside, some species can make unsightly mounds. Indoors, others file across our kitchen counter, raid our cabinets and cross our bathroom sinks. Even worse, some species bite.

The pest professionals at ABC can develop effective, practical methods to keep ants from sticking around and can tailor an approach to target the species which are causing you trouble so you won't have to deal with these pests anymore.

I’m concerned about the impact of pest products on my kids, pets and the larger environment. What can you tell me about your treatments?

At the foundation of our work are the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Accepted by many institutions, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as an effective approach, IPM places a special emphasis on prevention, in-depth knowledge of pest behavior and a focus on making an environment less favorable for pests to thrive. Through these tactics, chemical interventions are used as a last resort.

This could mean that our inspectors recommend installing protective mesh across any openings found around the exterior of your home to prevent rats from entering to build a nest. In some cases, reducing dense vegetation, keeping grass trimmed and removing firewood or compost bins can provide fewer hiding spots for both insects and larger types of wildlife. We may recommend making changes to your irrigation system to prevent water pooling in your yard, which can also make your grass vulnerable to several types of fungus and other pests.

When needed, we can and do use chemically-based products that have been specially formulated for use in residential environments and minimize the impact on your pets, children and the surrounding ecosystem. Our licensed applicators are specially trained to use these solutions in the lowest concentration possible, in small amounts, to targeted areas.

As a family-owned and run business, the well-being of your family is our top priority, as is protecting our customers from the many risks that pests pose.

How long will my pest treatments last?

We wish we had a better answer to this question, but the truth is that each pest problem is slightly different. For that reason, we prefer to create a customized treatment plan to meet your goals.

Different types of pests in different life stages also require a unique approach to be effective, which is another reason we try to send an inspector to your property to learn more about the extent of your infestation.

In some cases, we can be successful after only a few visits. However, a vast majority of pest behavior is seasonal, meaning that in most cases, we need to make a return monitoring visit or schedule seasonal service calls to make sure our treatments have effectively reduced your pest population and halted the reproductive cycle.

Although this may come as a surprise, it's completely normal for our customers to see a temporary uptick in pest activity immediately following a service call, as these creatures are evicted from hiding spots around your property. In time, you'll begin seeing fewer and fewer pests, until your problem is a thing of the past.

Which neighborhoods will ABC service in Altamonte Springs?

ABC Home & Commercial also provides a full range of pest control services in these Altamonte Springs neighborhoods:

  • Bona Vista
  • Brantley Terrace
  • Charter Oaks
  • Country Creek Estates
  • Country Creek Southridge
  • Country Creek Trails
  • Cove At Pearl Lake
  • Cranes Roost Village
  • Crescent Place
  • Emerson Plaza One
  • Escondido
  • Glen Arden Heights
  • Granada South
  • Heather Glen
  • Hidden Springs
  • Jamestown Village
  • Kensington Park
  • Key West
  • La Floresta
  • Lotus Vista
  • Mcneil Woods
  • Northwood
  • Oak Harbour
  • Oakland Estates
  • Orienta Gardens
  • Pearl Lake Heights
  • Properties
  • Robin Hill
  • San Sebastian Heights
  • Sanlando Estates
  • Spring Lake Hills
  • Spring Oaks
  • Spring Valley Farms
  • Sutton Place
  • Trailwood Estates
  • Weathersfield
  • West Altamonte Heights