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What happens during the initial inspection?

When you contact ABC for pest control, we will put an initial inspection on the calendar as soon as possible. In some cases, we can even offer an estimate over the phone. To develop the most effective treatment plan possible, we may recommend an in-person visit. In these situations, you can expect your ABC pest control specialist to:

  • Ask you questions about where you’ve been experiencing signs of pest activity or where you’ve been seeing pests 
  • Perform an initial inspection of your property to locate pest hiding spots, potential pest entry points and any pest-related damage 
  • If necessary, identify the species of pest on your property 
  • Determine if there are any structural issues or environmental factors that could make your property more vulnerable to a pest problem 
  • Answer any of your questions regarding the pests or our pest treatment plans 

To finish our inspection, we will provide you with an estimate for our recommended next steps. When we receive your approval, we will schedule your first treatment call.

What pest control services do you provide for Azalea Park homeowners and business owners?

With our extensive experience in the pest control industry, we’ve dealt with nearly every pest that resides in our growing community and we would be happy to help with any unwanted creatures on your property. 

We most commonly get contacted for the following types of pest control:

An American cockroach

Palmetto Bug & Roach Control

Whether you call them palmetto bugs, cockroaches or water bugs, we can all agree that these creatures are an unwanted invader in our homes. These pests can infest even the cleanest of homes, and when they do, they can spread bacteria, worsen allergies, contaminate food, damage belongings and leave behind a musty smell. Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and are extremely resilient creatures. Furthermore, roaches are capable of surviving off nearly any organic matter, so cutting off their food sources won’t necessarily ward them off. Even worse, these pests are prolific breeders, with some females laying up to 10,000 eggs in a single year. 

If you are alarmed by the number of roaches on your property, contact ABC. We will create a thorough treatment plan that is customized to your property which will target adult roaches as well as keep future generation from taking up residence in yours. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control

With our close proximity to Lake Barton, Lake Susannah and Lake Underhill, it’s no surprise mosquitoes are such a problem in Azalea Park. Although public health departments have put measures in place in an attempt to control mosquito populations, these bothersome insects need very small amounts of standing water to reproduce, making it nearly impossible to eradicate all of the mosquitoes in a residential area. Additionally, some species of mosquito are capable of laying up to 200 eggs at a time. Many people want to reduce the number of mosquitoes buzzing around their property because of their itchy bites. To make matters worse, mosquito-transmitted illnesses, such as the West Nile virus, the Zika virus and dengue fever, are becoming a bigger problem throughout Florida. 

If you are fed up with the mosquitoes around your property, contact ABC. We use a variety of different mosquito control solutions to both eliminate adult mosquitoes as well as slow the mosquito reproduction cycle. Also, our highly-trained specialists can point out areas around your home and yard where standing water could collect and leave you with advice on how to limit the number of mosquito breeding areas on your property. 

A subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control 

Subterranean termites are responsible for costing homeowners across the U.S. billions of dollars in damage each year. As their name implies, these destructive insects live underground, where they tunnel until they find a plentiful source of cellulose. Cellulose is found in plant-based materials, including wood. Unfortunately, this means that the foundation of a home is a perfect source of food for a colony of termites.

These pests can cause such extensive damage because workers never stop eating to sustain the colony, which can reach up to a million members in size. If you suspect there are termites on your property, contact ABC. We use scientifically proven methods to both eliminate the colony on your property as well as to prevent a future invasion. For further peace of mind, we offer a termite monitoring program that allows us to prevent a potential problem before it turns into a costly headache. 

A bed bug crawling on someone

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs were once completely eradicated. Unfortunately, infestations became much more common due partly to the ease of modern travel. These pests can fit in cracks the width of a credit card and can easily hitch a ride home with us when we visit a place that is infested. When bed bugs make it into our homes, they hide in areas where they can easily get a blood meal, such as in the seams of our mattresses.

Bed bug infestations can be extremely difficult for a variety of reasons. For starters, some people don’t start having reactions to bed bug bites for days and even weeks after they have been bitten, which means that a bed bug population can grow exponentially before you even realize you have a problem. Additionally, bed bugs have become resistant to many products on the market and tend to burrow deeper into the most hard to access areas when threatened. Finally, bed bugs can go extended periods of time without feeding, so you may assume your problem has been dealt with when in reality these pests are just waiting for their next blood meal. 

If bed bugs are taking a toll on you and your family members, reach out to ABC. Our highly trained specialists will be able to locate where the bed bugs are hiding and then create a thorough treatment plan to eradicate these pests.

A rat on a roof

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Having rats, mice, skunks, squirrels, raccoons or possums on your property can cause a large disruption in your life. These unwanted guests can make messes, strew trash about, damage belongings, leave behind a foul smell, contaminate food, spread disease and cause electrical problems by chewing through wire. Additionally, these creatures often bring smaller pests, such as fleas and ticks, with them on to a property. Controlling wildlife in your home and yard can be an extremely daunting task.

Instead of struggling with setting traps and removing creatures on your own, contact ABC. We will be able to strategically set traps and remove all of the unwanted wildlife on your property. When we have removed the creatures, we will seal up potential entry points other wildlife could use to gain access to your property. 

A bat flying during the day

Bat Control

Although bats can eat nuisance insects like mosquitoes and moths, these winged mammals are also loud, smelly and capable of transmitting over sixty different diseases to humans. In addition, when bats roost in our attics, roofs and fascia, they can damage our property and leave our property covered in unsightly and dangerous droppings. To make matters even more complicated, there are regulations put in place to protect bats during maternity season. When you contact ABC in regards to bat control, you can feel comfortable knowing that we will remove all the unwanted creatures from your property, while following all guidelines put in place by the state. 

A bee nest on the side of a house

Bee & Wasp Control

We can all appreciate the integral role that bees and wasps play in our ecosystem. However, when we are on the receiving end of painful stings, or if a family member is allergic, we understandably want to protect ourselves and our families from these stinging insects.

This is why many homeowners choose to take action after discovering a bee or wasp nest near decks, eaves or patios. In addition, removing a nest near your property requires special expertise and equipment to avoid the risk of being stung. When you contact ABC for bee or wasp control, we can work with you to treat, remove or relocate the nest based on your preference. Then, we can seal up areas that future stinging insects could use to nest on your property.

Two fire ants coming out of a nest

Ant Control 

For how tiny these insects are, ants sure can disrupt our lives. Unfortunately, Azalea Park is home to a wide variety of ant species, including fire ants, carpenter ants, pharoah ants, ghost ants and rover ants. Ant control isn’t as simple as it may seem at first, as these different species have different dietary preferences and habitats. Your ABC specialist will start your course of treatment by identifying the species you’re dealing with. Then, we will create a custom ant control solution to target the entire colony. 

A tick crawling on someone

Tick & Flea Control

You don’t need to have a pet to have a tick or flea problem. These pests are both parasites, but that is essentially where their similarities end. Fleas are quick to multiply, which can make an infestation feel as if it developed overnight. And although fleas prefer to bite our pets, they aren’t too picky, which can mean any family member (furry ones included) are vulnerable to itchy bites that can become infected.

While ticks don’t typically infest homes, spotting even a single tick on your property can be cause for concern, as these creatures are capable of transmitting life-altering diseases to us, such as Lyme disease. Whether you’re fed up with fleas or alarmed by the presence of a tick, ABC can help. Our specialists have a deep understanding of the pest life cycle and can create a thorough treatment plan, indoors and out, so you can have peace of mind that your problem will be resolved.

A black widow spider on a web

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Although spiders and scorpions can be helpful by eating other nuisance insects, we still don’t necessarily want these creatures proliferating on our property. When we come across a spider, we typically don’t take the time to identify the species. However, identification can be important as there are two varieties of venomous spider in Florida—the black widow and the brown recluse.

Scorpions are also common in residential areas and can sting if threatened. If you are feeling uneasy about spiders or scorpions on your property, get in touch with ABC. We can determine whether the variety of spider on your property is venomous and then implement a pest control strategy to reduce the number of spiders or scorpions on your property.

What is the impact on my family, pets and the environment of the products you plan to use on my property?

ABC is a family-owned and operated business. Therefore, the well-being of your family is our top priority. When we select the products that we use as a part of your treatment plan, we only select those that we would feel comfortable using in and around our own homes. Additionally, we only select pest control products that are manufactured specifically for residential use and our highly-trained technicians use them in the lowest concentration of chemicals possible. As part of your initial inspection, your specialist will create a treatment plan to be both low impact and effective. If you have any further questions about the products we use, your specialist would be happy to address them. 

How often will you come to my home for treatments?

Each pest problem is unique and we tailor our treatment plans to the problem at hand. This means there is no one answer to this question. During your initial inspection, your specialist will determine how many treatments are required to reduce the pest population and slow the pest reproduction cycle. Typically, your specialist will consider the type of pest on your property, the extent of the infestation and any other unique factors when determining how many service calls will be needed.

Although we understand that most homeowners would like to hear that their pest problem will be resolved in just a few visits, pest pressure is high in Central Florida. To keep pest populations low throughout the year, we generally recommend ongoing pest treatments. The good news is that after our initial visit, we can perform some ongoing pest control treatments to the exterior of your home while you are away. So, whether you are taking the kids to Capeheart Park or going shopping in Audubon Park Garden District, you won't need to worry about being at home, as long as your ABC technician knows any gate codes or has the needed information to access your property.

Does ABC provide pest control services to businesses in Azalea Park?

Yes! ABC provides pest control in Azalea Park to both residential and commercial properties. We understand that businesses have different needs and requirements than homes do, which is why we have technicians that are specially trained in performing commercial pest control, as well as other services for local and regional companies.

Why should I choose ABC for pest control?

ABC has been providing pest control services to homes and businesses since 1949. With our decades of experience, we have learned the best ways to target pests. Our hardworking technicians have a deep understanding of how local conditions and weather effects pest behavior.

As a family-run business, we understand that you want to feel comfortable whenever a technician arrives at your home, which is why we have a thorough hiring process in place. All job applicants are drug tested and background checked before receiving an offer. Additionally, all technicians go through an in-house training program to learn about our expectations for customer service and the best techniques for controlling pests. Finally, one of our values is that we treat our customers' homes as if they were our own, so you can feel comfortable having ABC on your property.