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What happens during the initial inspection?

When you contact ABC for pest control, the first step in our process is to schedule an inspection to get a better understanding of the problem. While we can occasionally offer estimates over the phone, we can typically create the most effective treatment plans when they are tailored to the particular property and pest issue you are having. If an inspection makes the most sense for your situation, you can expect your pest control specialist to meet you at your BVL home and:

  • Ask you about what you’ve been experiencing, such as when and where you are seeing the pests or noticing pest activity 
  • Conduct an initial inspection of your property to locate pest hiding spots and potential pest entry points 
  • Take note of any pest-related damage 
  • Determine if there are any structural issues or environmental factors that may make your property appealing to pests 
  • Answer your questions regarding the pests and our pest control protocol 

To wrap up our inspection, we will provide you with an estimate for our services. Once we receive your approval, we will move forward with scheduling your first treatment call.

What pest control services do you provide for homeowners and business owners in Buena Ventura Lakes?

ABC is well-known for delivering effective solutions to pest control in Buena Ventura Lakes. This is in part due to our decades of experience in the industry. When you contact ABC, you can feel confident that we will create a treatment plan for any pest on your property and any sized infestation. However, most commonly, we get contacted for the following types of pest control:

An American cockroach

Palmetto Bug & Roach Control 

Spotting one of these creatures scurrying out of sight is enough to send a shiver down anyone’s spine. While cockroaches (also sometimes called palmetto bugs) are often associated with untidy homes, the truth is that they infest even the cleanest of homes. Once a population becomes established, they can contaminate food, damage belongings, worsen allergies, spread bacteria and leave behind a musty smell. Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and have evolved to survive off nearly any organic matter. Worse yet, these pests are prolific breeders, with some females laying up to 10,000 eggs in just one year. 

If you are feeling uneasy after your last roach sighting, contact ABC. Our specialists have a deep understanding of roach behavior and habits and can create a thorough treatment plan that is customized to your problem. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control 

When you live in BVL, chances are that you aren't far from some body of water. While these natural features add to the beauty of our area, they also contribute to our mosquito problems. While public health departments have put measures in place to reduce the number of mosquitoes, it's nearly impossible to control mosquito populations in a residential area. This is partially due to the fact that mosquitoes only need a bottle cap’s worth of water to reproduce and because a female mosquito can lay tens, if not hundreds, of eggs at a time. 

To make matters worse, mosquito-transmitted illnesses have been on the rise throughout Florida. If you’re finding it difficult to enjoy time in your yard because of mosquitoes, ABC can help. We use a multi-tiered approach to mosquito control and can give you specialized suggestions on how to reduce the number of mosquito breeding areas on your property.

A bed bug crawling on someone

Bed Bug Control 

The unfortunate reality is that bed bug infestations are common around the country. Because it can take up to two weeks for some people to develop a reaction to bed bug bites, you may not even realize you have visited a place that is infested until you return home. Unfortunately, when this happens, these pests hitch a ride in your purse, backpack or other luggage. Once inside your home, bed bugs will hide in even the smallest cracks and crevices in your mattress, furniture and even electrical sockets. 

You can experience relief from the significant emotional toll of a bed bug infestation when you contact ABC for bed bug control services. Our licensed pros will create a thorough treatment plan for your particular problem so that you can rest easy again.

A subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control 

Due to their stealthy nature, subterranean termites are responsible for costing homeowners across the U.S. billions of dollars in damage each year. These species of termites tunnel underground and out of sight, and will eat away at the foundation of a home all day, every day. Because these termites are typically found in hard to reach areas, many homeowners don’t realize that they have a problem until extensive damage has already been done. 

If you are concerned about the possible presence of termites on your property, ABC is here for you. Our technicians know where to look for termite colonies and can apply scientifically proven termite control solutions to eliminate the entire colony, which can have up to a million members. For further peace of mind, we offer a termite monitoring program that allows us to catch signs of termite activity before a full-blown infestation takes place.

A rat sitting on a roof

Wildlife & Rodent Control 

What started as a strange incident, such as your pets barking at the walls, came to a head when you came face to face with an animal on your property. Whether you have a problem with rats, mice, skunks, raccoons, possums, squirrels or some other creature, it can intimidating and challenging. These larger pests are known for being destructive and causing issues such as contaminating food, spreading diseases, leaving behind foul smells and making messes. Under certain conditions, rats and mice can even cause house fires by chewing through electrical wiring. 

No matter what type of wildlife is on your property, ABC can make you feel comfortable at home again. Our specialists will strategically set traps and then remove all unwanted creatures from your property. When we’re done, we will seal up potential entry points other wildlife could use to gain access to your property. 

A bat out flying during the day

Bat Control 

While we can all appreciate that bats eat nuisance insects like mosquitoes, it doesn’t mean we want these winged mammals roosting on our property. Not only are these creatures loud and smelly, but they are also capable of spreading over sixty different diseases to humans. To make matters even more complicated, there are regulations put in place to protect bats during maternity season, so dealing with bats is not something the average homeowner should take on. When you contact ABC about bats on your property, we will send a specialist to your property who can remove the source of your problem while abiding by regulations.

Two ants coming out of a nest

Ant Control 

The small size of these insects can make them difficult to control once they make it inside your home. To make matters worse, different species of ant are attracted to different foods and have distinct habitats, so an effective control plan starts with correctly identifying the species on your property. This isn’t easy, as there are quite a few different species a homeowner might find, including fire ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, ghost ants and rover ants. Your ABC technician will begin by identifying what type of ant is on your property, and then will create a custom treatment plan to target the entire colony.

A tick crawling on someone

Tick & Flea Control 

Flea problems typically occur in one of two ways. If your pet interacts with another animal that has fleas, those fleas can hitch a ride on your dog or cat who can then bring them into your home. Another common way homeowners end up with a problem is if flea-infested animal is living on their property. Unfortunately, once fleas have become established, they can be extremely difficult to control. If you don't take action, fleas can leave you and your furry family members covered in itchy bites which can result in secondary infections if you can't resist the urge to scratch. 

Tick infestations are relatively rare, but finding even a single tick on your property can be cause for concern. This is because ticks are capable of transmitting life-altering diseases to us, such as Lyme disease. Whether you can’t seem to escape fleas or you’re concerned after spotting a tick, you can count on ABC. Our specialists will create a thorough treatment plan that is targeted to both eggs and adults, both in your home and your yard.

A bee nest on the side of a house

Bee & Wasp Control 

Anyone who has been stung by a bee or wasp will tell you it’s an unpleasant experience. If you’re allergic, the situation can turn into a medical emergency. That's why discovering that bees or wasps have nested near your entryways, eaves, patio or deck is cause for immediate action. If either of these stinging creatures are making it difficult for you to enjoy time in your yard, reach out to ABC. Based on your preferences, we can remove, relocate or treat the nest. Then, we can seal up potential nesting areas other stinging insects could use to nest on your property. 

A black widow spider on a web

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Finding a spider or scorpion while grabbing something out of the attic, reaching into the back of your closet or putting on a pair of shoes can come as a shock. We tend to find these creatures when we’re least expecting them, and many of us don’t take the time to stop and identify the species that are on our property. Unfortunately, the brown recluse and the black widow are two varieties of venomous spider that a homeowner may come across in Florida that you'll want to avoid. And scorpions can pack a punch when they sting, so chances are you'll want to avoid close encounters with them as well.

If you’re feeling uneasy about the presence of spiders, scorpions or both, contact ABC. Our highly-trained technicians can identify the species, if necessary, and then implement solutions to reduce your likelihood of coming into contact with these creatures.

What is the impact of your products on my family, pets and the environment?

As a family-run business, we understand that you may have concerns about the pest control solutions we recommend as part of your treatment plan. One of ABC’s values is that we treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own, which means that we take great care to only select products that we would feel comfortable using on our own properties. Additionally, we only select solutions that are specially formulated for residential use and our technicians are trained to apply them at the lowest concentrations possible to be low-impact and effective. We also value transparency, so if you have any further questions about the products that we use, your pest control specialist would be happy to answer them. 

How often will you come to my home for treatments?

We understand that you have errands to run and may prefer spending time at Archie Gordon Memorial Park or another spot nearby rather than waiting on your pest control technician. Also, we know that having a pest problem can be a major disruption to your life and that you would prefer to have your pest problem is resolved in just a few visits. However, in most cases, we recommend multiple treatments to ensure that we have reduced the pest population and taken steps to prevent a recurrence. 

During your initial inspection, your specialist will determine how many treatments will be needed to control the pests based on the type of pest, the extent of the infestation and any other factors that make your situation unique. Because our weather in Buena Ventura Lakes provides the ideal environment for a broad variety of insects and critters, we usually suggest that our customers sign up for ongoing pest control to keep pest populations low throughout the year. The good news is that you can opt for exterior only services for these ongoing treatments, if you prefer. This means that you can be out and about taking the kids to 65th Infantry Veterans Park or canoeing in Shingle Creek Regional Park instead of having to deal with a pest infestation.

Can ABC provide pest control for my business?

Yes! ABC has specially trained technicians in Buena Venture Lakes who are fully-equipped to provide commercial pest control. We understand that businesses have different needs and requirements than residential properties, and we can create an effective pest control plan for your facility, no matter what industry you are in.

Why should I choose ABC for pest control?

Homeowners and business owners alike know they can count on ABC for an effective solution to pest control in Buena Ventura Lakes and throughout Central Florida. Our family-run business has been treating pests since 1949, which has equipped us with the best strategies and techniques to control infestations of any size and type. Our effective treatment plans and exemplary team members have helped us build a strong reputation across Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. 

Our hiring process includes a thorough interview, a criminal background check and a drug test. Only applicants that meet our high standards are given the opportunity to join our team. Before conducting service calls, all specialists go through an in-house training program to learn about ABC's expectations for pest control service delivery and customer service. Lastly, as a family-owned and operated business, one of our values is that we always treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own. That means we'll be careful around your property and belongings and make sure to leave your home in better condition than we found it.