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Can you provide a free estimate to get rid of my pests?

Of course! Providing our customers with a no-obligation estimate is actually built into our regular process.

Here’s what happens:

  1. You contact us and ask for help.
  2. We schedule a time to send out an inspector—completely free of charge.
  3. He or she examines your property to determine the nature and extent of your pest problem.
  4. Based on the findings, ABC will come up with a suggested treatment plan (again, completely free of charge) and present it to you.
  5. Once you agree with the treatment plan, we schedule your initial service call.
What kinds of pests is ABC able to handle in Deltona?

If there’s some kind of critter invading your home in Deltona, we can help you with it.

Our pest control professionals regularly get calls about:

Pest Control Deltona

Roach, Palmetto Bug and Water Bug Control

It doesn’t matter which of these names you call them by—no one wants these pests in their home or business. Besides most people just plain finding them gross, these creatures contaminate food, aggravate allergies, destroy books and worse. Even though we often find them in places that are incredibly clean and well-maintained, there’s also a certain stigma that comes with having roaches on your property.

Unfortunately, these pests are the ultimate survivors. Attempting to get rid of a large infestation on your own is a monstrous task. Instead, give us a call. Our technicians have the tools and knowledge to lure them out, pinpoint the nest, and send them packing—including any eggs—so they don’t return.

termite control Deltona

Termite Control

Do you know how much termites cost property owners in our country every year? $5 billion. That’s right, with a “B.” It’s not just that these pests literally eat you out of house and home, but that they do so silently and invisibly. In many cases, property owners don’t discover they have termites for many, many months—or even years.

The second you find a termite, call us to stop the damage. We understand how to quickly eradicate existing colonies, so no further damage is done. Then we put up barriers to keep these dangerous pests from returning.

mosquito control Deltona

Mosquito Control

Here in Volusia County, residents know that mosquitoes are a fact of life all year long and pretty much every hour of the day. It’s the climate—they love it!

For the most part, people in Deltona have learned to live with the pests while they’re out and about. Having an infestation at home, though, is another story. There are only so many itchy bites you can handle. The more contact you have with these annoying pests, the higher your likelihood of contracting one of the many diseases mosquitoes carry, such as West Nile or Zika.

If you have an infestation, let us help you fight back with safe, effective options designed to reduce mosquito populations and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space again.

bed bug treatment deltona

Bed Bug Treatment

Since Deltona is situated between both Orlando and Daytona Beach, plenty of people travel through here—plus, lots of residents are quite happy to take a weekend trip to the theme parks or the coast.

Unfortunately, those places and the tourists that frequent them are far more likely to have bed bugs, and all it takes is a hitchhiker or two to follow you home for you have an infestation on your hands.

Attempting to deal with bed bugs on your own is tricky, because they typically emerge only while we’re sleeping and can disappear into even the tiniest cracks and crevices. The pros at ABC are trained to deal with bed bugs. We understand how to implement treatment procedures that will kill both adults and eggs—as well as how to prevent them from returning to your property.

Rodent Control Deltona

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Deltona has more than just bugs. All kinds of other wildlife have been known to invade area properties, including mice, rats, opossums and raccoons. Don’t be fooled by the cuddly appearance of these creatures. If these pests get into your home, they can bring fleas and ticks, contaminate your food, chew through your wiring and worse.

ABC technicians are trained in how to humanely relocate wildlife pests to a more suitable natural environment. It doesn’t matter if they’re in your attic, crawl space or walls—we’ll get them out, then help you stop future infestations by sealing up your home.

bat removal deltona

Bat Removal

Having bats in the area is good. They hunt mosquitoes, after all. But when these animals roost in or around your house? That’s not so good.

After all, bats can carry a variety of illnesses, including rabies, in addition to being loud and smelly.

If you have bats, we can help with humane removal and offer tips on environmental changes you can make to discourage them from coming back.

bee removal deltona

Wasp & Bee Removal

Bees and wasps do all kinds of beneficial things. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to unknowingly disturb a nest and get stung—sometimes repeatedly—if they take up residence on your property. At best, this is painful and annoying. At worst, a stong can result in a medical emergency.

Call the pest pros at ABC. We’ll help you to find the nest or hive, safely and humanely relocate it, and teach you how to keep stinging insects away going forward.

flea exterminator deltona

Tick & Flea Control

These tiny pests are particularly frustrating to deal with because they impact both human and furry members of your household, causing itchy, painful bites, dermatitis and potentially even spreading diseases like Lyme disease.

Unfortunately, if you want fleas and ticks gone, you will likely need to treat both the inside and outside of your property with techniques designed to control populations and make your property an unfriendly place for them to remain.

scorpion removal deltona

Scorpion & Spider Control

Most spiders and scorpions are relatively harmless to people and beneficial in controlling other unwanted pests. Where the problem comes in is when someone runs into a species that isn’t harmless, because most people have no clue how to tell which is which—are you dealing with a poisonous scorpion or not? This can be particularly problematic when you have an infestation of these creatures on your property and don’t know if they’re dangerous.

ABC technicians can educate you on how to prevent run-ins in the future and suggest options for treatments to deal with your infestation.

ant removal deltona

Ant Removal

These insects build mounds all over your yard and invade your house for food. Some species even possess painful bites.

If ants are slowly taking over your yard or house, contact us to drive them out and help seal your home and yard so they can't find a way back inside.

Are ABC’s pest control products safe for my pets and kids?

First off, ABC uses an integrated pest management philosophy. This means that we always attempt to solve your pest issue with non-chemical tactics first.

Additionally, everything we use has been approved for residential use, and we make sure to only choose products designed to have a minimal impact on both human and animal children. Moreover, we train our technicians to use low concentrations and be very careful when applying treatment products.

If you have specific concerns about a product or would simply like to know more, we are happy to speak with you.

How many ABC pest treatments will I need?

We understand that many of our Deltona customers are extremely busy. You want to get the issue handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Once our inspector assesses the situation, the recommended treatment plan will give you a better idea of how many visits will be required. Most of the time, at least a few visits will be needed to completely rid you of your pest problem.