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ABC Home & Commercial is proud to serve the Lake Eola community

ABC Home & Commercial Services has provided pest and rodent control services to communities for decades. We are proud to service the Lake Eola community for any of your residential or commercial pest control needs. 


What happens during our specialist's free on-site inspection?

ABC's Free Inspection

Our certified specialist will:

  • Assess your home’s location and its state 
  • Find and confirm damage caused by pests 
  • Locate other possible signs of infestation, such as probable pest entry points, that could make your home susceptible to pests

With the information from your free inspection, we can prepare a treatment and control plan personalized to your distinct pest problems.

Lake Eola Pest and Rodent Control Services

Pest & Rodent Control

Pest & Rodent Control

Florida’s humidity makes FL homes and business more susceptible to pests such as roaches, termites and mosquitoes. Our team of professional inspectors can provide a solution for any pests assaulting your home or business.

ABC Home and Commercial Services will create a treatment plan customized to any pests Lake Eola residents might find, including:

  • Palmetto bugs/Cockroaches – besides being unsightly, these pests can carry unhealthy bacteria and disease 
  • Termites – love the damp, humid wood common to FL homes and can cause costly damage
  • Ants – if you see one, there’s likely to be many more hiding nearby
  • Fleas and ticks – whether you have pets or not, these pests can become a nuisance
  • Spiders – get rid of unsightly cobwebs
  • Rodents – can proliferate dangerous diseases and damage valuable property
  • Mosquitoes – are dangerous vectors for diseases like West Nile Virus and Dengue Fever
  • Bed Bugs – we can help you effectively combat this fast-spreading pest
Can you service my Lake Eola business?

ABC Orlando Commercial Services

If you have a business in Lake Eola, we can provide specialized treatment plans for commercial properties, multi–family housing units, restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, and retail establishments.