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What happens during the free inspection?

When you contact us regarding a pest problem, we understand that you want to have a technician at your home as quickly as possible, so we'll send someone at our earliest availability. During this complimentary meeting, your inspector will:

  • Ask you about the extent of your pest problem. 
  • Examine your property for pest entry points, what may be attracting the pests to your space and any damage that they may have caused. 
  • Look for any environmental factors that could make your home or business more attractive to pests. 
  • Give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding treatment options and what you should expect to occur on our service calls. 

When your professional has gathered all of this needed information, we will build out a treatment plan that is customized to your property and infestation. Upon your approval, we will schedule the first service call at a time that is convenient for you.

Which pests can you help me get rid of?

The pest control experts at ABC have seen it all. Homeowners and business owners in Lakeland can rely on us to help with: 

Pest Control Lakeland, FL

Palmetto Bug & Roach Control

The pest called many names—including palmetto bug, croton bug, cockroach and water bug—can easily infest your home and cause problems for you and your family. Unfortunately, the cleanliness of your home does not do much to keep roaches away. When these pests gain a foothold, they can spread diseases and produce allergens. Cockroaches can also ruin books, contaminate food and leave behind a foul smell that can stick around long after they're gone.

It is extremely difficult to get rid of these pests without the help of a professional because they are highly adaptive creatures, they reproduce rapidly and they can survive off nearly any organic matter. When you call in ABC, we will be able to locate and eliminate nesting grounds. Then, we will seal off any potential entry points and inform you of any areas that may be attracting these pests. 

Termite Control Lakeland, FL

Termite Control

Termites cost U.S. homeowners billions of dollars each year because they burrow tunnels underground and many homeowners are unaware they have a problem until there has been structural damage to their home. The most destructive type of termite in Florida is the subterranean termite, which not only feeds on wood, but can also feed on anything containing cellulose, meaning your wallpaper, books and even some plastics. ABC can help protect your biggest investment by eliminating the entire termite colony and installing monitoring stations around your property. 

Mosquito Control Lakeland FL

Mosquito Control

The warm, humid weather in Lakeland makes this part of Florida a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Not only are their bites itchy and annoying, but mosquitoes can also transmit diseases like the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. While there have been measures put into place by local governments to keep the mosquito population under control, these efforts still leave many homeowners in residential areas. For added protection, the professionals at ABC can create a customized mosquito treatment plan to reduce the population in your outdoor areas.

Bed Bug Control Lakeland FL

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are tiny, which gives these parasites the ability to hide in nearly any crack or crevice in your home, including in the smallest spaces of your mattress, furniture and baseboards. Bed bugs are also extremely difficult for homeowners to eradicate on their own, as they only come out at night when they sense a blood meal is nearby, and they don’t need to come out to feed very frequently. These facts can contribute to many homeowners believing their bed bugs are gone, when in reality they are simply hiding. Homeowners can then get “re-infested”. ABC will implement an effective and holistic treatment plan to ensure we get rid of these pests for good and so you can rest easy again. 

Rodent Control Lakeland FL

Rodent & Wildlife Control

Larger pests like rats, squirrels, raccoons and opossums can create even more damage to your home than smaller insects. These animals can knock over trash cans, eat our food, spread disease and even create fires by chewing through wires. These animals can be excellent at hiding, so sometimes we aren’t aware they’re a problem until we discover damage. ABC can identify which type of pest you’re dealing with and humanely remove it from your property, if possible. Afterward, your technician will seal up any potential entry points and give you advice on how to prevent these invasions in the future. 

Bat Control Lakeland FL

Bat Control

Yes, bats can eat unwanted bugs in your garden. However, these winged mammals can also transmit rabies, produce a foul smell and be extremely noisy when they decide to roost in our attics and roofs. ABC can humanely remove bats from your property outside of federally-protected maternity season and then take needed steps to make your home unattractive to these creatures. 

Bee Control Lakeland FL

Bee & Wasp Control

The honey bee, the most common species we come across in Lakeland, is an integral part of our ecosystem. While we want to protect bees and wasps when we can, we don’t necessarily want these stinging insects creating homes in our eaves, decks, patios and trees. Their bites and stings are not pleasant and can be particularly problematic if the person who is stung is allergic. Wasp also build nests in some of the same places, putting friends, family and visitors at risk of a close encounter if they feel threatened. The professionals at ABC can come inspect your problem and either treat, remove or relocate your hive, depending on your preference. 

Tick Control Lakeland FL

Flea & Tick Control 

Incessant scratching at flea bites can lead to secondary infections in both humans and pets. Due to their tiny size, we usually don’t realize we have a flea problem until we’re covered in bites. Fleas hop on and off us quickly, whereas ticks can latch on for days and are a transmitter of human illnesses, including Lyme disease. Dealing with either of these pests can be challenging, as they require different treatments depending on where they are in their life cycle. ABC can treat your home and yard for both these pests at every life stage, so you and your pets can be protected from the risks these creatures pose. 

Spider Control Lakeland FL

Spider & Scorpion Control

Despite their frightening appearance, spiders and scorpions are not considered to be aggressive creatures. However, they may lash out and bite or sting you if you frighten them while grabbing a shirt out of the back of the closet or pulling holiday decorations out of your attic or garage. If you spot spiders around your home, you may need the help of a pest control professional to identify what species you have on your property, as two poisonous species live here in Florida—the black widow and the brown recluse.

Some Florida homeowners also have unwanted encounters with scorpions, some of which can leave a painful welt if threatened. Not only can ABC help you distinguish between the spiders and scorpions to worry about and those that are harmless, but we can also remove them and provide you with tips on how to keep these creatures away in the future. 

Ant Control Lakeland FL

Ant Control 

You nearly forget about these creatures and the nuisance they can become until you start seeing them more and more around your home. Their tiny size allows these creatures to invade from nearly any entrance, making it extremely difficult for homeowners to get rid of them. When ants invade, they can contaminate food, and some species can even damage your wood and bite you. In Florida, the species we run into most commonly are carpenter ants, ghost ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants and rover ants. ABC's experienced technicians can locate entry points, seal them off, treat their nest and make you aware of any factors that may make your home more attractive for these pests. 

Are your pest control products environmentally-friendly?

At ABC, your family is our top priority. We only start using a product in our customers' homes after conducting thorough research on its effectiveness and impact on the environment. We also only use products that are specially formulated to be used on residential properties, and will always use the lowest amount of chemicals possible in order to deal with your pest problem. 

ABC integrates the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into our processes. IPM is widely accepted by many groups—including the Environmental Protection Agency—and prioritizes preventing pest infestations as the first line of defense and then resorting to chemical interventions when necessary. 

How often will you come to my home?

Each treatment plan is customized to the home and your particular infestation. This means that there is no one answer to this question. Also, different pests require different methods of treatment at different times of year. 

While some pest problems can be resolved in one to two treatments, we more frequently see that homes need multiple treatments. Because some of our treatment plans are effective for a certain amount of time, we often recommend ongoing monitoring visits to ensure the pests haven’t returned.

Does ABC provide pest control services for Lakeland-area businesses?

Yes! ABC is happy to provide pest control services for commercial properties in Lakeland. We understand that businesses have special needs that make them unique, which is why we have specially trained technicians specifically for businesses. After inspecting your property, we can create a customized treatment plan to keep you pest-free. 

Why should I choose ABC?

ABC believes in treating your home as if it was our own. Our technicians are knowledgable and courteous and our hiring process is intensive so that we only bring the best professionals on board. We only hire technicians after a drug test and a thorough criminal background check, so you can feel comfortable having someone from ABC on our property. We also have an in-house training program, so you can rest assured that the professionals that visit your home are equipped to handle any pest infestation. 

Which neighborhoods will ABC service in Lakeland?

ABC Home & Commercial also provides a full range of pest control services in these neighborhoods in Lakeland:

  • Albert Park
  • Autumnwood Grove
  • Camphor Heights
  • Casa Loma
  • Cedarcrest
  • Chelsea Oaks
  • Cherry Lane Estates
  • Country Knoll
  • Country View Estates
  • Crystal Court
  • Crystal Grove
  • Crystal Hills
  • Cypress Lakes
  • Dove Hollow
  • Eaton Park
  • Edgewood Park
  • Fairfield On Tee
  • Hampton Hills
  • Highland Fairways
  • Highlands At Crews Lake
  • Interlachen Heights
  • Lake Beulah Heights
  • Lake Bonny Heights
  • Lake Holloway Heights
  • Palmorey Heights
  • Raintree Village
  • Sandpiper Golf Country Club
  • Shore Acres
  • South Florida Heights
  • South Florida Terrace
  • Tradewinds
  • Village At Lake Highland
  • Waterview