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What happens during the initial inspection?

When you reach out to us regarding a pest problem, we will schedule an inspection of your home as quickly as possible. During this visit, an ABC technician will:

  • Ask you questions about the pests you’ve seen on your property and the extent of your pest problem 
  • If necessary, identify the type of pest 
  • Examine your home for pest entry points, factors that may be attracting pests and any pest-related damage 
  • Determine if there are any structural or environmental issues that are making your home more vulnerable to a pest infestation 
  • Address all of your questions and concerns regarding the pests, our treatment plans and what you can expect during our service calls 

After the inspection, your pest control specialist will create a treatment plan that is customized to your home and specific pest problem. Upon your approval of our estimate, we will schedule your first treatment call.

What pest control services do you provide for Ormond Beach homeowners and business owners?

Here in Ormond Beach, there is an array of insects and animals that can invade residential areas, and we can help with any of them. However, we most commonly receive requests for help with: 

Pest Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Palmetto Bug & Roach Control 

These pests are sometimes called different names: palmetto bugs, roaches, croton bugs and water bugs. No matter what word you use, you probably agree that you don’t want these creatures in your home. These bothersome pests will invade even the cleanest of homes, and once they are inside, they can eat nearly any type of organic matter.

Homeowners and business owners don’t like roaches because they can contaminate food, worsen allergies, leave behind a foul smell and even damage our belongings. To make matters worse, cockroaches are prolific breeders, so controlling their populations can be a daunting task. Our technicians can quickly locate and treat these pests’ breeding and resting grounds, so you don’t have to worry about having another run-in with a palmetto bug in the future. 

Termite Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Termite Control

The most common termite here in Florida is the subterranean termite. As their name implies, these pests live under the ground and tunnel until they find food. Unfortunately, they find the foundation of our homes to be a plentiful food source and will eat the cellulose of the wood there for 24 hours a day, every day. Because these destructive insects spend their lives underground, they cost homeowners in the U.S. billions of dollars worth of damage each year. ABC uses a bait system that termites prefer over the cellulose that they eat in the wood that makes up our home. This bait has a minimal impact on the environment and is effective in eliminating your entire population of termites. 

Mosquito Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes have been getting a lot of attention lately not just due to their aggravating, itchy bites, but also because they are capable of transmitting diseases such as the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. While many municipal governments have put larger-scale measures into place to try to reduce mosquito populations, these pests only need about a bottle cap's worth of water in order to reproduce, making eliminating backyard populations a near-impossible task. The professionals at ABC can implement further measures so you can enjoy your outdoor areas without having to worry about these biting pests. 

Bed Bug Control in Ormond, FL

Bed Bug Control

The rise in modern travel has led to the resurgence of bed bug populations across the United States. These pests easily come home with us in luggage, bags, backpacks and even second-hand items and can hide in the tiniest of crevices, including in the seams of our mattresses, our furniture and our baseboards. Bed bugs are difficult for homeowners to eliminate on their own as they only come out of hiding when they sense a blood meal is nearby and these parasites can go extended periods of time without feeding. ABC can use heat and chemical treatments to ensure you don't receive any more bites from these pesky creatures. 

Rodent Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Rodent & Wildlife Control

The presence of these larger pests on your property can lead to more significant problems. Animals such as mice, rats, skunks, raccoons, squirrels and possums can make a mess in our yards, contaminate food, leave behind a foul smell and transmit diseases to us and our pets. These animals also commonly cause secondary infestations, as they usually have fleas or ticks. ABC can locate these pests, trap them and remove them humanely, whenever possible. To prevent unwanted guests, we will seal up potential entry points that future wildlife could use to gain entry to your home going forward. 

Bat Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Bat Control 

Although bats can be helpful by eating bugs around our yard, they can also be loud and smelly. To make matters worse, bats are capable of transmitting over sixty different diseases to us. These winged mammals will often roost in our eaves. Discouraging them from making our residence theirs can be difficult, especially when you have to take into consideration the regulations that the government has put in place to protect these creatures during their maternity season. ABC can humanely remove bats from your home and yard and seal up any holes they may have used to nest on your property. 

Bee Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps are essential for pollination and are an integral part of our ecosystem. However, it's not ideal when these stinging insects nest in our eaves, decks, trees and entryways. Our family, guests and neighbors can become victims of a painful bite or sting if bees or wasps feel threatened, which can have even more serious consequences if you or a family member is allergic. Our technicians can remove these flying pests and relocate their nest, when possible. 

Tick Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are small blood-sucking pests that are most commonly brought into our homes on our pets. However, you don't need to have a cat or dog to deal with the consequences of having these pests around. Fleas will leave us with itchy bites that can lead to secondary infections. Ticks can latch on to us and are capable of spreading serious diseases, such as Lyme disease. Fleas and ticks are difficult to control because they require a different treatment method at each stage of their life cycle. ABC has entomologists on our team that help us determine what will be the best treatment measures to ensure we eradicate these pests at each stage of their lives.

Spider Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Spider & Scorpion Control 

While spiders and scorpions may be intimidating, they are generally not aggressive creatures. We may accidentally have a close encounter when grabbing boxes out of storage, reaching for in the back of the cabinet or sorting through items in the garage. If scorpions and spiders see us as a threat, they may lash out and sting us. There are two species of poisonous spiders here in Ormond Beach: the black widow and the brown recluse. One of our specialists can identify the species of spider around your home, then take steps to check for and remove arachnids on your property. 

Ant Control in Ormond Beach, FL

Ant Control

Here in Ormond Beach, we have many different species of ants, including carpenter ants, ghost ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants and rover ants. Different ant species can be responsible for different types of issues, as some tunnel through the wood in your home, while others make unsightly mounds in your yard or contaminate your food. As these distinct types of ants have different habitats and food sources, they require customized methods of treatment. ABC can identify and treat whatever species of ant you have on your property, as well as provide you with tips on how to prevent a future problem.

What is the impact of your products on my family, pets and the environment?

ABC’s top priority is your family's well-being. When selecting the products we use on your property, we only choose treatments that are specially formulated for residential use. When building a plan of action to address your pest issue, our technicians will use the lowest concentrations of chemicals possible to get results. Our technicians are happy to address any concerns you may have or answer your questions.

How often will you come to my home for treatments?

As each pest problem is different, so is each treatment plan. The specialist who comes to your property will create a strategy that is customized to your specific situation so that we can effectively treat your problem. 

Although some pest problems can be resolved in just a few visits, most of our customers' issues require additional follow-up visits. Also, some of our treatments are designed to work for a specified period of time, so we may recommend monitoring calls to prevent any recurrences.

Does ABC provide pest control services to businesses in Ormond Beach?

Yes, ABC is happy to provide business owners in Ormond Beach with commercial pest control. We understand that commercial properties have different needs than in residential areas, which is why we have specially trained technicians who understand the complexities of these types of treatments.

Why should I choose ABC for pest control?

As a family run business, ABC has a core value of treating your home as if it was our own. Part of this philosophy is that we strive to only hire the best of the best. All of our employees are drug tested and checked for criminal history prior to joining the ABC family so that you can feel safe having our technicians on your property. Once on board, ABC employees go through additional in-house training so you can be confident that they can handle any pest problem you may have on your property.