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What happens during the inspection?

When you give us a call, we will schedule an inspection for your home or business at our soonest availability. When your inspector comes to your property, they will:

  • Learn more about your pest problem.
  • Examine your property for pest entry points and pest-related damage, as well as identify what might be attracting these pests.  
  • Look for any environmental factors that may make your property more susceptible to a pest infestation.
  • Answer any questions you may have regarding treatment options and what to expect. 

After we have gathered all the needed information, we will create a customized treatment plan. Once you approve your tailored treatment plan, we will schedule your first service call.

Which pests can you help me get rid of?

Our experienced technicians can help you with any pest problem you find yourself confronted with—no matter how big or small. ABC’s professionals can help with: 

Pest Control Oviedo FL

Palmetto Bug & Roach Control 

Many people believe that you only messy homes get invaded by palmetto bugs. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Roaches can invade even the cleanest of homes. When they do, these pests can worsen allergies, spread diseases, eat away at books, contaminate food and, in some situations, leave behind a foul smell. Cockroaches have been around longer than humans have, and can survive on nearly any type of organic matter, making it a near-impossible task for homeowners and business owners to get rid of them without a professional's help. 

Termite Control Oviedo FL

Termite Control

The most destructive termite species burrow tunnels underground, making it very hard for homeowners to even realize they have an infestation. Sadly, when you first start seeing subterranean termites, it usually means there has been damage to your home and that termites are looking to expand their presence. Due to their stealth nature, termites can get away with costing U.S. homeowners billions of dollars every year. Hiring a knowledgeable pest control company to perform regular inspections and to treat your home when necessary can keep your biggest investment protected. 

Mosquito Control Oviedo FL

Mosquito Control

Although large scale efforts have been put into place to reduce mosquito populations in Oviedo, mosquitoes only need about a bottle cap’s worth of water to reproduce, making it a virtually impossible task to get rid of them. Mosquitoes aren’t just annoying because of their itchy bites. These biting insects are also transmitters of serious human diseases, such as the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. We can help your mosquito populations dwindle by creating a customized treatment plan for your home so you can enjoy your yard again. 

Bed bug control Oviedo FL

Bed Bug Control

While the modern ease of traveling is something we are grateful for, our easy ability to move freely and frequently has also caused a resurgence in bed bugs. These pests are tiny so that they can hide in even the smallest of crevices in mattresses, baseboards and furniture. Many homeowners with bed bugs have sleepless nights and try unsuccessfully to treat the problem on their own, only to have these biting bugs come back. When you call in ABC, we can pinpoint the source of your problem and apply targeted treatments so you can go back to your normal routine. 

Rodent control Oviedo FL

Rodent & Wildlife Control

These large pests can create big headaches for homeowners. Rats, mice, opossums, raccoons and even squirrels and birds can cause a variety of problems if they knock over trash cans, spread diseases, contaminate food and are even start fires by chewing through wires. Many of these animals are excellent at hiding in our attics, garages and underneath our decks, so locating them, catching them and removing them from your property can be an extremely daunting task. The pest experts at ABC can identify what pest you're dealing with, find potential entry points and recommend changes to make your property less attractive to these large pests in the future. 

Bat control Oviedo FL

Bat Control

Bats are an extremely important part of our ecosystem and can eat many of the unwanted bugs in our garden. However, these winged mammals are also capable of spreading numerous diseases to humans, and can make quite a ruckus when roosting in our attics and eaves. When you call in the professionals at ABC, we will send a technician to your property to humanely remove the bats from your property, in accordance with state regulations, so you can go back to enjoying the peace and quiet. 

Bee control Oviedo FL

Bee & Wasp Control 

While bees and wasps are also an essential part of the environment, you don't want these stinging insects creating nests near your decks, patios, eaves or entryways. Their sting or bite can be extremely painful, and can even pose a serious health risk if you or a family member are allergic. Our pest control experts can treat or remove the nest from your property. When possible, at our customer's request we can try to relocate a hive to an area that will be safer for both the bees and your household, visitors and neighbors. 

Tick control Oviedo FL

Flea & Tick Control 

You don't need to have a pet in order to have a flea or tick problem. While fleas can't transmit diseases, their bites can become extremely itchy, leading to cause secondary infections. Also, fleas reproduce rapidly, making it difficult for homeowners to control their population.

Ticks are capable of spreading dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease. Both of these pests require different methods of treatment throughout their different life cycles. Our pest control professionals can implement different methods of treatment indoors and outside to ensure your pest problem is gone for good. 

Spider control Oviedo FL

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Although they can look frightening, spiders and scorpions are not generally aggressive creatures. You should keep an eye out for two venomous spiders that live in Florida: black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. Spiders and scorpions may lash out and bite or sting us if we disturb them while getting decorations out of the attic, get shoes out from the back of your closet or when reaching behind the couch to grab something we have dropped. Our pest control experts can locate and identify what species of spider or scorpion you have on your property and advise you on ways you can avoid these pests in the future. 

Ant Control Oviedo FL

Ant Control

When these tiny pests invade your home, you may begin to feel as though they are everywhere. Ants can contaminate food, tunnel through wood and bite, which can result in harm to yourself, your family, your belongings and your home. In Florida, the ant species we most commonly come across are carpenter ants, ghost ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, fire ants and rover ants. ABC knows how to handle each of these different species and can find out how they are entering your home. Once our pros find where ants have invaded, we can seal off these entry points. We can also treat the nest and address any ants that may remain in or around your home. 

Are your pest control products environmentally friendly?

At ABC our top priority is you, your family and the environment. We hand pick our products and only use the lowest amount of chemicals possible to treat your problem. One of our core values is to always treat your home as if it was our own. This extends to the products we use. We would never use a treatment method in your home which we wouldn't use in our own. 

ABC also integrates the philosophy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into our pest control program. IPM is widely accepted among many organizations—including the Environmental Protection Agency—and emphasizes preventing pest infestations first and then resorting to chemical treatments if necessary. 

How often will you come to my home?

As every pest problem is different, each treatment plan is designed to fit our customer's unique situation. Although some pest problems can be resolved in just a few visits, most require additional follow-up visits and monitoring calls. Many of the products we use are designed to work for a certain time period, usually requiring additional visits at regular intervals to ensure no pests have made their way back onto your property. 

Does ABC provide pest control services for Oviedo-area businesses?

Yes, ABC is happy to service commercial properties in addition to residential areas. We understand that treating businesses requires a specific skill set, which is why we provide special training to our team members who work with our commercial customers. After an inspection, your pest control expert will be able to provide you with a treatment plan that is customized to your business, as well as a plan to keep you pest free in the future. 

Why should I choose ABC?

Homeowners in Oviedo have been turning to ABC for reliable, effective pest control services for years. They know they can feel safe with ABC technicians at their home, as our employees are all drug tested and undergo a criminal history check prior to getting hired. Once on board, ABC technicians go through extensive in-house training to learn about the life cycles and habits of the pests that could invade your home so they are able to properly eradicate them from your property. In addition, we believe in treating your home as if it was our own, so we will always leave your home in good condition and apply treatments carefully in a way that is conscientious about your family, pets and children.

Which neighborhoods will ABC service in Oviedo?

ABC Home & Commercial also provides a full range of pest control services in these Oviedo neighborhoods:

  • Alafaya Woods
  • Aloma Bend
  • Aloma Woods
  • Arborview Park
  • Bentley Woods
  • Black Hammock
  • Cardinal Glen
  • Carillon
  • Chapman Groves
  • Chapman Lakes
  • Clayton Crossing
  • Clifton Park
  • Copper Chase
  • Creekwood
  • Cypress Head At The Enclave
  • Easton Park
  • Estates At Aloma Woods
  • Genova Woods
  • Hawthorne Glen
  • Hunters Reserve
  • Jamestown
  • Kingsbridge East Village
  • Lafayette Forest
  • Lakes Of Aloma
  • Little Creek
  • Madison Creek
  • Mayfair Oaks
  • Meadowcrest
  • Oak Creek
  • Oviedo Forest
  • Oviedo Terrace
  • Preserve At Lake Charm
  • Provenance
  • Regency Estates
  • Remington Park
  • Richfield
  • River Walk
  • Riverside At Twin Rivers
  • Sanctuary
  • Seminole Terrace
  • Stillwater
  • Sweetwater Creek
  • Tuska Ridge
  • Tuskawilla Acres
  • Twin Rivers
  • Villages At Kingsbridge
  • Villas At Lakeside
  • Waverlee Woods
  • Wentworth Estates
  • Willa Lake