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Do you offer free estimates?

Yes! Since every pest problem is different, ABC develops a free, no-obligation plan, customized to address your particular situation. When you reach out to ABC, we will send an inspector to your home at a time that is convenient for you to learn more about the nature of your problem.

During this initial visit, your ABC inspector will:

  • Ask you questions to help determine the extent of your infestation

  • Conduct an initial site assessment to look for damage, confirm what pest is on your property and check for possible entry points

  • Answer any questions you might have

Once the inspector has gathered this important information, ABC will deliver an estimate to you with a set of recommended next steps. Once you approve the estimate, we can schedule the first service call so treatment can begin.

Which pests can you help me get rid of?

The experienced professionals at ABC can help you handle all of your pest problems. Sanford homeowners routinely call upon ABC to help with:

Pest Control Sanford FL

Palmetto Bug and Roach Control

Every homeowner dreads the sight of a cockroach scurrying across the floor. Whether you call them roaches, water bugs, palmetto bugs or something else entirely, the bad news is that these pests can invade even the cleanest homes. Not only do these creatures inspire disgust, but also they can destroy books, contaminate food, spread disease and even leave behind a foul smell. Roaches have lived alongside humans for centuries, and have proven to be one of the most difficult pests for homeowners to handle on their own. With the help of ABC’s experts, you can rest easy that you don’t have many of these creatures hiding in the shadows.

Pest Control Service Sanford FL

Termite Control

What’s the one pest blamed for billions of dollars of damage each year in the United States alone? Termites. These dangerous creatures attack your home’s foundation through underground tunnels and feed on wood, often causing significant damage before being detected. ABC’s technicians can quickly identify the source of your infestation and take steps to prevent future problems to protect your largest investment.

Pest Control Services Sanford FL

Mosquito Control

Perhaps the most persistent pest here in Central Florida is the mosquito. This bloodsucking insect can leave us with itchy welts and expose our loved ones to serious health risks, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. ABC has proven and low-impact methods to keep mosquitoes at bay so you can enjoy quality time outside.

Pest Control Services in Sanford FL

Bed Bug Treatment

These microscopic pests have experienced a resurgence, particularly in areas like Central Florida which see many travelers. Bed bugs are considered a public health concern because they can hide in even the smallest cracks and often don’t respond to DIY approaches or treatments. ABC’s experts apply a thorough understanding of entomology and pest behavior to eliminate these creatures from your home and prevent them from returning.

Pest Control Service in Sanford FL

Wildlife & Rodent Control

What can chew through electronics, overturn our garbage cans, contaminate our food and spread diseases? Rats, mice, raccoons, opossums and other large animals can find their way into our attics and crawl spaces to nest and can even bring in other pests on their fur. ABC’s technicians can quickly discover how these larger pests are finding their way onto your property, humanely relocate these animals elsewhere and install barriers to keep them out—for good.

Pest Control in Sanford FL

Bat Removal

Bats play an important role in our ecosystem, but when they roost in and around our roof, fascia and attic, they can disturb us with noises and smells and can expose us to rabies and other illnesses. ABC’s professionals can advise you on the best way to encourage these beneficial animals to take up residence elsewhere and discourage them from making a return visit.

Sanford Pest Control

Wasp & Bee Removal

Wasps and bees also serve an important role in our natural environment. When these stinging insects build a nest or hive near our entryways or in a wall cavity, however, we put ourselves at risk if we accidentally disturb their homes. A sting can be painful at best and at worst, require immediate medical attention. ABC can help keep your loved ones and visitors safe by recommending an approach to relocate these colonies and close any holes or gaps which could attract them in the future.

Sanford FL pest control

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks pose health risks not only to the human inhabitants of your household, but also to your furry family members. These parasitic creatures can invade your home, whether you have pets or not. Fleas can leave us with itchy bites while our pets can become miserable if they develop flea bite dermatitis. Ticks can transmit serious diseases to both humans and dogs, including Lyme disease. ABC’s technicians can provide you with practical solutions to protect yourself from these pesky creatures.

Sanford FL Pest Control Service

Spider & Scorpion Removal

Although spiders and scorpions are not aggressive toward humans, we can unknowingly disturb them while going through storage, gardening or cleaning up patio furniture, resulting in painful and dangerous bites and stings. ABC’s pros can recommend approaches to protect you and your family from an unfortunate encounter with these creatures.

Sanford FL Pest Control Services

Ant Removal

Ants are among the most common insects on Earth, but that doesn’t mean that you want them invading your home or yard. Depending on the species of ant, these pests can tunnel through wood, contaminate your food and bite you, leaving a swollen, painful spot which can be uncomfortable for days. ABC can detect how these insects are coming onto your property, eliminate both ants and eggs and take measures to keep them from coming back.

Are your pest control products friendly for my children and pets?

Our biggest priority at ABC is for the safety and well-being of our customers. That’s why we take extra care to select products which are low-impact while being effective. We carefully apply products and only use the lowest concentrations manufactured for residential use. We are happy to work with homeowners to address any concerns you might have about the products we use and adopt Integrated Pest Management principles so that we can address non-chemical interventions whenever possible.

How frequently will you come for treatments?

Every pest problem is different, so we make sure to tailor your solution to the specific problem you are experiencing. Different pests at different life stages require different approaches, and the frequency and duration of service calls will also depend on the extent of your infestation.

On some occasions, pest problems can be addressed in just a few visits, while other situations may require a more prolonged treatment plan. In addition, some products are most effective for a limited time period, so we may recommend a return visit to re-apply treatment solutions to make sure that pests don’t come back.

Which neighborhoods will ABC service in Sanford?

ABC Home & Commercial also provides a full range of pest control services in these Sanford neighborhoods:

  • Amberlee
  • Autumn Chase
  • Bakers Crossing
  • Bel Air Sanford
  • Berington Club
  • Buckingham Estates
  • Buena Vista Estates
  • Cardinal Pointe
  • Cedar Hill
  • Celery Estates
  • Celery Key
  • Celery Lakes
  • Country Club Manor
  • Dreamwold
  • Enclave
  • Estates At Wekiva Park
  • Fairlane Estates
  • Franklin Terrace
  • Gardenia
  • Gateway At Riverwalk
  • Glades On Sylvan Lake
  • Greystone
  • Groveview Village
  • Heatherwood
  • Hidden Creek Reserve
  • Hidden Lake
  • Lake Forest
  • Lake Markham Preserve
  • Loch Arbor
  • Magnolia Club
  • Markham Forest
  • Mayfair
  • Mayfair Villas
  • Middleton Oaks
  • Monroe Meadows
  • Oregon Trace
  • Palm Point
  • Placid Lake
  • Placid Woods
  • Preserve At Astor Farms
  • Preserve At Eagle Lake
  • Preserve At Lake Monroe
  • Ramblewood
  • Ravenna Park
  • Regency Oaks
  • Reserve At Loch Lake
  • Retreat At Wekiva
  • River Crest
  • Sanfo Park
  • Sanford Celery Delta
  • Sanford Farms
  • Sanford Heights
  • Savannah Park
  • Seminole Estates
  • South Pinecrest
  • St Johns River Estates
  • Sterling Meadows
  • Sterling Woods
  • Sunland Estates
  • Tusca Place
  • Venetian Bay
  • Wilson Park
  • Windsor Lake
  • Woodbine
  • Woodmere Park
  • Woodsong
  • Wynnewood