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What happens during my free inspection?

When you spot an unwelcome guest of the insect or animal variety on your property, we understand that you want a technician to start working on the problem as quickly as possible. That's why ABC sends a pest expert to meet with you at our earliest opportunity. During your complimentary inspection, your technician will:

  • Ask you about the pests you have seen and the extent of the infestation. 
  • Inspect your home for pest entry points, looking for anything that may be attracting pests and taking note of any damage may be left behind. 
  • Examine your home for any environmental factors that could make your home more susceptible to a pest infestation, such as moist soil near your home's foundation or a pile of firewood stacked up against your home. 
  • Have an open conversation with you that allows you to ask any questions regarding treatment options, the products we use or what you can expect to happen during our service calls. 

Once your pest control expert has gathered all the needed information, a treatment plan can be created that is customized to your home and infestation. Upon your approval, we will get you on the schedule for your first service call. 

Which pests can you help me get rid of?

ABC's specialists have visited homes all over Windermere with a wide variety of pest problems. Some of the most common calls we get are regarding: 

Pest Control Windermere FL

Palmetto Bugs & Roach Control 

Unfortunately, palmetto bugs can invade even the cleanest of homes. Whether you call these pests palmetto bugs, roaches or water bugs, homeowners should know that these creatures are capable of transmitting diseases, producing allergens, eating your food and leaving behind a foul smell. Cockroaches are extremely resilient, and can reproduce rapidly, making them nearly impossible for homeowners to eradicate on their own. When ABC treats your home for roaches, we will focus on breeding and resting grounds, then seal up any entry points these pests may have used and offer you advice on how to prevent a future infestation. 

Termite Control Windermere FL

Termite Control 

Termites travel to homes through underground tunnels. Once they reach your foundation, these destructive pests will eat away at your structure for twenty-four hours a day every day. These habits allow termites to cause billions of dollars worth of damage to U.S. homes every year. Usually, by the time homeowners have spotted termites, extensive structural damage has already occurred. 

When you call in the pest experts from ABC, you can rest assured that we will be able to locate and eliminate the termite colony, then put monitoring stations in place to ensure your biggest investment remains protected. 

Mosquito Control Windermere FL

Mosquito Control 

Most of us associate mosquitoes with their itchy bites. However, these annoying pests can leave you with more than just an itchy bump. These bloodsucking insects are capable of spreading diseases like the Zika virus and the West Nile virus. Efforts have been put in place to control mosquito populations in Windermere. However, mosquitoes only need a bottle cap's worth of water to reproduce, making it extremely difficult task to make a significant or lasting dent in the number of mosquitoes in our outdoor areas. 

When our pest control professionals come to your home, they will build out a treatment plan to help control the mosquito population on your property. You can also learn ways to reduce stagnant water around your home that could potentially turn into a mosquito breeding ground. 

Bed Bug Control Windermere FL

Bed Bug Control 

Having bed bugs isn't a sign of a messy house. Instead of being attracted by something inside our homes, bed bugs often travel to us in luggage when we've taken to a place with a bed bug problem. These tiny pests can be extremely difficult to eradicate because they can hide in cracks and crevices in our mattresses, furniture and baseboards. To make matters worse, usually bed bugs only come out at night when they sense a blood meal nearby. ABC can create an effective treatment plan that targets these pests' hiding spots so you can sleep peacefully again.  

Rodent Control Windermere FL

Rodents & Wildlife Control

Rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons and opossums can invade human spaces because we provide them with everything they need: food, water and shelter. When they reside on our property, these larger pests can knock over trash cans, eat our food, spread disease and even cause house fires by chewing through electrical wiring. Many of these animals are excellent hiders and some are even nocturnal, so sometimes we aren't sure exactly what creature is responsible for damage to our property. ABC can identify the type of rodent or wildlife you have on your property, then humanely remove it, when possible. When all these uninvited guests have been removed from your property, your technician will seal off any holes that could be used as entry points to prevent future return visits. 

Bat Control Windermere FL

Bat Control

Some homeowners like the idea of having bats around their property, as these winged mammals can feed on unwanted insects in your garden, like moths and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, bats are also capable of spreading over sixty different diseases to humans, and they can make an awful lot of noise when they decide to roost in our attics and eaves. One of our pest control experts can humanely remove bats from your property while staying in line with Florida regulations for bat removal. 

Bee Control Windermere FL

Bee & Wasp Control

Bees and wasps are a crucial part of our environment. However, when they nest in our eaves, entryways, decks and trees, these stinging insects can be dangerous to us—especially if you're allergic. Instead of putting yourself at risk of getting bitten or stung every time you head outside, give us a call. Our skilled technicians can treat or remove your nest and, when possible, have it safely relocated. 

Tick Control Windermere FL

Flea & Tick Control 

Although fleas prefer our furry friends, if they are hungry, they don't mind biting us. Flea bites can cause incessant scratching and can even lead to secondary infections. The species of tick found in Florida also prefers to bite dogs and will often get brought into our home on their fur. When hungry, a tick will latch on to us and feed until it is full. Ticks are dangerous because they are capable of transmitting diseases, like Lyme disease. If you find yourself in a situation where you have fleas or ticks in your home, give ABC a call. We can treat your home for fleas and ticks, both indoors and out, so that you can prevent a re-infestation.  

Spider Control Windermere FL

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Spiders and scorpions are not generally aggressive creatures. However, if these creatures feel you are attacking them, they will try to protect themselves by lashing out at you. While most spider bites will hurt, there are two types of spiders that you want to avoid: the black widow and the brown recluse. These spiders like to hide in storage boxes, the folds of your clothes, in your garage, under your furniture and in closets. Likewise, some Florida homeowners will come across a scorpion, some of which can leave a victim with a painful sting. ABC can come identify the species of spider or scorpion you have in your home and give you advice on how to keep these pests away in the future. 

Ant Control Windermere FL

Ant Control

The most common ant species found in Florida are carpenter ants, ghost ants, acrobat ants, pharoah ants, fire ants and rover ants. Depending on the species of ant that has invaded your home, these pesky pests can contaminate your food, tunnel through your wood and even bite you, which can result in swelling and major discomfort. ABC can treat the ant nest and eliminate any remaining ants in your home, then seal off potential entry points to prevent a future infestation. 

Are your pest control products environmentally friendly?

At ABC, our top priority is your family, your home and the environment. When our experienced technicians come to your home, they will be able to address any concerns you have regarding our treatment options and the products we use. We handpick these products after doing extensive research, and they are all specially formulated for residential use and applied in the lowest concentrations possible. 

We apply the philosophy of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into the work we do. IPM is widely accepted by many established organizations within the U.S., including the EPA. This philosophy prioritizes using non-chemical pest interventions on your property to make it a less suitable place for pests to live. Whenever it is possible, we will humanely relocate animals that have made their way onto your property using traps and other measures. 

How often will you come to my home?

Because each pest infestation is different, so is every treatment plan. Your pest control expert will need to assess your property to determine how many treatments you will need based on what type of pest has invaded your property and the extent of the infestation. 

While some pest problems can be resolved in just a few visits, others will require additional follow-up services. Some of our products are designed to be effective for a certain period of time. Therefore, your technician may suggest return visits at regular intervals to ensure pests don't return to your home.

Does ABC provide pest control services for commercial properties?

ABC is happy to provide pest control solutions for commercial properties here in Windermere, as well as the other communities surrounding Orlando. We understand that businesses require different treatments from residential properties, which is why we provide customized commercial pest control plans in order for you to have the best results. Also, our commercial pest control technicians go through additional training in order to handle the complexities of pest problems on a commercial property. 

Why should I choose ABC?

ABC is a family run business that has earned a reputation for providing homeowners and business owners alike with effective, long-term pest control solutions. We believe in treating your home as if it was our own. To make our customers feel more comfortable having an ABC employee on their property, as a company policy all of our technicians are drug tested and checked for criminal history before landing the job. We provide all team members with extensive training that allows them to locate and eliminate any pest problem you may have on your property so that we can deliver consistent results. 

Which neighborhoods will ABC service in Windermere?

ABC Home & Commercial also provides a full range of pest control services in these Windermere neighborhoods:

  • Aladar On Lake Butler
  • Bellaria
  • Belmere Village
  • Butler Bay
  • Casa Del Lago
  • Chaine Du Lac
  • Davis Shores
  • Down Acres Estates
  • Enclave At Berkshire Park
  • Glenmuir
  • Isleworth
  • Keenes Pointe
  • Kelso On Lake Butler
  • Lake Burden South
  • Lake Butler Estates
  • Lake Cawood Estates
  • Lake Cypress Cove
  • Lake Down Estates
  • Lake Down Shores
  • Lake Roper Pointe
  • Lake Sawyer South
  • Lakes Of Windermere
  • Lakeside At Lakes Of Windermere
  • Lakeside Villas
  • Manors At Butler Bay
  • Merrick Landing
  • Metcalf Park
  • Oasis Cove
  • Oxford Moor
  • Preston Square
  • Providence
  • Reserve At Belmere
  • Reserve At Lake Butler Sound
  • Silver Woods
  • Southbridge Village
  • Summerport
  • Sunset Bay
  • Tildens Grove
  • Tuscany Ridge
  • Waterford Pointe
  • Waterstone
  • Weatherstone On Lake Olivia
  • Westover Club
  • Westover Reserve
  • Wickham Park
  • Willows At Lake Rhea
  • Windermere
  • Windermere Club
  • Windermere Downs
  • Windermere Grande
  • Windermere Landings
  • Windsor Hill
  • Windsor Hill Reserve