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Does ABC provide free inspections in Winter Garden?

As a matter of fact, we do! From the customer service representative who answers the phone to the technician that comes to your home, ABC strives to exceed your expectations, every step of the way. We believe that the best way to start off on a good foot is by offering you a free inspection. If you’re having a more straightforward pest problem, we may even be able to offer you an estimate over the phone. 

For the most part, we do prefer to come to your home to get a better idea of the severity and extent of your pest issues. Every pest problem and every house is different, so we’ll create a customized treatment plan that fits your specific situation. If you do schedule an in-person visit, one of our knowledgeable inspectors will come to your house to:

  • Ask you questions to learn more about your situation 

  • Locate areas where pests are able to enter your home 

  • Discover what factors are unique to your home that may be increasing your risk of infestation 

  • Check for any damage 

  • Make an assessment of the severity of your pest control problem 

  • Have an open conversation with you to answer any questions you may have about the pests, our treatment plan or our approach 

After our inspection, we will review with you our recommended treatment plan. Upon approval, we will schedule the first service call. 

What types of pest control services does ABC provide in Winter Garden?

ABC’s skilled technicians have been helping homeowners in Winter Garden with all sorts of pest problems for years. We can help you out with the following pests:

Pest Control Winter Garden FL

Palmetto Bug, Roach and Water Bug Control 

Spotting one of these bugs is sure to send a shiver down your spine. These creatures can spread disease, contaminate our food, destroy our belongings and aggravate our allergies. 

It is extremely difficult for homeowners to deal with roaches on their own, as they are very resilient creatures. Cockroaches have been on our planet even longer than we have, and can survive on practically any kind of organic matter they can find. Palmetto or water bugs are also rapid reproducers, so if you find one, there’s likely to be even more hiding somewhere on your property. Our professionals know exactly where to look for these pests' hiding and nesting spots and can eradicate them effectively. 

Termite Control Winter Garden FL

Termite Control

Termite damage costs homeowners in the U.S. billions each year. How does this happen? These creatures are incredibly stealthy. Subterranean termites—the most dangerous varieties for homeowners—get to the foundation of your home through underground tunnels. Once these pesky pests reach their ideal feeding spot, they will eat for 24 hours a day. 

If you believe you have termites, call ABC as soon as possible. Termite colonies can grow to have a million members, which can collectively cause a lot of damage. Our skilled technicians can locate and eradicate entire the termite colony, even in the hardest to reach areas. We will also set up monitoring visits to ensure there are no more returning members. 

Mosquito Control Winter Garden FL

Mosquito Control

We’re not the only ones who love warm weather and a nice body of water nearby—mosquitoes do too. We often just think of mosquitoes as being obnoxious for their itchy bites, but many of us don't remember that these bloodsucking pests are capable of spreading serious diseases as well, such as the West Nile and Zika viruses. 

ABC offers customized solutions to mosquito problems. Our skilled technicians can find and treat mosquito nesting sites. In addition, ABC also offers treatment plans to do lower the population of mature mosquitoes in your outdoor areas. 

Bed Bug Treatment Winter Garden FL

Bed Bug Treatment

Tourism is a big part of the economy in Orlando and nearby parts of Central Florida. However, this driver of our growth is also a big part of why bed bugs have made a resurgence. Bed bugs are nearly impossible to get rid of on your own, as they are tiny creatures who only come out to feed at night when we are fast asleep and largely defenseless. 

Our experienced technicians know exactly where these tiny pests like to hide and can pinpoint their exact location in your home. We will work with you to make sure these pests are gone for good by removing whatever bugs you have now, as well as giving you advice for preventative measures to keep you protected from these pests going forward. 

Rodent Control Winter Garden FL

Wildlife & Rodent Control

These bigger pests can cause serious damage to your home, as well as posing health risks to your household. Mice, rats, squirrels, opossums and raccoons can overturn trash bins, chew through electrical wire, leave dangerous droppings and be responsible for other types of property damage. When these unwanted invaders make their home on our property, they can contaminate food and transmit diseases to our family and our pets. Also, most wildlife carry fleas and ticks with them, putting your family at risk for additional infestations. 

When you call in one of our professionals, we first locate and remove any wildlife that has invaded your property. We will also then install protective measures to ensure you don't run into these kinds of problems again. 

Winter Garden Pest control services

Bat Removal

While some people say bats in your yard are a good thing because they can eat your unwanted bugs, the truth is that these winged mammals can also pose health risks to you and your family. The waste material from these creatures can be dangerous, and as with any animal, if you frighten a bat, it may lash out and bite you. This is especially troubling, because bats can carry over 60 strains of human diseases. 

Our trained technicians can check some of the more popular places in your home where bats often roost, such as near your eaves, attics and other nooks and crannies. We can make sure these creatures don’t make your home their own while complying with Florida regulations to safeguard mothers during maternity season. 

Pest Control Services Winter Garden, FL

Wasp & Bee Removal

While bees are crucial to the environment, having these stinging insects around your home is not ideal. Also, bees and wasps tend to make the most inconvenient spots on your property their home: near entryways, porches, patios and decks. It’s hard to enjoy your yard if you know you could be stung or bitten at any moment, especially if you're allergic! 

We’ll pinpoint these insects' nests and make note of any damage they may have caused to your home. We will then provide you with a plan on how to keep these insects off your property and make sure your home isn't an ideal spot for them to settle down in the future. 

Winter Garden Pest Control

Tick & Flea Control 

Ticks and fleas are another pest that feeds on our blood. Believe it or not, both of these parasites can make their way into your home even if you don't own a pet. Fleas can make you and your pet crazy by causing incessant itching. Both ticks and fleas can be  extremely difficult to get rid of on your own, because each of their four life stages requires a different type of treatment to be effective. 

Although ticks don’t necessarily invade the home, having one latch onto you can result in serious health problems. As is the case with fleas, ticks need different treatment plans depending on how far along they are in their life cycle. 

ABC will use our knowledge of these pests to eradicate them from your property, as well as give you advice on how to avoid these pests in the future. 

Spider Removal Winter Garden FL

Scorpion & Spider Control 

Spiders and scorpions are usually harmless insects. However, if they feel threatened by you, their fight or flight response will kick in. This could be bad news for you, your children or your pets if you accidentally startle one. While some spider bites and scorpion stings are an annoyance, venomous species pose more of a health risk. 

To give you peace of mind, we can identify the spiders and scorpions you have on your property and let you know whether they are friends or foes. If they are dangerous, or you'd prefer not to have to worry about which types are and aren't, we will devise a plan to get them removed from your property. 

Ant Removal Winter Garden FL

Ant Removal 

If your home has been invaded by these tiny bugs, you may feel like you see them everywhere you look. It can be hard to keep track of ants, as they always seem to find new ways into your home. While some species can merely be an aggravation, other types bite, presenting an entirely different set of challenges and worries. 

Our knowledgeable professionals can develop an effective and practical method of keeping ants away from your home. We will tailor an approach specific to your needs to ensure these bugs don’t return.

I’m concerned about the impact of pest products on my kids, pets and the environment. What can you tell me about your treatments?

We have interwoven the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into the fabric of our company and our approach. IPM is accepted by many institutions—including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)—as being an effective long-term set of treatment measures. IPM focuses on prevention, in-depth knowledge of pest behavior and an emphasis on making your property a less desirable for pests to live. In addition, IPM principles focus on using chemical interventions as a last resort. 

There are a variety of steps that we can take before using chemicals in or around your home. For example, to prevent rats from entering your home, we will install protective mesh around any openings near your home. Or, to reduce your tick population we might remove dense vegetation from your yard. We also often recommend changing any irrigation systems that cause pooling water, because this can attract mosquitoes or wildlife that are searching for water. 

Of course, if it is better for your health and your home, we can and will use a product with chemicals. The products that we use are specially formulated for residential use and we will always use the lowest concentration possible, and only in affected areas. One of our philosophies is that we treat your home as if it were our own. Your family’s health is our top priority, and we will provide our best plan of action to ensure that we are providing you with the lowest-impact options possible.

How long will my pest treatments last?

Because each pest infestation is different, we can’t give an exact answer to this question. Also, different pests in different life cycles require a different plan of action. This is why having an initial inspection of your home is very important. Your inspector can give you a better idea of how long you can expect to have your home regularly serviced by one of our professionals. 

If your pest problem is relatively minor, we can be successful after just a few visits. Keep in mind that we’ve found that, in most cases, pest problems are seasonal. Therefore, we may need to return to your home for check-ins a few times a year. These service calls are intended to ensure that your pest population is dwindling or done with entirely. 

We often warn our customers that after our initial treatment, you may see a temporary uptick in pest activity. These pests are scrambling to find a new place to hide, as we have, in most cases made your property less attractive for them to stick around. In time, you’ll be seeing fewer and fewer pests, until they are gone entirely.

Why should I hire ABC?

At ABC, we believe in treating your home as if it was our own. If we need to use chemicals, we will use the lowest concentrations possible and only in the areas that absolutely need it. We have an extensive hiring process, which means that all potential employees must pass a drug test and a criminal background check before joining the ABC family. That way, you can feel safe having ABC on your property.

Can ABC help my business?

Yes! Here at ABC, we not only provide residential services, we provide commercial services as well. Servicing commercial properties requires a different set of skills, which is why we have specially trained employees that work with our commercial customers. 

Which neighborhoods will ABC service in Winter Garden?

ABC Home & Commercial also provides a full range of pest control services in these Winter Garden neighborhoods:

  • Amberleigh
  • Belle Meade
  • Black Lake Park
  • Brandy Creek
  • Burchshire
  • Carriage Pointe
  • Chapin Station
  • Courtlea Park
  • Covington Park
  • Daniels Crossing
  • Deer Island
  • Deerfield Place
  • Harbor
  • Isles Of Lake Hancock
  • Jewel Heights
  • Joe Louis Park
  • Johns Lake Pointe
  • Lake Avalon Groves
  • Lake Cove Pointe
  • Oaks At Brandy Lake
  • Orchard
  • Palisades
  • Park Ave Estates
  • Regency Oaks
  • Savannah Ridge
  • Showalter Park
  • Signature Lakes
  • Southern Pines
  • Stone Creek
  • Stoneybrook West
  • Summerlake
  • Sunset Lakes
  • Tucker Oaks
  • Valley View
  • Westfield
  • Westfield Lakes
  • Westlake Manor
  • Wintermere Pointe