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Plumber in DeSoto, TX

Plumbing problems can range from a minor inconvenience to an emergency. While some issues may seem easy to fix, a small mistake if you try to DIY can result in a costly headache. No matter what repair or project you need help with, you can count on ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our licensed plumbers in DeSoto will get the job done right, and are available all day and all night.

an ABC plumbing specialist providing a variety of services, including drain cleaning and water heater repair

Expert & Reliable Plumbing Services

As a full-service provider, you can rely on ABC for any plumbing services you may need, whether that’s repairs, maintenance or getting a new piece of equipment installed. We commonly work on faucets, toilets, sinks, tubs, showers, drains, water heaters and garbage disposals.

More specifically, we are routinely contacted for the following types of plumbing projects:

  • Repairing leaks inside and outside the home
  • Clearing even the most stubborn blockages from drains and toilets
  • Fixing and maintaining water heaters, garbage disposals and other plumbing fixtures
  • Making homes more water-efficient by installing new plumbing equipment and components
  • Diagnosing and addressing problems that are resulting in low water pressure
  • Fixing running toilets
  • Installing, removing and replacing aerators, screens, flanges, valves and other plumbing components
  • Adjusting the temperature on water heaters
  • Modifying irrigation systems to make them more efficient

After our customers contact us for larger repairs, they often decide it’s easier to reach out to us for smaller jobs and maintenance as well, as opposed to trying to learn the complexities of plumbing themselves. When you contact ABC, you’ll have more free time to play a round at Thorntree Golf Club, watch your kid’s soccer game at Grimes Park or simply unwind at your home.

When you decide to have new plumbing equipment installed, you get the opportunity to purchase more water-efficient equipment, which can save you money on your water bills. As an added bonus, it gives you the chance to update the look of your kitchen and bathrooms.

The ABC Process

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1. Contact ABC

When you contact us, we will schedule a service call to evaluate the problem. For emergencies, we will send a pro to your home as soon as possible.

a calculator
2. Get An Estimate

We'll provide you with an estimate for all needed services. Once we get your approval, our pros will get right to work.

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3. Perform Services

We will work quickly to perform the desired services. At the end of your service call, we'll update you on what we did and any other needed follow-up.

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4. Comfort Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our work, let us know and we will send someone back to your home to make things right at no additional cost.

ABC provides 24/7 services for plumbing emergencies

24/7 Emergency Service Available

We understand that if you’re having a plumbing emergency, you want a professional to begin making repairs as quickly as possible. This is why we offer 24/7 plumbing services here in North Texas. Just give us a call and we will send a licensed plumber to your property as quickly as possible.

an ABC specialist speaking with a new customer

Get Started

We offer a full range of plumbing services.

All of ABC’s plumbers are licensed. In addition to having a license issued by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, all of our specialists go through an extensive in-house training program so they are fully equipped to handle any plumbing problem that may arise. Also, you can rely on our plumbers to give you honest advice on whether it would be more cost-efficient to repair or replace plumbing equipment, so you can trust ABC to steer you in the right direction if you aren’t quite sure what you should do.

ABC’s Warranties & Guarantees

We stand by our work here in Dallas County, which is why ABC offers a one year warranty on all of our plumbing services. If you are unhappy with our work for whatever reason, reach out and we will send a specialist back to your home at no additional cost. On top of the warranty we offer, many manufacturers offer guarantees on their products as well.

While it is extremely rare, there are times when our plumbing specialists uncover a larger than anticipated problem. If this happens, your specialist will present you with an updated estimate for all necessary repairs, along with a timeline to complete these needed fixes. Once you have approved the updated estimate, your specialist will move forward with the expanded scope of work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can ABC perform ongoing plumbing maintenance?

Yes! We understand that many homeowners know that home maintenance is important, but they may not realize that this extends to plumbing parts and components. Homeowners who sign up for ABC’s Advantage Maintenance Plan (AMP) receive many benefits, including:

  • An annual safety diagnostic to make sure that everything is working just as it should
  • No overtime charges
  • Discounted repairs
  • Priority scheduling
  • No scheduling fees

When you sign up for our Advantage Maintenance Plan, you can have peace of mind that your plumbing is working just as it should. Also, our licensed pros will be able to catch any small potential issues before they turn into larger, more costly headaches.

What could be causing my water bill to increase?

There are a variety of reasons that your water bill may have increased recently. For example, many people consider a running toilet to be merely a nuisance, but this plumbing issue can result in a $100 increase in your monthly bill. Similarly, that dripping faucet that you’ve learned to ignore can lead to 300 gallons of wasted water in a single year.

Another common culprit is a dripping faucet or leaking hose spigot that is located in your garage or somewhere else outside of your home. Because this leak is out of sight, you may not realize there is an issue until you receive your water bill. If you want to determine what is causing your costly water bill, we recommend inspecting all of the faucets and toilets around your property for anything out of the ordinary.

Unfortunately, not all problems that result in a more expensive water bill are minor fixes. If the increase in your bill is significant, you may have a slab leak. Slab leaks occur when copper pipes become corroded over time and start to leak. Signs of a slab leak include moist floors, a musty smell, water pooling around the foundation of your home and low water pressure. Addressing a slab leak promptly is important, as these leaks can lead to costly repairs, water damage and can even make your property more susceptible to pest infestations.

In many cases, the best and easiest way to troubleshoot higher than average water bills is to contact a licensed plumber who can get to the bottom of your costly water bill, and then recommend the best next steps.

Can your plumbers install new equipment?

Absolutely! Even though the majority of our service requests are for repairs, DeSoto homeowners can rely on our specialists to install any new plumbing equipment. We understand that you may have been a bit overambitious when you bought your new plumbing components and you thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to install them yourself. Now that your new faucet, sink, toilet, showerhead, garbage disposal or other plumbing fixture has been collecting dust in the box, you might be ready to acknowledge you are in over your head.

Instead of going through the hassle of installing your new equipment, reach out to ABC. Our specialists can get the job done quickly and correctly, so you have more free time to get other chores done, spend time with family or even take a hike in Cedar Ridge Preserve, if that’s something you enjoy.

Why should I choose ABC for my plumbing services?

We have been helping homeowners since 1949. Thanks to the ongoing support of our hardworking employees and loyal customers over that time, we have been able to grow our company from a pest control company to a home services company that can help homeowners in DeSoto and throughout the Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex with nearly any service they may need. Our company has a strong reputation in the community for providing high-quality services and top-tier customer service.

ABC has been able to build this proven track record in part due to our hiring process. All job applicants go through extensive interviews, are drug tested and are background checked before joining our team. Before conducting service calls, all specialists go through an in-house training program to supplement their licensing and to learn about our standards for customer service. Finally, as a family-run business, one of our values is that we always treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own.

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Get Started

We offer a full range of plumbing services.

Additional Plumbing Service Areas in Greater Dallas

ABC serves many surrounding communities, including, but not limited to:

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Lauren Candice


“I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Jim Smith. He is the definition of going above and beyond . I met him when he serviced one of my business locations and I very quickly did everything I could to get him to service all our locations. He helped me with a personal pest matter as well on his own time, answering all my questions when he didn’t have to. He is so knowledgeable and eager to help. I always look forward to see his smile on Friday mornings! Jim is truly one of a kind and well be with ABC as long as he’s there!”



“It's been over 7 years that Russell Lafferty has been servicing our senior living community. He is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, dependable and so patient with our senior residents. ABC is such a reputable company and their service team truly understands how to take care of a customer!”

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