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How soon can you come out?

We understand that if you’re experiencing a pool problem, you want it to be dealt with quickly. Call us at (281)730-9500 and we will send one of our skilled technicians to your home as quickly as we can. 

What pool services do you provide?

ABC is a full-service pool company, providing friendly professionals who can keep your pool running smoothly.

You can rely on us, no matter what issues you may come across with your pool. We specialize in the following services:

Pool Cleaning

We know that you want to ensure your pool is clean before swimming in it, which is why we schedule regular cleanings with our customers. We can wash, drain, cleanse, brush, vacuum and skim your pool to keep your water clean and clear. We will also test the pool’s pH, chlorine levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid levels. To keep everything functioning correctly, we empty the pump and skimmer baskets, so you don’t have to worry about that. When necessary, we can keep your pool looking its best by draining it and performing an acid wash. 

Pool Repair

There are many pieces and parts that go into making your swimming pool function efficiently. The quality of your pool water may be low due to parts that are worn out or malfunctioning. Our skilled professionals know the ins and outs of how your filters, pumps and other pool components work and can resolve any issues that could be impacting your pool's performance. 

Pool Remodeling

If you are ready to give your pool a refreshed look, ABC can help. We will work with you to renovate your pool and design it just the way you want it. An upgrade can mean many things, from installing a water feature to adding in steps to changing out your tile and anything in between.

Pool Replastering

With the blistering heat we experience here in Conroe, your pool’s plaster can slowly start to break down. Signs that your plaster is breaking down are stubborn stains on the bottom of your pool and the pool's floor becoming rough to the touch. Replastering also gives you the option to update your pool with a fresh new look. 

Pool Service Conroe TX

Don’t spend your swimming season maintaining your pool when you can rely on the professionals at ABC to do the hard work for you.

What repairs can ABC's pros perform?

ABC can patch plaster, remove stains, repair cracks, replace tile and fix practically anything else that's broken. Even better, we can do most of this without having to drain your pool. Also, if you are noticing that the water level in your pool hasn’t been consistent, we can perform an inspection to find any leaks. We will diagnose, troubleshoot and repair any issue that has you concerned. 

Can you remodel my pool or do pool replastering?

Whether you want to give your pool a small update by replastering, or you want a whole new look, ABC can help you. We can install ladders and pool lights, add new water features and outdoor lighting and replaster and retile existing surfaces. We also offer landscaping services and can implement mosquito control methods to reduce your backyard pest population. When those other projects are complete, we can repave the area around your pool and resurface your deck. 

How often do you clean?

When we first meet with you, one of our technicians will inspect your pool and have a conversation with you about your preferences and needs. Together, we will come up with a pool cleaning schedule that is in line with your budget and your pool's requirements. 

How long do I have to wait to use my pool after ABC has administered a chemical treatment?

You can usually start using your pool an hour after one of our technicians performs a regular service. This will give the chemicals we have added an ample amount of time to dissolve in the water. For some of our more intensive treatments, such as if we shock your pool, we recommend waiting until chlorine levels have dropped to manufacturer-recommended levels. Our technicians will let you know when you can start using your pool, no matter what services we have provided, once we are finished with our work on your pool. 

How often should I test my pool water?

We recommend chemical testing of your pool water at least once a week to monitor pH, alkalinity and chlorine levels. This frequency will help you maintain a healthy pool water chemistry which will keep your water safe for swimmers and clear. 

What training do your technicians have?

In addition to all of our employees having prior experience in pool services, ABC team members undergo intensive in-house training to become experts in pool chemicals, equipment and maintenance. Rather than spending all your time becoming a pool expert, just call on ABC's specialists to handle your pool services.

What chemicals do you use, and are they safe for my children and pets?

At ABC, we only use chemicals that have been recommended by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. The families we serve are our top priority, and we take the time to answer any questions you may have prior to treatment. We will also give you guidance on the safe storage of your pool chemicals out of concern for the safety of your children and furry family members. 

Will I be charged extra for chemicals used during pool cleaning?

During our regular pool cleaning services, our technicians will check for the standard amount of chemicals suggested by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and make any changes to bring your pool to these recommended levels. Any needed adjustments are included in your per visit service call fee.

If we find a larger issue with your water during our cleaning, we will make note of it and let you know about what we have found, along with a suggested treatment plan. Only after you have approved the additional work will we get started or schedule another time to return to address the problem.

What pool equipment can you provide?

In most cases, if our specialists find that there is any new equipment you need, you can order it straight through ABC. If we recommend replacing old or malfunctioning components instead of making repairs, we can provide you with newer and sometimes more energy-efficient parts. 

We can advise you on which of the following types and brands of equipment would be best for your pool:

  • Pumps
  • Pool filters
  • Heaters
  • Time clocks
  • Valves
  • Pool cleaners
  • PVC and other materials that fix leaks
  • Chlorinators
  • Suction and circulation lines 
  • Pool lights
Do you make repairs with used parts?

Whenever our technicians make repairs to your pool, we only be using new parts. Before getting started, your technician will go over a recommended list of new equipment with you. Once we have your approval, we will begin the work. 

What’s different about the services ABC provides?

We make it a point to send the same specialists to your home every time. This way, you can be comfortable with who is working on your pool and see the same technicians on a consistent basis. 

In addition, our technicians undergo drug testing and criminal background checks before getting hired. We believe investing in our hiring process leads to very low turnover. In addition to extensive training, our professionals are reliable and courteous. We believe in treating your home as if it was our own.

What other services does ABC provide in Conroe?

Here in Conroe, we have been able to expand our list of services thanks to our loyal customers. We can help with: