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How soon can you come out?

ABC understands that some pool problems need to be addressed promptly. Call us at (281) 730-9500 or schedule an appointment online and we will send a certified pool specialist to your property as soon as possible.

What pool services do you provide?

ABC is a full-service provider, so you can rely on us for all of your pool needs. 

Our highly-trained technicians provide:

Pool Cleaning

You can trust our pros to keep your pool water clean and clear. To keep your backyard oasis in great condition, our licensed technicians can wash, cleanse, brush, vacuum and skim your pool. To ensure the chemistry of your pool water is balanced, we can test your pool’s pH levels, alkalinity, chlorine levels, calcium hardness and cyanuric acid. Additionally, we can clear your pool’s pump and skimmer basket. If necessary, we can drain your pool and wash it in acid to keep it looking its best. 

Pool Repair

Your pool has many different complex components. When one of these parts is not working as it should, it can impact the quality of your pool’s water and, in serious cases, can even make it unsafe to swim in your pool. ABC’s specialists are certified and highly trained, making it easy to quickly diagnose and fix any problem you may be having with any of your pool’s components. 

Pool Remodeling

Over time, your wants and needs for your pool might change. Or, your pool might not match your current style. No matter you’re reasoning for wanting to remodel your pool, ABC can help. Our contractors can make any updates you desire to suit your current preferences. Our highly-trained specialists can work with you to create a new look for your pool and the surrounding areas. 

Pool Replastering

Here in Texas, we experience many months of intense heat every year. Over time, this exposure to sunlight can break down the plaster in our pools. If your pool has rough patches or if your pool is starting to develop stains, you might need to get your pool replastered. Our specialists can replaster your pool and make it look like new. 

Two technicians providing pool service in Pasadena

You can trust ABC to save you time by getting the job done right the first time.

What kinds of repairs can ABC provide?

You can trust ABC for any pool repairs you may need, including patching plaster, removing stains, repairing cracks and replacing tile. Even better, we can typically make these repairs without having to drain your pool! 

If your pool water levels are strangely low, ABC can diagnose and fix any above-ground leaks. When you contact ABC, you can feel confident knowing that we will make all needed repairs quickly and correctly, saving you time and money.

Can you remodel my pool or do replastering?

Yes, ABC offers pool remodeling and replastering! You can also rely on us to install new equipment, such as pool lighting, ladders, water features and outdoor lighting. If you would like to update the look of your pool, we can replaster or retile it to match your current style. You can even rely on us to upgrade the surrounding areas to create a new ambiance for your outdoor area. To make spending time in your outdoor space more enjoyable, we can also install mosquito control measures. 

How often will you come to clean my pool?

During our first appointment, your specialist will assess your pool, ask about your needs and determine your budget to create a pool cleaning schedule that works best for you.

How long do I have to wait to use my pool after chemical treatments?

After one of our regularly scheduled pool cleaning appointments, you typically have to wait about one hour to let the chemicals dissolve before using your pool. However, if we perform a more intensive treatment, such as if we shock your pool, you may need to wait a bit longer before taking a dip. If you have questions about our treatments, your specialist would be happy to address them. Additionally, you can rely on your ABC pool technician to give you customized instructions on pool usage after your service call.

How often should I test my pool water?

To ensure the pool is safe to use, we typically recommend that homeowners test their pool water’s pH levels, alkalinity and chlorine levels at least once a week. 

What training do your technicians have?

All of our technicians are Certified Pool & Spa Operators. Additionally, our specialists go through an extensive in-house training program so they are prepared to handle any pool services you may need. Our team is able to pull from a variety of different disciplines to provide you with high-quality service and diagnose any problem you may be having with your pool. We can take care of all of the hard work, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your pool. 

What chemicals do you use, and are they safe for my children and pets?

ABC is a family-run business and our top priority has always been our customers, their families and their pets. We only use products that are recommended by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals and we use them at levels and concentrations that are recommended by industry professionals and product manufacturers. As an added precaution, we advise our customers to store these chemicals in areas where children or pets won’t be able to get to them. If you have any further questions or concerns about our protocols or products, your certified specialist would be happy to address them.

Will I be charged extra for chemicals used during pool cleaning?

We charge a per-visit rate for our regularly scheduled pool cleaning appointments, which includes adding chemicals to your pool, as needed. When adjusting your pool water's chemical levels, we follow recommendations that have been put in place by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. 

If we find that the chemical composition of your pool is outside of our normal cleaning parameters, we will notify you and provide you with a recommended course of action to resolve the problem. When we receive your approval, we will make the necessary changes to keep your pool safe and swimmable.

What pool equipment can I purchase through ABC?

One of the great things about working with ABC is that you can purchase most new pool equipment directly through us. Even better, when you upgrade your older or malfunctioning equipment with newer components, you can typically opt for equipment that is more energy-efficient. 

We can provide you with new:

  • Pool pumps
  • Filters
  • Heaters
  • Time clocks 
  • Valves 
  • Pool cleaners
  • PVC pipe and other materials to fix leaks  
  • Chlorinators 
  • Suction and circulation lines
  • Pool lights
Do you ever make repairs with used parts?

To the contrary, ABC only uses new parts and components when making repairs. When we come to your home for your service call, we will make an assessment of the situation at hand. Your technician will then provide you with recommended next steps to resolve your pool problem. We will only begin making repairs once you have approved our course of action.

Why choose ABC for my pool services?

Our loyal customers tell us that they appreciate that all of our specialists are Certified Pool & Spa Operators. In addition, we require all our newly-hired pool pros to go through an extensive in-house training program to supplement their certification so they are able to help you with virtually anything you may need with your pool.

In this training program, our specialists are educated on a number of different disciplines so they are able to provide you with the best service possible and resolve any problem you may be having. We stand by the work of our pool specialists, since we have a stringent hiring process in place which includes a criminal background check and a drug test. In addition, as a family-run business, you can count on us to treat your pool, property and belongings as if they were our own. 

Does ABC provide any other services to homeowners in Pasadena?

Yes! ABC is happy to provide homeowners in Pasadena with high-quality: