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How quickly can ABC come to my home?

We strive to start our pest control services as soon as possible, since we understand that when customers contact us, they don't want to wait around for results. For some pest problems, we can actually give you an estimate and set up your initial treatment right over the phone. For other types of issues, we will put you on our schedule as soon as possible for an initial in-person inspection. Once our specialists have examined the problem, we will be able to create a custom treatment plan and estimate. When we receive your approval, we will schedule your first service call.

What happens during the free inspection?

If an in-person inspection makes the most sense for your particular problem, we will get that scheduled as quickly as possible. During this free consultation, you can expect an ABC specialist to:

  • ask you questions about where you’ve been seeing pests or noticing signs of pest activity; 
  • conduct an initial assessment to locate pest hiding spots and potential pest entry points; 
  • determine if there are any structural issues or environmental factors that may make your property more vulnerable to a pest infestation; 
  • report back on any pest-related damage and 
  • answer any questions you may have regarding the pests or our treatment protocols. 

At the end of the inspection, we will provide you with a complimentary estimate for our next steps. When we receive your approval, we will get your first treatment call on the calendar.

What types of pest control services does ABC provide in Ingleside?

ABC has been providing pest control since 1949. As you can imagine, our pros have dealt with every imaginable issue with critters and bugs during that time. While we can help with any type of pest that is giving you trouble, we most commonly provide the following types of pest control:

An American cockroach on a white background

Roach Control 

Flicking on a light at night, only to see a cockroach (or more than one), is a situation many homeowners find themselves in. Unfortunately, cockroaches have become adept at living in close quarters with humans. This means that spotting one cockroach usually indicates that there are many more hidden just out of sight. Controlling a roach infestation can be extremely difficult for a variety of reasons. One of them is that these pests are prolific breeders, with some females laying up to 10,000 eggs in a single year. Another is that these pests have been around for millions of years and have adapted to live off nearly any organic matter, including things we wouldn't even think of, like cardboard and dust. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by cockroaches, contact ABC. We use a variety of proven solutions to both eliminate adult roaches and halt the roach reproductive cycle. We also offer an ongoing treatment program to reduce your likelihood of a future problem. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control 

While there are many benefits of living near Corpus Christi Bay, it also means that mosquito populations are high. Mosquitoes are so prolific in Ingleside because they only need about a bottle cap’s worth of water to reproduce, and some females can lay up to 200 eggs at a time. Although public health departments have put measures in place to reduce the number of mosquitoes in residential areas, it’s simply impossible to eliminate all of the mosquitoes that might make their way into your backyard. For additional relief, contact ABC for mosquito control. We can create a treatment plan that both eliminates adult mosquitoes as well as neutralizes mosquito breeding areas. 

A bed bug crawling on someone

Bed Bug Control 

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is often emotionally exhausting. These pests can become established in our homes when we visit a place that is infested and they hitch a ride with us. Bed bugs are tiny and are capable of hiding in cracks the width of a credit card. Also, while bed bugs were once entirely eliminated from the U.S., the ease of modern travel has led to these pests becoming a major public health problem once again. If bed bugs are wreaking havoc on your life, ABC can help. Our highly-trained specialists know exactly how to locate and target these pests, so you can feel comfortable at home again. 

A subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control 

The most common varieties of termite along the Gulf Coast are the subterranean termite and the drywood termite. Drywood termites prefer to nest above ground and are often found under wooden roof shingles, eaves or siding. Subterranean termites are particularly destructive because they tunnel underground and out of sight. This makes it extremely difficult to catch initial signs of a problem before a full-blown infestation takes place. Additionally, subterranean termite colonies can contain up to a million members. All these termites can eat away at the foundation of a home all day, every day.

If you suspect you may have termites, or if you want to protect your property from damage, contact ABC. Our specialists can perform an inspection to determine whether you have anything to worry about and can implement scientifically-backed measures to eliminate the entire colony. We can also put in preventative measures to give you peace of mind that your biggest investment is protected.

A rat on a roof

Rodent & Wildlife Control 

When rodents or wildlife make themselves at home on our properties, they can create messes, strew trash about, contaminate food, leave behind foul smells, damage belongings, transmit diseases and even cause house fires by chewing through electrical wiring. In addition to the headache these pests can give us, these creatures can also introduce other pests on their fur, including fleas and ticks, to further complicate a pest issue.

ABC can get your rodent or wildlife problem under control by strategically setting traps around your property. Once we have removed all of these uninvited creatures, we will seal up potential entry points future forms of wildlife could use to gain access to your home.  

Two fire ants coming out of an ant mound

Fire Ant Control 

Nearly every Ingleside resident can tell you what it feels like to get stung by fire ants. It’s one thing when you accidentally stumble across a fire ant hill in Live Oak Park, but it’s another thing entirely if these pests strike in your own yard. Also, fire ants tend to create unsightly mounds for their nests, resulting in an eyesore in your yard. When it comes to fire ant control or any other type of ant control homeowners may need, ABC can help. We will implement a strategy to eliminate the entire colony, so you don’t have to worry about painful stings. 

A tick crawling on a piece of fabric

Tick & Flea Control 

Typically, flea problems start when a pet interacts with another animal that has fleas. If you have fleas in your house, but you don’t own pets, unwanted wildlife or rodents living on your property could be the culprit. Flea infestations can leave you, your family members and your pets feeling miserably itchy. And, unfortunately, flea infestations can be extremely difficult to control, as fleas require different methods of treatment for different life stages. 

Although ticks don’t usually infest homes, ticks are capable of spreading life-altering diseases, such as Lyme disease. ABC can create a comprehensive pest control solution for either—or both of—these pests, so you and your family members can have some relief. 

A black widow spider on a web

Spider & Scorpion Control 

Spiders and scorpions are creatures most of us don't want to find when grabbing a box out of the attic or pulling out an old pair of shoes. Also, there are two varieties of venomous spiders here in Texas—the brown recluse and the black widow—that it's best to avoid if possible. ABC can regularly treat your property for these creatures, so you can feel more comfortable that you won't have a run in with either spiders or scorpions going forward. 

Does ABC offer free estimates?

We understand that our customers want transparency, and that's why we offer complimentary, non-obligatory estimates. After we gather the information we need from you about your particular pest issue, we will design a customized treatment plan. When you've had the chance to take a look and you give us the go ahead, we will schedule your first treatment call. 

What can I expect to happen when an ABC technician arrives at my home?
What is your pest control philosophy?

ABC is committed to the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This philosophy is widely accepted by many reputable organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and puts a focus on non-chemical interventions. Using this framework, we are able to implement measures that prevent pest problems by making minor modifications to your environment. 

We use a three-step process when it comes to controlling pests and preventing future problems.

  1. Identify and eliminate the pests you originally spotted. 
  2. Locate pest breeding areas and treat the area to eliminate any eggs and prevent further breeding.
  3. Seal up potential entry points pests could use to gain access to your home. 

By using this process, we have greater success with treating pest infestations, while being low-impact.  

Do you provide recurring services?

Absolutely! Pest pressure is high in Ingleside nearly year-round, making it difficult for homeowners to control pests and prevent future problems without extensive time and effort. This is why ABC has created an ongoing treatment program. Customers that sign up for these services can have peace of mind that we will keep pest populations low on your property throughout the year. During these routine visits, we will check for any signs of new pest activity and apply preventative treatments, if needed. Furthermore, some pest activity is seasonal in nature, so a new season may bring a whole other variety of pests to your property, so you'll be protected, no matter what time of year it is. 

Do I need to be home for my appointments and treatments?

For our initial service call, in many cases we will want you to be present so we perform an in-person assessment of your pest problem. Depending on the extent and nature of your infestation, we may need to treat inside of your home. In these cases, you’ll need to be home.

Customers also have the option of choosing outside-only preventative services. When you sign up for these ongoing treatment services, you can run errands, take the kids to the N.O. Simmons Splash Pad or do whatever else you need to do, and you don't have to worry about staying at home to let in your pest control provider. 

Why should I choose ABC for my pest control services?

ABC has been providing homeowners with pest control services for over 70 years. Our customers in Ingleside tell us they choose ABC because we provide high-quality services and we have friendly, knowledgeable team members. We have earned this reputation in part due to our thorough hiring process. All of our technicians are drug tested and background checked. Before conducting service calls, our technicians all go through an extensive in-house training program to learn the best way to target pests. Finally, as a family-run business, one of our values is that we always treat our customers’ homes as if they were our own. That means you can feel comfortable having ABC on your property, because we will be careful around your property and belongings.