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Can an ABC pest control technician come immediately?

We can’t promise that one of our experts will be available the second you reach out to us. However, here’s what we can say. If you are calling about one of the most common pest issues we deal with (ants, mosquitoes, scorpions or spiders), we can give you an estimate for services—and schedule your initial treatment appointment—right over the phone.

Other pests, unfortunately, typically require us to set up a free inspection before we can offer an estimate. The inspection enables us to customize a treatment plan for you by:

  • Confirming what pest or pests you’re dealing with
  • Assessing the problem to determine its size and severity
  • Observing possible entry points
  • Learning about property-specific characteristics that may be increasing your vulnerability to pests
  • Talking with you about the issue
  • Giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you have

After we leave your property, we will formulate and send you a free recommended treatment plan and estimate. As soon as you agree to the estimate, we will set up your initial treatment.

I’m dealing with more than one kind of pest. What kind of services do you offer?

We know that Portland homeowners deal with a variety of pest issues. Some of the most common creatures our skilled technicians handle include:

Pest Control Portland TX

Roach Control

“Gross.” “Creepy.” “Scary.” “Disgusting.” Those are just some of the words our clients use when they tell us about the cockroach problem they’re having. We’d probably add dangerous, disease-ridden and resilient to that list, because these critters are notorious for contaminating food, making asthma and allergies worse and, unfortunately, they are incredibly hard to kill off. Thankfully, our experts are trained in how to find their hiding spots and nests. Once they do, ABC has the tools and knowledge needed to rid your house of roaches and keep them from returning

Mosquito Control Portland TX

Mosquito Control

Zika. West Nile Virus. Malaria. Those are just some of the deadly diseases these literal bloodsuckers can transmit to people. If you leave out even the tiniest amount of water, it can be enough to let them lay hundreds of eggs in your yard. The pest control technicians at ABC will help you eradicate mosquito problems by utilizing practical treatments designed to remove the infestation and make the area unfriendly so they won’t come back

Bed Bug Exterminator Portland TX

Bed Bug Treatment

It’s the worst nightmare of many people in Portland—being relentlessly attacked while sleeping. Bed bugs will literally make a meal out of you if they infest your home, and all it takes is one or two hitchhikers to start an invasion. These pesky pests spread quickly, and they’re ridiculously hard to remove unless you use professional techniques. So, don’t try to deal with bed bugs on your own. As soon as you discover the problem, call us in. ABC’s skilled pros know how to eliminate both adults and their eggs, and they’ll share tips you can implement on your own to decrease the likelihood of having a repeat occurrence.

Termite Control Portland TX

Termite Control

If the phrase “eat you out of house and home” wasn’t first uttered because of a termite problem, it should have been. These destructive bugs cause literally billions of dollars in damage to homes every single year as they gnaw through any and all wood they come across in your home. Worse, they do it in secret, so most people with termite issues don’t discover the problem until the creatures have been feasting on their house for months—or even years. Bottom line? You need to get immediate help the second you notice a termite problem. The technicians at ABC will come in with the goal of minimizing your loss of property as much as possible by tracking down the colony and eliminating it quickly.

Rodent Control Portland TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Mice. Rats. Possums. Raccoons. Even birds. Nature is full of creatures who can wreak havoc on your home if they decide to take up residence there. They’ll chew through wires and wood, leave droppings that can get you sick, contaminate food and more. You need to get rid of them quickly, but you also want to do so humanely. At ABC, that’s our goal, too. We employ methods to help relocate these creatures safely, then work on safeguarding your home against future invaders.

Ant Control Portland TX

Fire Ant Control

Fire ant mounds are a fairly common sight around Portland, and chances are good that you’ve probably experienced the sharp sting from their bites from time to time in your life. Even if we can’t guarantee that you will never see a fire ant on your property again, you shouldn’t have to just accept it when they try to take over your lawn. Our technicians have the knowledge and training to help you send any ants packing (fire ants and otherwise) when they invade your home. We’ll use tried and true solutions that will eradicate the problem and stop it from recurring.

Flea Exterminator Portland TX

Flea & Tick Control

Most people think of fleas and ticks as a problem only pet owners need to worry about, but unfortunately, that’s not true. Ticks can give people Lyme disease and other illnesses, and sometimes fleas go after people, too. What typically happens is that dogs and cats become infested while they are outside, then bring the pests into the house with them. Once there, they become a problem for the entire household. ABC’s pest control experts will utilize techniques that not only get them out of your house but also can send them scurrying from your yard as well.

Portland TX Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Control

Did you know that there are actually only a few spider and scorpion species that are harmful to people? Now imagine that you run across one of them in your garage. How confident are you that the creature just a few feet from you is one of the many “safe” ones? If you’re like most Texans, the answer is “not very.” That’s where we come in. If you have a frightening encounter, the best thing to do is give us a call. We’ll not only be able to tell you what kind of creature you’re dealing with, but also help you bolster your home defenses to keep them out in the future, so you don’t have to worry about being in that situation again. 

Are estimates for Portland residents free?

Absolutely! Our estimates are always free for all of our customers. This is true whether we are able to provide a quick estimate over the phone or if we need to send an inspector out to the property to create a unique service plan for your situation.

What does a typical pest control service call look like?

Does ABC have a particular philosophy about how to handle pest problems?

We sure do. ABC follows the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). That means the treatment plans we come up with are based on our knowledge of pest behavior and that they put a focus on prevention.

That doesn’t mean we won’t get rid of the pests that are currently bothering you. Doing that is always our first priority. Once we do, though, our experts seek out areas that might serve as breeding grounds and treat them before they turn into another problem. Then, we work on sealing up entry points and making your property inhospitable to potential invaders in the future.

What if my pests return? Will you come back for additional treatments?

Absolutely. In fact, we typically recommend that our clients schedule periodic checks. This way, our technicians can see if re-treatment is necessary and keep and eye out for any other issues that might develop.

We also have a special year-round program at ABC where we provide preventative treatments to customers for some of the most common pests in the area during that times of the year when they are most active.

Can your technicians service my property when I’m not home?

For the initial inspection and any indoor treatments, we strongly recommend that homeowners be present. However, ABC does now offer outside-only pest treatment services, and we can carry out those when you’re not there. Provided you tell us how to access your yard, it doesn’t matter where you are—work, Sunset Lake, preparing for the big Wildcats game—we’ll be hard at work so that your pest problem will soon be a thing of the past!

There are other pest control options in Portland. Why should I choose ABC?

We think you should choose us because we’re the best at what we do, and because our technicians treat your home just as they would their own. Other reasons people say they like ABC include:

Safety. People feel safe letting our pest control professionals onto their property and into their home because they know we always conduct drug tests and extensive background checks.

Experience. We’ve been in business for generations because our treatments get results.

Confidence. Our specialists are licensed (TPCL2170) and routinely get fantastic reviews from satisfied customers.

One-stop-shop. It’s hard to find a home service provider you like and trust. Many people, when they do, wish they could use that company for everything. With ABC, you can schedule many different types of services through just one company, and many of our customers tell us they take full advantage of it.

What other home services can people in Portland get from ABC?

If you find that you like ABC’s pest control services—and we think you will—there are all kinds of other ways that our experienced professionals can help you around the house. Our Portland customers can take advantage of ABC for:

Lawn Care

Including mowing, fertilization, and tree care and trimming.

AC Repair

The licensed specialists at ABC work on both AC and heater units and are able to:

  • Make repairs (including emergency repairs 24/7)
  • Conduct routine maintenance
  • Schedule automatic deliveries of filters
  • Offer suggestions to improve energy efficiency
  • Guide you through the pros and cons of repairs vs. unit replacement
  • Help with installation of a new, energy efficient heating and cooling system


Our reliable, licensed plumbers can help with clogged toilets, slow drains, leaks, low water pressure, broken garbage disposals, water heater problems and more 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Holiday & Event Lighting

Parties. Gift-buying. Meal-planning. Finding childcare. Baking. More parties.

Yes, there’s a lot of fun to be had over the holiday season, but it’s also a ridiculous amount of work, offering precious little time for rest and relaxation. This year, let us take one big item off your to-do list by handling the decorating for you.

Our lawn pros are to set up—and take down—your display of holiday lights. No more untangling strands and hoping the bulbs haven’t burned out. No more searching desperately for extension cords. No more fearing for your safety as you cling to a ladder on the side of your house.

Call us and we’ll create a professional display you’ll love—without having to get up from the couch. You can even purchase lights directly through us if you don’t have enough, and we’ll handle storage as well. Can you think of a better way to make your holiday happy?