How fast can you get here?

When you can’t spend five minutes outside without getting a mosquito bite or if you spy a scorpion in your garage, we completely understand that you want to take care of the problem quickly. That’s why, in most cases, we can give you an estimate for some of our most popular services—for ants, spiders, scorpions and mosquitoes—over the phone.

For other pest problems, we prefer to schedule an appointment to meet you at your home so that we can create a free, customized treatment plan for you which addresses the specific problems you are having.

At the free inspection visit, we will:

  • Survey your property to assess the size and severity of your pest problem

  • Check for possible entry points

  • Determine any characteristics that are unique to your property that might make you more vulnerable to pest activity

  • Ask you questions to learn more about the problem you are having

  • Address any questions you might have

After our visit, we will send you a free, no-obligation estimate. After you’ve had a chance to review and approve the estimate, we’ll get you on the schedule for your first treatment.

What types of pest control services do you offer in Rockport?

Rockport homeowners know they can count on ABC for reliable, effective solutions for even the toughest problems.

Our trained, skilled technicians offer the following pest control services:

Pest Control Rockport TX

Roach Control

Cockroaches are incredibly resilient creatures, with the ability to survive on almost any type of organic material that they scavenge from even the cleanest of homes. These pests can worsen allergies and spread disease-causing bacteria—and of course, leave many of us with a feeling of disgust in the pit of our stomachs when we spot one. The sad truth is that when you do see that roach scurrying across the bathroom floor, there are likely many more that are lurking in the shadows. It’s no wonder that most homeowners choose to call in professional help to deal with these pests. ABC’s experts can look at common cockroach hiding spots throughout your home and use practical and effective methods to rid your home of these pesky pests.

Mosquito control Rockport TX

Mosquito Control

Just a spoonful of water is enough for a female mosquito to lay up to several hundred eggs at a time. Standing water that accumulates in your plant saucers, birdbaths, outdoor toys and even on your leaves can quickly turn your yard into a mosquito breeding ground. Needless to say, mosquito bites are an annoyance. At worst, these bloodsucking pests can transmit diseases to our families and guests, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. With the help of ABC’s pest experts, you can implement practical treatments that will help safeguard you and your family from dangers associated with mosquitoes.

Bed bug treatment Rockport TX

Bed Bug Treatment

An increasing number of visitors flock to the Gulf Coast each year. Since bed bugs can live for months without a blood meal, they can attach themselves on travelers and hitchhike into your home. These pests spend most of their time resting in the narrowest cracks and crevices in your home, only emerging to feed on human blood at night. Due to their small size, bed bugs are often considered the most difficult pest to control. If your home is infested, in addition to dealing with the discomfort of itchy bites, you could also experience disrupted sleep, as well as anxiety. ABC’s treatment products are effective at eliminating both live adult bed bugs and their eggs. That way, you can address both the existing problem and protect against a future infestation.

Termite control Rockport TX

Termite Control

Of all the common household pests, termites are capable of doing the most damage to your biggest investment: your home. Homeowners are often unaware that they have a termite problem because these insects travel to your foundation through underground tunnels and stay hidden between walls and in other hard-to-access areas. ABC’s experts can quickly discover where the colony is and recommend the best ways to quickly handle your uninvited guests to minimize your property loss.

Rodent control Rockport TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

It’s no surprise that larger pests can be responsible for much bigger problems than small insects. Whether it’s spreading diseases, chewing through wiring or wood, making a mess or contaminating our food, having rats, mice, raccoons, possums, birds and other animals on your property is no picnic. Even worse, some of these creatures can carry other pests into your home and yard on their fur, including fleas and ticks. ABC’s wildlife pros can work with you to humanely relocate any uninvited guests and close all possible entry points to keep these larger pests from coming back.

Rockport TX pest control

Fire Ant Control

Most of us have experienced the painful sting of a fire ant. The ant mounds these creatures build on our lawns pose a risk to our families and pets, in addition to being an eyesore. ABC can help identify all types of ants you might have on your property—both inside and out—and help you implement effective solutions so that they stay gone, for good.

Pest control Rockport Texas

Flea & Tick Control

Two pests which have become quite a problem here in Rockport for both humans and our furry family members are fleas and ticks. Homeowners who try a DIY approach for these creatures are often unsuccessful because many treatments are only effective for a limited part of the pest’s life cycles. Lyme disease is just one of the serious illnesses we can contract from a tick. Although fleas can bite us, they prefer to attack our pets instead, which can make our dogs and cats quite miserable, especially if they contract flea bite dermatitis. ABC’s experts are highly knowledgeable in pest behavior, which helps in implementing a treatment plan that will keep these pests away—both indoors and outside.

Rockport Texas pest control

Spider & Scorpion Control

Many Rockport homeowners know to stay away from the brown recluse spider and black widows, but few can tell these spiders apart from other harmless species. Another creepy creature that most of us can’t identify but which can cause us a big headache is the striped bark scorpion. When we run across spiders or scorpions while going through boxes in the garage, putting decorations in the attic or vacuuming the closet floor, it’s easy to feel helpless. ABC’s trained technicians will help you avoid any future unwelcome encounters with either of these pests, particularly poisonous species, with proven techniques.  

Does ABC provide free estimates?

Absolutely! We want to make the process as easy as possible for our customers, while incorporating a customized approach so that you can see fast, but lasting results. After we learn more about your problem, we will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to outline recommended next steps. The first treatment appointment can be scheduled once you’ve approved our plan of action.

What pest control philosophy does ABC follow?

One of the reasons that our customers tell us that they chose ABC is that we apply the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) to develop a treatment plan that’s informed by a thorough understanding of pest behavior and focused on prevention. Our first priority, as you would expect, is to identify and eliminate the live pests that were the reason you contacted us in the first place. Once we have done that, our trained technicians will look for possible breeding grounds to treat on your property to make sure no eggs can hatch. Last, but certainly not least, our pros will seal any potential entry points that these pests can use to get inside your home or yard, so that you don’t have to worry about another problem cropping up in a few months.

Can you come back to keep my home protected from pests?

The effectiveness of our treatment solutions will decline over time, so we do recommend periodic checks to see if any re-treatment is needed or to make sure no other problems have developed. Also, depending on the season, you may start to see different types of pests in your home and yard. For those reasons, ABC customers can take advantage of our special year-round pest program offering. Year-round customers receive preventative treatments to protect your home from the pests which are the most common here in coastal Texas: ants, cockroaches, spiders and scorpions.

Do I need be home for every service call?

We understand that the typical homeowners have a lot on their plate and that it can be a challenge to be at home for every appointment. That’s why ABC now offers outside-only pest control services. You can return home knowing that our knowledgeable pros have protected your home from the most common crawling insects while you were away.

Why choose ABC for my pest control here in Rockport?

There are a number of reasons that Rockport homeowners tell us that they chose ABC for their pest control needs. First and foremost, the treatments our licensed specialists (TPCL2170) provide get results. Our customers also tell us that they appreciate that we put all our employees through extensive background checks and drug testing. Perhaps the most important reason Rockport homeowners tell us that they keep ongoing pest services with ABC is that we treat your home as we would our own.

Does ABC offer other home services here in Rockport?

Absolutely! Although ABC has grown into the largest independently owned and operated pest control company in the entire state of Texas, we also offer homeowners many other high-quality, reliable services here in Rockport.

Lawn Care

ABC’s lawn professionals can keep your outdoor spaces looking green and healthy, all year long. Some of the ways ABC makes life easier for Rockport homeowners include:

  • Reliable lawn mowing services to keep your grass looking great and growing evenly

  • Expert fertilization services to ensure your plants are well-fed, based on what nutrients may be missing from your soil

  • Professional tree care and trimming services to address specialized needs of these towering plants that can be vulnerable to drought and other illnesses

AC Repair

Living in Rockport without a working air conditioner would be quite uncomfortable. ABC’s licensed specialists can:

  • Fix any problem you may encounter with your AC or heater

  • Help you weigh the pros and cons of replacing an older unit versus making repairs

  • Install a new, energy efficient system

  • Perform manufacturer-recommended maintenance.

  • Recommend ways to improve your energy efficiency

  • Set you up with automatic filter deliveries

  • Provide emergency repair services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


One thing that can easily bring life to a halt in your home is a plumbing problem. Whether it’s a clogged toilet, a slow drain, low water pressure in your shower, a broken garbage disposal or something amiss with your water heater, ABC can send a reliable, licensed plumber to quickly begin working on a solution. As any Rockport homeowner knows, plumbing problems don’t always happen during regular business hours, which is why ABC provides emergency repairs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Holiday & Event Lighting

What are the most hectic times for a Rockport homeowner? Our customers tell us that they have the most on their plate when getting ready to host an event and during the holiday season. Never fear—ABC is here to help make your life easier! In addition to enlisting our lawn pros to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood, our technicians can install—and take down—your holiday lights display. You can even purchase lights directly from ABC, and we will make sure your display is stored safely away for next year. If you are hosting a backyard party, our lighting experts can highlight your home, trees or landscaping with attractive options for a truly memorable gathering.