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What can your ABC lawn technicians do for my Humble lawn?

As a company, ABC takes pride in making the lives of homeowners easier in the greater Houston area, and this philosophy carries over to our full-service lawn offerings. 

Our team is happy to step in periodically to offer assistance, as you need it, or come consistently for regular service.

ABC's background-checked, reliable lawn technicians are ready to lend a hand with any outdoor project you may have in mind, no matter the size. 

Lawn Service Humble TX

When homeowners in Humble need some help in their lawn, they call upon ABC for:

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing—it's one of the most routine tasks that can't be put off for too long. Let ABC's lawn pros take care of your grass for you. We will trim your hedges, edge along your driveway and make sure everything looks nice and neat before we leave. 

Landscaping & Landscape Design

Maintaining your grass is one thing. Knowing enough about how plants behave year-round here in Humble, plus their nutritional and sun needs, requires a lot of specialized knowledge that most homeowners don't have. Are you looking to do a massive make-over to your landscape? ABC can help! Our landscape designers can create a new plan for you from scratch, make improvements to what you already have or simply swap out plants seasonally that can't survive our cruel Humble summers. We're also here to help you plan for circumstances that are common in our area, such as deer-proofing your yard. ABC can also make suggestions on how to adjust your planting so that less water is used on your yard as well as how to integrate more native, lower-maintenance species. 

Outdoor Lighting

One of the best ways to add some flair and charm to your backyard patio is with unique outdoor lighting. Utilize ABC's team of lighting experts to create just the right outdoor ambiance. We're here to advise you on how to best highlight distinctive home features, such as majestic trees or elements of your patio. Or if you just want to make your home less attractive to burglars, we can help you out with that too. 

Sprinkler Repair & Installation

Humble sits in a hot and sunny climate known for enduring weeks to months of little to no rainfall. This lack of moisture makes sprinkler systems a vital part of any home in the region. When your sprinkler system is operating normally, your lawn can expect to look green and healthy; when it isn't, your irrigation system doesn't take long for grass to show signs of stress. ABC's pros can troubleshoot any problems that you are having, make repairs and perform regular checks on your system to make sure it is ready for even the hottest seasons, as well as the winter months. We can also run diagnostic tests to determine if any leaks are contributing to water waste or make suggested adjustments if you extend or alter your landscaping footprint. Fear not if your system has damages beyond repair, our technicians can also handle installing an entirely new irrigation system for you. 

Tree Removal

Humble trees must be able to endure both sitting in hot climates and withstanding prolonged drought cycles. What’s worse, periodic flooding can destabilize root systems and lead to the development of diseases. If the trees in your front or back lawn are unstable, it poses a significant risk not just to your property but also your family if it falls. There are also cases where new construction may make it necessary to remove a tree. In any of these cases, ABC’s tree specialists can provide you with safe and quick procedures for tree removal.

Tree Care & Trimming

Trees are huge plants needing specialized care and expertise that the average homeowner isn't often able to provide. Let ABC bridge the gap for you. Our tree specialists can perform seasonal care and provide you with tree trimming to keep your tree healthy and to minimize any risks from falling branches and limbs.  

Whatever lawn work you have in mind, you can feel confident knowing that our trained, experienced specialists can get the job done so that you can spend more time doing the activities you enjoy. 

What does ABC do during the initial consultation?

When providing lawn services, we generally prefer to see your yard in person to get a better understanding of which services would best fit your needs and budget, as well as how often we'd recommend providing these services. 

That said, we can give you an estimate for some lawn services over the phone. 

Taking advantage of this initial consultation allows us to arrange for a trained inspector to meet you at your home at your convenience. During this meeting, we'll ask you a series of questions to get a better idea of your priorities and how we can best help. 

After we've had a chance to talk to you in more detail and you have an opportunity to learn more about our services, we will send you a written estimate with recommended services. You can review this no-obligation estimate, designed to protect you from hidden fees or unexpected expenses. Once you give us the thumbs up, we can schedule a time that is good for you for the work to be done. 

What does ABC's lawn mowing schedule look like?

Like most plants, grass grows at different rates, depending on a number of factors. We try to take a customized approach to lawn care, based on the type of grass you have in your yard, its condition and whether any soil amendments are impacting your grass growth. 

After gathering this information, we will provide you with a recommended mowing schedule. While we find that a majority of our customers prefer having us perform regular mowing services—and while these calls are our top priority—we can also swing by to deliver more periodic and specialized services for our customers, if that’s what you prefer.

Who will be mowing my yard?

One thing our customers all agree on is what they look for in a lawn service, which is: quality, dependability and experience. These expectations feed into how we hire our lawn care technicians. We make sure that the technicians who come to your home specialize in operating our commercial-grade equipment, so the work is consistent every time. We make sure to show up when we say we will so there are no surprises. Essentially, when you choose ABC, you are in hiring a team of specialists, which include arborists, entomologists, licensed pest control pros and landscapers, with decades of combined experience serving Houston-area homeowners. 

How can you address my concerns about the impact of your products on my pets and children, as well as the environment?

Here at ABC, we strongly value the well-being of your family. This dedication to serving our valued customers is why we make sure to carefully select only the best products for our solutions that will have a low impact on your pets, children and overall ecosystem. Our team of technicians is specially trained to apply any products in low concentrations to impacted areas, so we are only delivering solutions to known problem spots, unless absolutely necessary.

We understand how sacred the living spaces in any home are to a family. Feel free to reach out to one of our technicians to address any concerns you may have about the products we intend to use in your home or on your yard and make adjustments where needed.

If my lawn shows signs of a fungus or another condition, can ABC help?

We certainly can! Identifying lawn diseases is one of our specialties. Our pros can identify and treat lawn conditions, including take-all patch, brown patch and iron chlorosis. We are also trained in noting signs of stress on your plants that can stem from months of drought conditions or being in full shade. If you wish, we can implement a treatment plan to help your yard recover and keep your plants looking healthy.

If I own a business in Humble, can ABC handle the lawn needs there too?

We’d be happy to service both your home and business needs. We understand lawn care plays a pivotal role in making the exterior of your business inviting, and many Humble businesses trust ABC’s team to make a good first impression on current and potential customers.

Utilize our commercial lawn care team to cut the grass, trim bushes, add vibrant color to flower beds and remove any debris or limbs after a storm or when seasons change. With ABC’s help, you can maintain a welcoming exterior without having to divert internal resources to purchasing burdensome equipment or hiring additional facility staffers.

What other home services can ABC provide to Humble homeowners?

It’s our mission to make the lives of our customers easier, meaning our assistance doesn’t just stop at lawn service. You can count on us to also do a number of other things that will make your life easier as a homeowner. Among the services we provide are:

Pest Control

ABC is the largest independently-owned and operated pest control business in the entire state of Texas. This means we have extensive experience, having served Houston-area homeowners for generations and possessing a unique understanding of how to tackle any imaginable pest problem. While our client list is long, we still strive to provide the same customized, friendly service to each of our customers, every time. Whether it’s roaches, termites, mosquitoes, rodents, bed bugs, bees, wasps, fleas, ticks, scorpions, spiders or another pesky pest, we have you covered.

Our experts will:

  • Identify the possible entry points for pests entering your yard or home.

  • Create a treatment plan to address your priorities that is in alignment with your budget.

  • Apply proven, targeted solutions to eliminate your current problem and safeguard you against future infestations.

  • Offer up recommendations on how to make your property less attractive to pests going forward.

Pool Services

Having a pool in your backyard is exciting and often brings thrilling adventures to summer afternoons spent in Humble. While there is a lot of work that goes into maintaining the crystal-clear water, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your investment. Simply call up a trusty pool service provider like ABC for handling your maintenance needs.

When a part breaks, ABC can quickly make needed repairs, or install a replacement, so you don’t have to worry about rescheduling that pool party. What else can ABC handle? Here’s a list:

  • Pool maintenance service, which generally involves skimming, vacuuming, brushing and any needed washing.
  • Testing and making adjustments to your pool chemistry, including your pH, cyanuric acid, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium hardness.
  • Removing layers of debris, dirt and other materials from your skimmer and pump baskets.
  • Performing proactive maintenance to prevent making more costly repairs later on.
  • As needed acid washes or pool draining.
  • Giving your pool an entirely new look through remodeling, which can mean replastering, tiling or coping; adding a water feature; upgrading your patio or deck; installing ladders or pool cleaners or getting new lighting.

Christmas Light Installation & Holiday Lighting Services

The holiday season is all about enjoying time with family and friends, not worrying about decorating your home’s exterior. Let ABC help make your holiday season a little brighter by decorating your home’s exterior for you. Our lighting technicians can:

  • Provide you with Christmas lights.

  • Create a custom design to highlight your home's unique features.

  • Hang up your lights.

  • Take down your display.

  • Pack up your lights and decorations so they will be safely stored and ready for next year.