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How soon can you come out?

ABC understands that some pool problems can't wait. Give us a call at (281) 730-9500 and we will send a pool expert to your home as quickly as possible. 

What types of pool services does ABC provide?

As a full-service pool provider, you can rely on ABC for any type of repair or project you might have.

Our friendly pool and spa experts can provide you with:

Pool Cleaning

Our professionals can keep your pool looking great with routine cleaning, including washing, draining, brushing, vacuuming and skimming. Our trained technicians will also test your pool’s pH levels, alkalinity and chlorine levels to ensure your pool is maintaining a healthy chemical balance. Lastly, we will clear your pump and skimmer basket of any leaves or debris that have collected since our last visit. When you want a deeper clean, we can drain and wash your pool with acid to keep it looking its best. 

Pool Repair

Pools are made up of many different parts and components. When something is not working as it should, it can affect your pool's water quality to the point where you may not even be able to swim. ABC's professionals know exactly how your filters, pumps and other mechanisms should work and how to properly repair all your pool's so you can quickly go back to enjoying your pool. 

Pool Remodeling 

When you purchased your home, it may have come with a pool that does not fits your style or your wants and needs, or maybe over time you realize what improvements would help you get the most out of your investment. Together, we can come up with a design that is a better fit for you and your family so we can turn your vision into reality.  

Pool Replastering

Due to the intense sun exposure in Tomball, your pool's plaster will start to break down over time. If you have noticed that your pool's floor is rougher than usual or your pool's plaster is starting to look stained, you may need to get your pool replastered. When we have finished replastering your pool it will look brand new again. 

Pool Services in Tomball, TX
ABC can save you time and money on your pool project, so you can spend more time in it instead of working on it. 
What repairs can ABC's technicians provide?

ABC can help with any kind of pool repairs you may need, no matter how big or small they are and no matter the model of your equipment. If you are noticing inconsistent water levels in your pool, for example, you may have a leak. Our professionals can diagnose your problem and fix any issues you may run across. 

There are some smaller repairs we can help with too. For example, our specialists can patch plaster, remove stains, fix cracks, replace tiles and provide other services, often without draining your pool. You can rely on ABC to save you money and get repairs done in a timely manner so you can get back to swimming.

Can you remodel my pool or do pool replastering?

Yes, ABC is fully equipped to remodel your pool to match your current needs and style. Our experts can install new equipment, such as ladders and pool lights, install new water features and outdoor lighting and replaster or retile existing surfaces. We also have a full landscaping team who can update your flower beds or other areas around your pool, and a pest control team who can put preventative mosquito control measures in place so you can have the perfect backyard oasis. 

How often do you clean?

Our pool specialists will ask you questions about your wants and needs, as well as your budget, to determine the ideal schedule for how frequently we should clean your pool. 

How long do I have to wait to use my pool after chemical treatments?

Generally, you are free to use your pool about an hour after we treat your pool, as this will give the chemicals enough time to dissolve. If we shock your pool, however, we recommend that you wait until the chlorine levels in your pool level out to the recommended concentration. Our technicians will provide you with all needed information when we perform your service.

How often should I test my pool water?

We recommend testing your pool’s pH levels, as well as alkalinity and chlorine levels, on a weekly basis to ensure you’re maintaining an optimal pool water chemistry. 

What training do your pool technicians have?

ABC's pool technicians go through extensive training to become Certified Pool Operators (CPO). In addition, our specialists go through additional in-house training, which enables them to quickly and effectively use their knowledge to diagnose and fix any problems you may come across.  

What’s different about ABC?

In addition to being certified and going through ongoing training, all of ABC's team members are drug tested and checked for criminal history before they get the job. Also, as a family run business, we promise to treat your home as if it was our own. We understand that having the same crew come to your home each time is important so we prioritize this when making our schedule. We are proud to have very low turnover, so you can feel comfortable knowing you'll have the same professionals to your home for your pool services. 

What chemicals do you use, and are they safe for my children and pets?

We place a high value on the well-being of our customers, and only use chemicals that are recommended by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. Your ABC pool expert can provide you with any information you may on all of the products we use. Also, for their safety, we recommend that you store pool chemicals in areas that are out of reach of your children and pets. 

Will I be charged extra for chemicals used during pool cleaning?

For our monthly pool cleaning services, we charge a per-visit rate which includes adding any chemicals to bring your pool into compliance with the standards set out by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals. If we discover that something is not quite right with your pool water's chemistry which necessitates a repair, your pool expert will bring it to your attention with recommended next steps. We will wait to move forward until you approve of any work which would result in any additional costs. 

What kinds of pool equipment can you provide?

One benefit of using ABC for your pool services is that you can purchase any equipment you may need through us. As opposed to having to settle for old or malfunctioning equipment, you can invest in newer and, frequently, more energy-efficient parts. 

ABC can provide you with: 

  • Pumps
  • Pool filters
  • Heaters
  • Time clocks
  • Valves
  • Pool cleaners
  • PVC or other materials required to fix leaks
  • Chlorinators 
  • Suction and circulation lines
  • Pool lights
Do you make repairs with used parts?

No, when your ABC pool specialist makes repairs to your pool, we will only use new parts. Our experts will go over a list of recommended new equipment with you. Once we get your approval, we will get to work. 

What other services does ABC provide in Tomball?

ABC is happy to provide homeowners in Tomball with: