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Can ABC provide me with a free inspection?


Depending on the type of pest you are dealing with, we may be able to provide you with an estimate on the phone.

In some situations, we recommend setting up an appointment with one of our trained inspectors so that we can conduct an in-person inspection get a better idea of the severity and extent of your particular infestation. After this evaluation is complete, we can provide you with a recommended treatment plan. 

After you have a chance to review and approve this no-obligation, complimentary estimate, we can begin working on your pest issue.

Here in Arlington, which types of pest control services does ABC provide?

As the largest independently-owned and operated pest control company in the entire state of Texas, ABC has technicians with the experience and training to deal with nearly any type of insect or animal invasion. 

After conducting a thorough inspection, ABC can provide you with an individualized treatment plan including one or more of the following services:

Pest Control Arlington TX

Cockroach Control

If you were to ask an Arlington homeowner about the most unwelcome guests in and around the home, chances are that it will be roaches. Able to infest even the cleanest homes, cockroaches can aggravate allergies, transmit illnesses, contaminate food and damage textiles and paper goods. Worse still, when you notice one roach darting across the kitchen floor or hanging out on your bathroom ceiling, the reality is that there are likely others in nearby areas. ABC's experts know all the places these creatures rest and nest and how to target both mature roaches and their eggs.
Arlington TX Pest Control

Wasp Removal 

Wasps have an unfortunate tendency of making nests in and around the eaves and ledges along the exterior of homes, and even inside chimneys and attics. When they do, your loved ones, guests and neighbors are at risk of a sting if they accidentally disturb a nest. While this can be a painful experience, a brush with a wasp can turn into a medical emergency in the case of a wasp sting allergy. ABC’s knowledgeable technicians will remove any nests in problem areas and help protect your family from danger in the future.

Pest Control Service Arlington TX

Ant Control

Most Texans have had encounters they’d rather not repeat with fire ants which ended with swollen, painful welts. Out in the yard, these invasive ants build unsightly mounds, and colonies can number up to half a million members. Indoors, different types of ants can become a problem as they search for food and water in your bathrooms or your kitchen. ABC’s pros can implement a targeted strategy based on which species are giving you trouble to remove these creatures and implement measures to help keep ants in their natural habitat and away from yours.

Arllington Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Removal

When you are rummaging in the attic, taking the decorations out of the garage or getting that item out of the back of your closet, you could run across a spider or a scorpion. Although only a few varieties are dangerous to humans, most homeowners can’t distinguish between the species that are venomous and those that are harmless and therefore can be at risk for a health emergency. The experts at ABC can help you identify any species of concern, manage and infestations and help you avoid any future close encounters with spiders and scorpions.
Termite control Arlington TX

Termite Control

Sometimes the most destructive pests are those that are almost invisible to many homeowners. Dubbed “silent destroyers”, termites feast on the wood that makes up your home and arrive unseen, via underground tunnels. Responsible for an estimated one billion dollars of structural damage to U.S. homes annually, termites often do significant harm before homeowners even realize they have a problem. If you suspect you may have a termite problem, go straight to the professionals at ABC. Our experienced technicians can quickly eliminate the entire colony using scientifically-proven methods and perform regular monitoring to make sure your home remains protected. Since the best way to protect your largest investment is to perform periodic monitoring, ABC can do this for you as well, even if you haven’t had a termite problem in the past, so you can rest easy that your home is secure.

Rodent control Arlington TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Some pests aren’t small—in fact, they can be bigger than a beloved pet! These larger pests with powerful jaws, nimble fingers and a hearty appetite can wreak havoc on your household when they overturn trash cans, make a nest in your attic, damage your belongings, leave behind potentially harmful waste materials and chew through electrical wiring, which can lead to a house fire. Even worse, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and even birds can introduce other smaller pests, including ticks and fleas. ABC’s rodent control team will track down these pesky pests and get them off your property. When we are sure all these critters are gone, we’ll locate and seal all the possible entry points around your property so you’ll be safeguarded against future invasions.  

Bed bug treatment Arlington TX

Bed Bug Control

With the Dallas/Fort Worth airport as among the busiest in the nation and increased travel as a key culprit in the spread of bed bugs, perhaps it should come as no surprise that infestations are on the rise in residential and commercial areas. Bed bugs are virtually impossible to eliminate using a DIY approach, partly because these parasites usually feed on humans when we are at our most defenseless—when we are fast asleep. Once these bloodsucking pests have had their fill, these master hiders find shelter in the smallest cracks and crevices in our bedding, furniture, drapes and baseboards, not needing another blood meal for up to a year. ABC’s skilled technicians can pinpoint the source of your infestation, deliver targeted and effective treatment solutions and make sure the bed bugs don’t bite your family again.
Flea exterminator Arlington TX

Tick & Flea Control

The number of reported cases of flea and tick-borne illnesses has skyrocketed across the country, and the Arlington area is no exception. Fleas can infest your home and make your furry companions miserable, especially if they contract flea bite dermatitis. Although you won’t have to worry about ticks invading your home, just one bite can leave the victim with debilitating conditions, including Lyme disease.

What makes fleas and ticks particularly challenging is that these parasites can easily come back inside when pets or a loved one return from spending time in the yard. To make matters worse, treatments that work on adults may not work on eggs. That’s where ABC can help. Our in-depth knowledge of pest behavior can help inform a treatment program to keep these pests from posing a health danger to your household.

Mosquito control Arlington TX

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can make spending time in our yard miserable during certain months of the year here in Arlington. What we don’t often consider is the serious diseases that these annoying pests transmit, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. You’ll be able to enjoy time out in the fresh air again with the help of ABC, which can install targeted, tested devices to eliminate breeding grounds and reduce your mosquito population significantly.

What is included in ABC's Signature Service?

With over 70 years of protecting Texas homeowners from pests, ABC has the localized knowledge to understand what approaches work best here in the Arlington area. Our comprehensive knowledge of animal behavior, local ecosystems and entomology form the foundation of the work we do every day.

Our Signature Services consist of:

  • A thorough evaluation of the outside of your home to record any changes since your initial inspection.

  • The meticulous application of treatments, designed to control the specific pest that is the source of your problem, as needed.

  • The establishment of a protective barrier around your home to safeguard you from future invasions.

  • A dusting of the cracks, holes and crevices along your exterior with preventative solutions.

  • An assessment of the harder to reach areas, including your attic and crawl spaces, to determine whether any additional attention needs to be paid to these common pest problem areas.

As part of our National Pest Management Association Quality Pro accreditation, ABC conducts criminal background checks on employees, monitors the driving record of technicians and has specialists undergo drug testing, so you can feel safe having an ABC employee on your property. In addition, ABC has in-house trainers to ensure that our technicians keep current with recent technological advances, scientific findings and industry best practices that keep ABC to the highest standards of excellence.

Are your treatment products low-impact for my kids and pets?

As a family-owned and run company, ABC cares deeply about the well-being of our customers and the communities we serve and live in. As a part of this commitment, we have taken great care in selecting the products that we use.

Our highly trained technicians only apply targeted treatments which have been created for residential use in low concentrations. Products are designed to only impact the pest we are working to control. ABC’s technicians are always happy to address any concerns our customers have about treatment methods or solutions.

How long will I need to wait until I start seeing results?

What we can tell you is that once you have an inspector visit your home, your customized plan will be a reference guide to how often and how long we expect it will take to resolve your pest issues. You may see an uptick in pest activity initially while these creatures are being driven out of their normal hiding spots. Over time, your pest activity will decrease until we are sure that we have successfully met the goals set out in your treatment plan.