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Does ABC offer free inspections for pest control services?

Yes! ABC provides no-obligation, complimentary estimates after an in-person meeting with one of our trained inspectors at your home. Depending on the type of pest problem you have, we may even be able to give you an estimate over the phone. 

If we recommend an appointment with one of our inspectors at your home, we'll use this time to gather more information from you about the problem you are dealing with, assess any pest-related damage, determine how severe and extensive your infestation is, identify any pests if you aren't quite sure what's invaded your home and establish whether there are any unique conditions on your property which make you more vulnerable to pest activity.

We'll use what we learn during the inspection to create your customized pest management plan. Once this plan of action is approved by you, we can get started.

What pest control services does ABC offer in Frisco?

Thanks to our loyal customers and our hardworking employees, we have served Texas homeowners for over 70 years. During that time, we have dealt with virtually every type of pest problem that a Frisco homeowner could encounter.

More and more homeowners across the greater DFW area call on us for reliable, effective:

Pest Control Frisco TX

Cockroach Control

Contrary to popular belief, roaches can infest even the cleanest of homes. Once these creatures have become established, they are extremely difficult to eliminate without professional help. You'll want to take action, because cockroaches can cause allergic reactions, contaminate food, spread disease and even damage textiles and paper products. ABC's pros know just how to target the preferred resting and nesting spots and help you minimize those dreaded next late-night encounters with these pesky pests.
Frisco TX Pest Control

Wasp Removal 

While wasps may be an important part of our larger ecosystem, most homeowners would prefer these stinging insects stay far away from where we spend time outdoors: near our entryways, decks, patios, eaves and even in our lawns and gardens. Like most animals, when threatened, wasps can and will sting, which can be painful, and at worst a medical emergency if an individual has a sting allergy. If you, your children, your pets or your guests accidentally disturb a nest, you are at risk. Our technicians can find what might be attracting wasps to your property and remove any nests that are in areas your loved ones and visitors frequent so you won't have to worry.

Pest Control Frisco

Ant Control

Ants are everywhere, but that doesn't make the average homeowner any less frustrated when these creatures march across the shower wall or haul crumbs across kitchen counters. Ants aren't only a problem indoors. In some Frisco neighborhoods, residents find unsightly mounds in outdoor areas that only mean one thing: fire ants. Stepping near a fire ant colony by accident can have extremely painful consequences. ABC's skilled technicians can tailor your treatment plan to the type of ant you're having trouble with and implement separate approaches for indoor and outdoor species so your infestation will be gone and preventative measures can be put into place to keep these creatures from making your property their home. 

Frisco Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Removal

If you were to ask Frisco homeowners what they don't want to find when getting an item out of the back of a closet, clearing out the garage or getting down decorations from the attic, the answer would likely be spiders and scorpions. While only two types of spiders are venomous here in north Texas, few of us want to stick around, trying to identify which type it is in our home. The same goes for scorpions, which can leave victims with a painful sting. If you are unlucky enough to get bitten by a poisonous spider, the implications can be quite serious. 
ABC's pros can identify the types of spiders and scorpions on your property, manage any infestations and return periodically to remove these pests so you won't have to worry.
Termite Control Frisco TX

Termite Control

Sometimes it's not the pests we see that are the biggest threat to our biggest investment. Nicknamed "silent destroyers", termites tunnel through the ground to reach your home, where they feast on your foundation, often causing significant structural damage before they are even discovered. In addition to living underground, these voracious pests are often only in areas that are hard to access, making a preventative approach the best way to catch a termite problem early.

ABC's experienced technicians can conduct routine inspections to make sure your home is protected from these dangerous insects. If you do suspect you have a problem, our experts can confirm the presence of termites, eliminate the entire colony and install a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home that is scientifically proven to deter termites for years.

Rodent Control Frisco TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Rats! Rodents aren't the only animals that can invade your home, as other larger pests, including raccoons, opossums, squirrels, mice and even birds and quickly disrupt your household's normal routine. These creatures can turn over trash cans, feast on bird and pet food, contaminate food, spread disease, damage your belongings, chew through electrical wiring and even bring in other pests on their fur, including fleas and ticks. 

ABC's rodent control specialists will locate and remove these uninvited visitors from your attics, crawl spaces and other areas. Once your property is no longer home to these pests, ABC will apply wire mesh and other proven materials that prevent these animals from invading your home. We'll also suggest ways to make your surroundings less attractive to these animals in the future so you can prevent return visits.

Bed Bug Exterminator Frisco TX

Bed Bug Control

In recent years, bed bugs have again become a public health concern across the country, sparked by the rise in travel among city dwellers. In close proximity to both DFW International and Love Field Airport, Frisco is at risk for increased reports of bed bug infestations.
Unfortunately, bed bugs are nearly impossible to tackle without the help of a pro. First of all, as the pest's name suggests, these bloodsucking parasites feed on us while we are most vulnerable—while we are asleep, under the cover of darkness. Once these tiny creatures have taken their blood meal, they retreat into the narrowest cracks and crevices in your bedding, mattress, headboard, nightstand, furniture or baseboards, not emerging again until they need to feed again, which could be as long as a year later. This behavior makes finding live bed bugs extremely challenging and also means your infestation can drag on and recur just when you think your problem is gone.
ABC's bed bug specialists can pinpoint the source of your infestation, apply proven and targeted treatments which eliminate both live bed bugs and eggs and protect your family from the emotional toll these problems can inflict on your loved ones.
Pest Control Service Frisco TX

Tick & Flea Control

Illnesses linked to ticks and fleas are on the rise around the country. Hikes and walks can bring these creatures in close proximity to our loved ones and pets and put us in danger of contracting a debilitating disease, including Lyme disease. Fleas, in particular, can often make furry family members miserable, particularly if your pet contracts flea bite dermatitis. Worse still, both fleas and ticks can be reintroduced after time spent outdoors. 

The spread of ticks and fleas is difficult to control, especially since different treatments are needed inside and in your yard. In addition, approaches that work for eggs may be ineffective to control mature adults. ABC's in-house training enables our technicians to have a solid foundation of knowledge in animal and pest behavior, which helps inform how we customize your treatment plan to fit your needs.

Mosquito Control Frisco TX

Mosquito Control

During certain months of the year, spending time in our backyard can be ruined by the seemingly constant swarm of mosquitoes biting us. Although most of us are annoyed by these itchy and irritating bites, we can forget that these insects are among the deadliest animals on Earth because of their ability to transmit serious diseases. The Zika and West Nile viruses are among the illnesses that a mosquito can spread to humans. If you have a mosquito problem, ABC's scientifically-proven treatment options can provide some relief from the constant buzzing in your outdoor areas. Perhaps more importantly, we can give you peace of mind that your loved ones are protected from the significant health risks these pests pose.

What does ABC's Signature Service entail?

ABC has both the in-depth knowledge of pest behavior and activity and the experience of seeing how these unwelcome guests have adapted to live alongside us in the Frisco area. As a family-owned and operated business, we've been helping homeowners in the greater DFW area for generations. With over 70 years in business, we have a process that works.

Our customers who sign up for ABC's Signature Service receive:

  • A comprehensive survey of your home's exterior to identify any updates to what our inspector documented during our initial visit.

  • A careful and targeted application of treatments, where and when it will be most effective to eliminate pests throughout their life cycles.

  • Setting up a protective barrier around the perimeter of your home to keep pests out.

  • Dusting crevices, gaps and holes on the outside of your home to discourage pests from sticking around.

  • An evaluation of hard-to-reach problem areas, including crawl spaces and your attic, to determine whether additional measures need to be taken in these common problem areas.

What else should you know about the way we run our business? We are Quality Pro accredited by the National Pest Management Association. What does that mean, exactly? ABC performs criminal background checks on all of our employees. We also operate as a drug-free workplace and monitor the driving records of our technicians. Our pros stay current on new technology, industry best practices and scientific research through rigorous an in-house training program. You can feel safe having ABC employees in your home and confident that we are committed to providing services that adhere to the highest standards of excellence.

Are the pest control products that ABC uses low-impact for my family, children and our pets?

Here at ABC, we truly care about the communities we serve. These values also extend to the products we use. We treat your home as we would our own, so we avoid any solutions which would compromise the well-being of you, your children or your furry family members.

We take great care in hiring pest control technicians who feel the same way. Our trained specialists apply products designed to target the particular pest that you are dealing with. These solutions, formulated for residential use, are carefully applied in low concentrations to known problem areas.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the products we are using in your home and address any of your concerns.

For how long and how often will you need to come treat my home?

While we can't tell you how many times we will need to treat your home until we learn more about your specific situation, you can rest assured that we will get the job done right the first time. Just like our customers, we wish we could resolve all your pest problems in one visit, but the truth is that pest pressure is high here in Frisco. To make sure you won't have a reinfestation, we often need to schedule multiple treatment visits.

For many of our customers, we recommend quarterly treatments to keep pest populations under control and to address the seasonal change in pest activity. Our treatment plans are designed to take into account the time of year, the specific pest (or pests) you are dealing with, how extensive your infestation is and whether there are any other situational conditions that might make your pest problem and harder (or easier) to resolve.

We'll have a much better idea about the duration and frequency of your service calls once we either meet you in person or talk to you over the phone to learn more about your current situation. You can expect to see a temporary spike in pest activity as our treatments are applied, since these unwanted houseguests are driven out of normal hiding spots. Very soon afterwards, you'll see fewer and fewer pets, until your infestation is gone.