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Will ABC offer a free inspection?

ABC’s high-quality pest control services start with a complimentary inspection of your property. This allows us to create a pest control treatment plan that is customized to your property and pest problem. 

Although we can occasionally give you an estimate over the phone, we typically prefer to schedule an appointment with you at your home. During this in-person meeting, you can expect your pest control professional to:

  • Ask you questions to learn more about the severity and the extent of the infestation. 
  • Conduct an initial assessment of your property to locate areas of high pest activity as well as potential entry points these pests could have used to gain access to your home or yard.
  • If necessary, identify which species of pest is on your property. 
  • Determine if there are any unique factors that may make your home or yard more vulnerable to a pest infestation. 
  • Take note of any pest-related damage. 
  • Answer any of your questions regarding the pests or our treatment plans. 

After our inspection, we will provide you with an estimate for our services. Once you have approved our treatment plan, we will put your first appointment on our schedule.

What pest control services does ABC offer in Garland?

ABC has over 70 years of experience in the pest control industry. In that time, our pest experts have managed even the toughest infestations. While our licensed technicians are happy to help with any type of pest control you may need, we most commonly get requests for the following services. 

An American cockroach

Cockroach Control

Whether you turned on a light in the middle of the night to find a roach or you’ve seen one too many of these pests on your property lately, chances are that you've had enough of these pests. Roaches can transmit diseases, contaminate food, destroy textiles and eat through nearly any type of organic matter found around your home. Cockroaches have been around for millions of years and have adapted to live in close quarters with us. These creatures are resilient and reproduce quickly, so controlling an infestation requires consistent applications of effective treatments. ABC will create a custom treatment plan for your home so we can target roaches and neutralize nests. 

A wasp nest

Wasp Control 

Stinging insects can make spending time in our yard difficult, as they often nest where we spend time: near our doorways, trees, patios and eaves. Wasp stings are painful and can even be dangerous if you or a family member is allergic. One of our pest control specialists will be able to remove or treat the wasp nests on your property and then recommend ways you can make your property less attractive to these pests in the future. 

Two ants

Ant Control 

While we are accustomed to ants outside, we'd prefer they remain in their natural environment or keep unsightly mounds out of our yards. Worse still, fire ants can deliver extremely painful bites. Depending on the species of ant on your property, your ABC pest control technician may recommend a different treatment plan. Before we get started, we will identify the type of ant on your property and deliver effective solutions to target the nest. Your technician will also be able to leave you with advice on how to prevent a future infestation. 

A black widow spider

Spider & Scorpion Control 

We can easily become frightened when we have a close encounter with a spider or scorpion when grabbing a box out of storage or pulling an item out of the back of the closet. While most spiders are generally harmless, there are two venomous spiders homeowners have to keep an eye out for that can bite when threatened—brown recluses and black widows. To the untrained eye, these dangerous varieties may look like other common household spiders. A scorpion sting can be an uncomfortable experience, although not as dangerous as some spider bites. Whether you've seen an uptick in spider and scorpion activity or you are concerned you may have venomous spiders on your property, ABC specialist can help. Our specialists can identify the species of spider or scorpion on your property, apply repellent products to discourage them from sticking around and leave you with suggestions on how to make your property less attractive to these creatures. 

A subterranean termite on wood

Termite Control

Termites are responsible for costing homeowners in the U.S. billions of dollars worth of home damage each year. Subterranean termites, the most common species of termite in Texas, are nicknamed silent destroyers because they tunnel underground until they find a food source, often going undetected. If these destructive pests reach your foundation, they can feed nonstop, sometimes compromising the structural integrity of your home. If you are concerned that there could be termites on your property, or if you want to implement preventative measures, contact ABC. Using proven methods, we can eliminate the entire colony and monitor termite activity to prevent any damage to your biggest investment. 

A rat on a roof

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Larger pests can easily become a nuisance to homeowners. Rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels and skunks are capable of transmitting diseases, contaminating food, scattering trash and chewing through a home's electrical wiring, putting you at risk of a fire. The pest control professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services will be able to locate and, whenever possible, humanely remove wildlife that has made its way on to your property. Afterward, we will seal up any gaps, cracks or crevices that any other unwelcome visitors could use to gain access to your home. 

Bed bug crawling on skin

Bed Bug Control

The ease of modern travel has, unfortunately, contributed to the resurgence of bed bugs. We can accidentally bring these tiny pests home with us in purses, backpacks or luggage when we visit a place that has been infested. These pests can even be introduced on secondhand items.

Bed bugs are difficult for homeowners to eradicate on their own, as these pests can hide in the seams of mattresses, furniture, baseboards, curtains and even electrical outlets. These pests can go for extended periods of time without feeding, only emerging in the middle of the night when we are asleep. Bed bug infestations can be prolonged and exert a huge emotional toll when a homeowner assumes bed bugs are gone, only to discover these pests were merely hidden away. ABC's pest control specialists can pinpoint where these pests are hiding and put measures in place to effectively target bed bug populations. 

A tick crawling on skin

Flea & Tick Control 

Fleas are notorious for making our pets miserable. These bothersome pests can bite us as well, and you can have a flea problem without having a dog or cat. And, unfortunately, flea infestations can seem to happen seemingly overnight, as female fleas can around 20 eggs a day.

While ticks don't necessarily infest a home, these pests are capable of spreading life-altering diseases to us, such as Lyme disease. If you need help with these pests on your property, you can turn to the professionals at ABC Home & Commercial Services. We can create a customized solution for your specific situation, so you can have peace of mind in knowing that our experienced technicians will create a treatment plan using a whole-property approach to target the different life stages of these pests to your problem will be a thing of the past. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control

One of the worst feelings is realizing you are covered in mosquito bites while spending time in your yard. While these bites can be terribly itchy, many homeowners forget that mosquitoes are also capable of transmitting diseases to us. In Texas, the Zika virus, West Nile virus, Dengue fever and Chikungunya virus have been linked to a mosquito bite. If you are ready for some relief, reach out to ABC. Our experts can put measures in place to control the population of adult mosquitoes in your yard and halt the reproductive cycle of these annoying pests. 

What’s included in ABC’s Signature Service?

ABC has applied what we have learned in serving homeowners for over 70 years into our Signature Service treatment program. Customers who sign up for our services benefit from:

  • A thorough assessment of the interior of your home to detect any new signs of pest activity. 
  • An application of targeted pest control products, as needed. 
  • The creation of a protective barrier around your home applied to the exterior.
  • Preventative dusting of a targeted treatment product along cracks. 
  • Sealing any weep holes in your home’s exterior with copper wool. 
  • An assessment of your crawl spaces and attic, and application of solutions wherever necessary. 

As a QualityPro certified business, ABC conducts background checks, driving record checks and drug tests on all job applicants. Additionally, all of our employees go through regular training and testing to ensure our customers are receiving consistent, high-quality services. 

What is the impact of your pest control products on my children and pets?

ABC conducts thorough research on all of the treatment solutions we select for our pest control customers. We only select products that are specially formulated for residential use and that we would feel comfortable using on our own property. If you have any questions about your treatment plan and ABC's pest control philosophy or protocol, your pest control professional would be happy to address them. 

How long will it take you to get results?

Because each pest problem is unique, ABC creates an individualized treatment plan. While homeowners would like to hear that their issue will be resolved in just a few visits, we tell our customers that multiple appointments are often required to fully control the pests on their property. When we create your custom treatment plan, we take into account the type of pest on your property, the severity of the infestation, the season in which the infestation has taken place and any other unique factors that may make your property more vulnerable to an infestation. 

Since pest activity tends to be cyclical in nature, we usually recommend ongoing treatment services to protect your property from a future infestation.

Why should I hire ABC?

ABC is a local and family-owned business that has been helping homeowners and business owners for generations. During that time, our knowledgeable technicians have learned the best ways to target and eliminate pests. In addition, we have learned how weather and other variables affect the activity and behavior of all types of unwanted visitors.

We want you to feel comfortable with the ABC team member who is at your home, and that is why all job applicants are drug tested and background checked. Before performing service calls, our pest control technicians go through an extensive in-house training program to learn how to handle any type of pest issue and our high standards for customer service. Last, but certainly not least, one of our philosophies is that we will always treat your home as if it was our own. That means that you can expect that your property and belongings with be treated with the utmost care and respect.

Does ABC offer any other services in the Garland area?

ABC is happy to provide homeowners in Garland with a variety of other home services. You can rely on us for: