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Will I get a free inspection from ABC?

Many of our customers want help as fast as possible, so we always gather the information we need to determine the type and extent of the problem when you first reach out. If we believe we can diagnose your problem without an in-person inspection, we’ll give you an estimate and schedule your first treatment right away.

However, the best way to get a truly accurate assessment of the situation and how much it will cost you to get rid of your problem is often to first to set up an appointment with an ABC inspector. We will come to your home or property and assess the severity and nature of the pest infestation at no cost to you.

During this inspection, the inspector will put together a customized treatment plan for your unique situation along with a complimentary, no-obligation estimate. After you approve it, we can schedule your first treatment appointment immediately.

What pest control services does ABC provide in McKinney?

ABC is an independently-owned and operated company that has provided reliable, effective pest control services throughout Texas for decades. That means that our skilled professionals can deal with pretty much anything you might throw at us.

Some of the most common pest issues we deal with in and around McKinney include:

Pest Control McKinney TX

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are one of McKinney’s most common household pests, and you need to get rid of them fast. Why? Because bad things happen when cockroaches invade a home since they can contaminate food and drinks, transmit illnesses, cause damage to electronics and appliances and destroy clothes and textiles.

Worse? A single sighting of a cockroach can mean that there are many more hiding in your home. To keep your roach population from getting out of hand, you need to act fast. ABC experts know how to flush cockroaches from their hiding spots and destroy both active adults and their eggs.

McKinney TX Pest Control

Wasp Removal 

Wasps are relatively common in Texas, and you don’t have to travel far in McKinney to come across one. That doesn’t mean you want them around your house, though! As homeowners know, wasp stings hurt, and if someone in your household is allergic, even a single sting can result in a medical emergency.

Our technicians have the knowledge, experience and skills to protect any home from the threat of wasps. We know that wasps often build nests along the exterior eaves and ledges of a home, and in some cases, they may even build inside your house—especially if you have a chimney or attic.

Give us a call and we’ll remove any wasps and nests present, then show you what you can do to “wasp-proof” your home going forward.

Pest Control McKinney

Ant Control

As every McKinney resident knows, encounters with fire ants are not pleasant. But other types of ants aren’t necessarily better. Some can even cause damage by eating away the wood in your house.

Thankfully, ABC has developed effective strategies to get rid of all types of ants and keep them out of your home and yard. Get in touch and we’ll create a unique treatment plan for your home based on what we find during our initial inspection.

McKinney Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Removal

An encounter with a scorpion or spider may occur almost anywhere in your McKinney home. You might be outside in the yard or inside as you rummage through the attic. Luckily, only a few spider and scorpion varieties pose any significant danger to humans.

All the same, it’s always wise to call in an ABC specialist once you see one of these critters in your home. 

Our technicians will identify the invading scorpions or spiders accurately, then devise the most effective way of getting them out of your home. We will additionally seal off your house to keep them from getting in again.

Termite Control McKinney TX

Termite Control

Billions of dollars every year. That’s the staggering amount that termites cost U.S. homeowners.

How is this possible? Termites do their damage secretly and quietly. Often, people don’t discover they have a problem until the invaders have been eating away at their house for months or years.

If you worry that you’re seeing signs of a termite infestation, call us right away. Our experienced termite control experts know how to eliminate a termite problem quickly and effectively. After we get rid of the termites, we can set up provide periodic monitoring of your property to make sure the problem doesn’t recur.

Rodent Control McKinney TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Unfortunately, it’s far too common here for people to suffer problems with squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, opossums and other unwanted wildlife visitors. Typically, the larger the pest, the greater its potential to cause damage in your home.

Big pest problems require experienced pest control specialists. ABC has the equipment, skills, expertise and qualified technicians to get rid of pesky rodents and other larger intruders. Once we get them out, we’ll look for and seal off any points of entry that might be used by the animals to get into your home, and show you how to make your property less friendly to them.

Bed Bug Exterminator McKinney

Bed Bug Control

Increased travel and denser communities are some of the key culprits behind the rampant spread of bed bugs in the U.S. over the past few decades. If you’re dealing with an infestation, you don’t care about any of that—you just want these pesky pests out of your house!

Sadly, DIY approaches do not have much of an impact on these bloodsuckers, so you need professional intervention. ABC’s experts know how to find bed bugs wherever they’re hiding, then deliver targeted treatment solutions to completely eliminate them from your house.

Pest Control Service McKinney TX

Tick & Flea Control

Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of people and pets who catch diseases from these types of pests has been rising. If you don’t catch the critters fast enough, a seemingly small problem can quickly turn into a large-scale home invasion.

At ABC, we understand the need for comprehensive flea and tick treatment. You need to completely remove these parasites and take steps to prevent them from getting back into your household, and ABC has the technicians who can do just that.

Mosquito Control McKinney TX

Mosquito Control

Everyone in McKinney knows that spending time in your yard during certain months can be a nightmare because of the mosquitoes. That’s just a fact of life here. Sometimes, though, mosquitoes don’t just annoy homeowners when they’re cooking on the grill—they actually set up shop on their property.

If you have a real infestation, it’s important to deal with is as soon as possible. Beyond the frustration of getting bitten, sometimes mosquitoes can transmit dangerous viruses like West Nile and Zika.

When you report to us that you have a mosquito problem, we will come in and employ countermeasures that destroy mosquito breeding grounds, prevent mosquitoes from getting into your house and encourage them to head elsewhere.

What is provided in ABC’s Signature Service?

ABC has been giving Texas homeowners premium-grade protection from pests for over 70 years now, including in McKinney. The strategies we use here are localized and specialized to match the local pest behavior, entomology, and ecosystems present in North Texas.

ABC’s Signature Services therefore include:

  • A complete evaluation of you home and its exterior, recording any changes that have occurred since the first inspection

  • Precise treatment application geared towards the ultimate control of the specific pest(s) in your home

  • Putting up a strategic barrier around the home to prevent future pest invasions

  • The application of preventive solutions to any cracks, crevices and holes that might be present along the exterior of the house

  • A thorough evaluation of all hard-to-reach parts of your home, including crawl spaces and the attic

Additionally, ABC is QualityPro accredited by the National Pest Management Association, which means we do thorough background checks on our ABC team members. We also subject our technicians to routine drug testing and monitor their driving records. Why? Because ABC wants you to feel completely safe when you let one of our employees into your home.

What is the impact of ABC’s pest control products on kids and pests?

Being a family-owned and run enterprise, ABC is deeply passionate about the well-being of the families and communities that we serve. Accordingly, we are very careful when selecting what products to use in your home.

The products that ABC technicians use are not only specifically developed for use in residential settings, but also they have been created to only have an impact on the specific pests being controlled, and to have a minimal impact on the environment.

If you still have questions about the safety of our products, please feel free to reach out with your concerns.