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I have heard good things about ABC Home & Commercial Services from my son and his wife, but one of the main reasons I chose ABC to do my termite service was because of your employee, James', attitude.  Each time I talked to him he was always courteous, professional, helpful, understanding and honest. He treated me with dignity and respect. It was refreshing that was to have someone have a genuine interest in my concerns. You are very blessed to have James as a stellar ABC employee. I look forward to doing business with your company.

- Rosalind
What happens when I call ABC Oklahoma City to schedule an inspection?

When we come to your home for the first time, we’ll perform a complete initial inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. We check not only for signs of pests, but we’ll also make note of conditions or areas that might cause potential problems.

Based on our assessment, we will customize a Signature Service program to meet your specific pest control needs and design a preventative program to ensure your home’s future protection.

Are the products you use friendly for pets and children?

We strive to make our services as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. We typically try to solve any pest or rodent issues without the use of chemicals. However with some pests like termites or roaches, some chemical intervention is necessary.  A good example of a chem-free pest control is “heat-remediation” for bed bugs. Instead of chemicals, we simply use specialized heating to bring the temperature to a point that bed bugs cannot survive.

How often do you service my house?

Frequency of service will depend on the assessment during initial inspection and the pest problem you are facing. Some pests can be taken care of with a single treatment and one-time follow up, while others will need initial treatment plus regular treatments to prevent their return.

Each time your ABC Pest Specialist visits your home for scheduled service, you can expect the following:

  • We will inspect the interior of your home, including the attic and crawl spaces, treating as necessary
  • We will inspect and treat the exterior of your home to eliminate pest entry
  • We will treat all weep holes with dust material and copper wool
  • We will treat all cracks with dust material
What type of pests do you treat?

ABC has extensive knowledge and experience with the pests that can be found in the Oklahoma City area. Everyone’s pest control needs are different, which is why we make sure to inspect your property thoroughly before presenting you with a customized treatment and maintenance program. If you’ve got a pest problem, we know how to approach it!


The two most common types of cockroaches most homeowners will encounter are American Cockroaches and German Cockroaches. They are similar in appearance, but German cockroaches are infamous for breeding and infesting homes in large numbers. Regardless of the species, roaches carry unwanted bacteria, eat just about anything resembling food matter, and can quickly become the dominant species in your home. If you see them, it’s always a good idea to contact an expert as soon as possible to eradicate them and apply preventative measures.

Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps are very beneficial to our environment, but that doesn’t mean you want them building their nests or hives above your front door! Bees and wasps sting, which can be very painful or even dangerous for people who are allergic. ABC can remove nests and hives to avoid disturbing their inhabitants. We can also advise you on how to make your property unwelcome to these pests to prevent future nesting.


Ants are social insects—if you see a few of them in your home, you can be sure there are many more close by. Ants will enter your home in search of food sources and some may decide to set up residence. Fire ants can be especially problematic for pets and children. If you notice activity in your home or colonies in the ground on your property, ABC can perform a detailed inspection and set up a program to eliminate your ant population.


While spiders don’t do much damage to your home, some of them are dangerous to humans, making them unwanted house guests. The most common types of dangerous spiders in the Oklahoma City area are the black widow and brown recluse. ABC can help you get rid of problem spiders and a regular maintenance schedule can help make sure they don’t come back.

Do you always spray?

We try to minimize use of chemical pest control substances by using chem-free solutions like Termimesh (for termite prevention in new homes), or heat remediation for bed bugs. In cases where solutions must be applied for treatment, we have carefully chosen products that have the lowest impact possible on the environment. Our specialists are also trained to apply solutions responsibly.