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Very professional and efficient does a great job and friendly to work with.

- Kim A. , June 2019
Are the inspections ABC provides for pest control services free of charge?

Absolutely! Based on which type of pest control you need, we may be able to give you an estimate right over the phone. In other cases, we recommend having one of our trained inspectors meet you at your home to allow us to learn more about your pest problem and to create a custom solution.

During this meeting, your inspector will:

  • learn more about your concerns and see evidence of pest activity first-hand 
  • determine whether there are any conditions present on your property that might put you at a higher risk for an infestation
  • assess the extent of your infestation 
  • record pest-related damage
  • identify any pest species, as needed 
  • give you the opportunity to ask us about our approach and results

Once the inspection is over, we'll deliver a recommended treatment plan for you to review. As soon as we get your approval, we can make your first service call to get to work.

Which pest control services do you provide in Oklahoma City?

With decades of experience in the pest control industry, the knowledgeable and highly-skilled technicians at ABC Home & Commercial Services are capable of handling even the most stubborn pest problems. 

ABC's experts are routinely dispatched across Oklahoma City to provide reliable, friendly and helpful:

Pest Control OKC

Cockroach Control

Among the most resilient creatures on Earth, roaches can transmit disease, trigger allergic reactions, contaminate food and damage paper products and other belongings. Cockroaches can quickly infest even the cleanest of homes, with some species producing up to 10,000 offspring per adult female each year. Since these creatures can survive on almost any type of organic material, cutting off all potential food sources is extremely challenging. ABC's experts put their knowledge of pest behavior to work to pinpoint the source of your infestation and to target the areas roaches rest and breed to greatly reduce your cockroach population and prevent the next generation from surprising you late at night in the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.

OKC Pest Control

Wasp Removal

While wasps play an important role in nature, these stinging insects pose a threat to our loved ones, visitors and neighbors when they nest near our entryways, decks, patios, eaves and even in our grass and gardens. When disturbed, even by accident, wasps can and will sting, leaving the victim with a painful bite, and even more serious consequences if a person has an allergic reaction. ABC's pros can remove these nests, seal up any openings that might attract these creatures to your property and advise you on how to avoid close encounters with wasps in the future.

Pest Control Oklahoma City

Ant Removal

We rarely see just one ant, which can pose a problem for homeowners who can easily be overwhelmed by a sudden invasion of these common insects. Here in Oklahoma City, fire ants are a growing problem, particularly because they swarm when their conspicuous outdoor mounds are disturbed. When this happens, fire ants often attack, leaving victims with pustules after an incredibly painful sting. Although less dangerous, other ant species can find their way into our homes, which can become a nuisance when they file across your kitchen counter in search of food or travel in formation along your bathroom wall, seeking moisture. Since each type of ant requires a slightly different approach, ABC's technicians can determine the right combination of tactics to make your home and yard less attractive to these creatures.

Oklahoma City Pest Control

Spider & Scorpion Removal

While neither spiders nor scorpions are aggressive, most homeowners want to steer clear of these creatures, and for good reason. Two spider species found here in Oklahoma are venomous: the black widow and the brown recluse. Understandably, most of us don't stick around long enough to be certain about which type we came across while cleaning, going through items in the garage, getting a pair of shoes out of the back of the closet or bringing decorations down from the attic.

Another type of arachnid, scorpions, can sting humans when threatened, which can often happen by accident. While swelling around the area of the sting may be limited, a scorpion's venom can produce significant pain, and can require medical attention in the very young or elderly individuals.

ABC can help you avoid these situations by taking care of an infestation by either spiders or scorpions, identifying species of concern and returning for periodic monitoring to keep these populations to a minimum.

Pest Control Oklahoma City OK

Termite Control

For such a small insect, termites are responsible for quite a lot of damage across the United States. Each year, over one billion dollars in damage is blamed on these dangerous pests. Termites have earned the nickname "silent destroyers" because the subterranean species enter your property through underground tunnels. Once these creatures arrive at your foundation, they feed on the cellulose in your wood continuously, often causing significant structural damage before they are even discovered.
ABC's approach is two-fold, and focused on both treating infestations and helping protect your biggest investment from harm. If you suspect you may have a termite problem, ABC's skilled technicians can quickly identify the source of your problem and use scientifically-proven methods to eliminate the entire colony. Once that's done, we'll apply preventative treatments around your home's perimeter and perform regular monitoring that will ensure that you don't have a recurrence. Since the best way to prevent a termite invasion is to keep it from happening in the first place, ABC can also perform routine inspections to catch any potential problems before they turn into major headaches.
Oklahoma City OK Pest Control

Rodent Control

Pests aren't always insects, and they don't have to be small to disrupt your normal routine. When rats and mice take up residence in yours, you and your loved ones—even your furry family members—can be in danger. Having these animals in close proximity can increase the risk of contracting a serious disease from waste products, having food contaminated, seeing keepsakes and other belongings destroyed, bringing in smaller pests like fleas and ticks and even causing a house fire, if sharp, strong teeth damage electrical wiring.
Your ABC technician's first step will be to locate and remove these uninvited guests. Once nests and other problem areas have been addressed, we will seal up any holes or cracks we identify which helped these animals arrive onto your property and inside. We can also offer suggestions so that you can make your home less enticing to prevent future visitors.
Pest Control Service OKC

Bed Bug Exterminator

Once again a public health concern, bed bugs infestations are on the rise across the country, including here in Oklahoma. Increasingly mobile populations have contributed to more reported cases in residential areas. Bed bugs have proven to be almost impossible for the average homeowner to control without the help of a professional. Why is that? First of all, these bloodsucking parasites tend to attack us under the cover of darkness, while we are asleep. Once the bed bug has fed on an unsuspecting victim, it retreats into the narrowest cracks and recesses of bedding, mattresses, headboards, furniture and even baseboards for long periods of time, making repeated infestations quite common. ABC's experts know exactly where to look for these tiny parasites and what approaches are most effective to get rid of these bothersome pests.

Pest Control Services OKC

Tick & Flea Control

Whether you have pets or not, ticks and fleas can become a problem, and one that often proves difficult for homeowners to handle on their own. While we tend to think of fleas and ticks as a nuisance, a rise in reported cases of serious illnesses linked to these creatures means that homeowners should take steps to protect their families from these dangers. Fleas can make your pets quite miserable, and can easily be brought back inside just when you think you have an infestation under control.
While ticks don't appear in large numbers, just one bite can leave a victim with a debilitating condition such as Lyme disease. Worse still, you may need to treat both indoors and out and use different methods, depending on the life cycle of the pest you are dealing with. ABC's pros can implement an effective solution to safeguard you, your children and your pets from ticks, fleas or both so you don't have to worry.
OKC Pest Control Services

Mosquito Control

The West Nile and Zika viruses are just two of the serious diseases that mosquitoes can transmit. In addition, these bloodsucking pests can take the joy out of spending time in our yards, thanks to their irritating, itchy bites. ABC's proven mosquito control measures target both adult mosquitoes and breeding sites so that your outdoor mosquito population is greatly reduced and your household is protected from both the aggravation and the health risks associated with this ever-present pest.
Are the pest control products you use friendly for pets and children?

As a family-owned and operated business, our highest priority is the well-being of the families and the communities we serve. That's why we have carefully selected treatment products which balance two goals: being effective while being low-impact.

Our trained and experienced technicians use only products designed for residential settings. We apply treatment products in low concentrations which target areas the specific pests you are having problems with are known to breed and rest. We run our business on a foundation of honesty and transparency, so if you have any questions or concerns about our approach or treatment plan, we are happy to address those at any time.

How often do you service my house?

We completely understand that our customers would prefer to hear that all pest problems can be resolved in just a visit or two, but unfortunately, that is often not the case. Pest pressure in the Oklahoma City area is high, which means that we often recommend that our customers sign up for periodic treatments so that our technicians can protect you from a variety of different types of pests, year-round.

Some of the factors which will influence both how long and how often we will need to treat your home include the extent of your problem, the season you experience a problem, the pest or pests that have infested your property and anything that might be unique to your situation which may make your infestation either easier or harder to resolve. One of the reasons we recommend having an inspector visit your property is that we can often gather the information we need to present you with a tailored plan and to give you a better idea of how we can keep pests away from your home, for good.

What areas around Oklahoma City do you service?

You can count on ABC for the same, dependable pest control services in these outlying communities: