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How long will it take ABC to deal with my pest problem?

We understand that not every pest problem is the same; therefore, it’s hard to tell you exactly the length of your treatment. Depending on the level of infestation, we’ve had some clients who need several treatments. In other cases, customers’ pest control issues are settled after a single service call.  In severe cases, customers may require ongoing treatments to keep the problem under control.

For these reasons, we recommend having one of our technicians take the time to assess the nature and extent of your issue before committing to an answer to this common question. The first step in the process is to set up a time for an inspector to come to visit your property. Once our technicians identify the issue, they will work with you to provide a personalized treatment solution. Once you agree on a treatment plan, our team can typically schedule your first treatment in three to four business days.

Can Baytown residents use ABC to deal with a variety of pest problems?

Generally speaking, if you have a pest control issue, we can help with treatment. Baytown homeowners routinely call upon us to help provide the following types of pest control:

Mosquito Control Baytown TX

Mosquito Control

Due to the humid climate and its proximity to the Gulf, Baytown can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Unfortunately, mosquito bites are not only uncomfortable and itchy, but also they can carry and transmit many diseases, making your family and pets vulnerable to these diseases. Mosquito control is especially important during the times of year that we experience heavy rainfall here in Baytown, since that’s when your mosquito population can quickly explode. If you find yourself attacked by mosquitoes in the comfort of your backyard, reach out to ABC. Our technicians are equipped with the tools and skills to wipe these pests off your property. Additionally, our technicians can help provide insight into how you can implement changes in your environment to keep them from reappearing.

Pest Control Baytown TX

Roach Control

The last thing a homeowner wants to see scurry across the kitchen floor is a roach. Roaches have a reputation for contaminating food and spreading bacteria, exposing your environment to unsanitary living conditions. Roaches have also been linked to worsening health issues, including allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems. The moment you see a roach dart across your room, get in touch with our team.  Protect your sanctuary by eliminating these dirty creatures and give yourself ease of mind by calling our pest control technicians. Our ABC techs will investigate the source of the infestation and devise a customized treatment plan to eliminate roaches and their nests.

Termite Control Baytown TX

Termite Control

One of the worst scenarios is having an undetected intruder slowly tearing away at your biggest investment—your home. A termite invasion is not only a detriment to your investment but also a risk to the physical structure of your home. If you are concerned about potential termite damage, get in touch with ABC. Our highly skilled technicians will assess your current damage, look for points of entry and provide a customized treatment place to help restore your home to being termite-free. Once a homeowner approves our recommended course of action, we will come up with a service plan that fits your schedule.

Bed Bug Exterminator Baytown TX

Bed Bug Treatment

The worst kind of pest is one that preys on unsuspecting victims. Bed bugs attack us when we are our most vulnerable—during our sleep. Unfortunately, these pests are difficult to detect because they are masters of hiding and only come out at night. Bed bugs spread quickly and are tough to eradicate. If your sleep is being disrupted by bed bug bites, don’t wait any longer—call ABC. Our professional pest control technicians are ready to help you by providing a treatment plan to help get rid of the infestation, clear out eggs and make changes to your environment to prevent another problem from occurring. Baytown homeowners can count on ABC for long-term results.

Rodent Control Baytown TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Hearing rustling noises coming from your walls or attic at night can be disturbing. The culprits are often mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons or possums. An infestation may only be one of your many worries, as these critters can leave droppings, contaminate your food, carry diseases and chew through wood and wires. Worse still, if you come face-to-face with one of them, one of these creatures may even attack you. If the signs are there, contact ABC. The best course of action is to get these unwelcome guests out of your home in a safe and humane way. Our experienced professionals know the most effective removal techniques and will work with you to “critter-proof” your house so that these pests don’t make your home theirs.

Bee Removal Baytown TX

Wasp & Bee Removal

Finding a bee or wasp nest can make you feel both anxious and concerned. A sting from a wasp or bee can be very painful, and although you mean these creatures no harm, most of us would prefer them to set up shop elsewhere. That is where ABC can help. Our team knows methods that allow us to safely relocate bees and wasps without causing harm. We’ll also make sure to seal any cracks or crevice to discourage future nesting. ABC wants to give you peace of mind and let these creatures continue benefiting the environment—away from your home.

Ant Removal Baytown TX

Ant Removal

Ants are a prominent part of the outdoor ecosystem, especially in Texas. Unfortunately, this means they can often make their way inside your home or overtake your lawn. Popular DIY methods have been a popular solution to remedy ant problems. Unfortunately, these techniques only provide a temporary solution, and not a permanent fix. If you find yourself constantly battling an ant problem and realizing your DIY methods are ineffective, reach out to ABC. We can help provide a treatment to eliminate ant colonies and take measures that will make your home and yard inhospitable for them.

Flea Exterminator Baytown TX

Tick & Flea Control

There is no seasonality trend for fleas and ticks, which means that, unfortunately, these pesky creatures are present year-round. This also means that your pets can become vulnerable to them any time of the year, thereby making your entire house susceptible to an infestation. Purchasing over-the-counter products and regularly washing can help, but most infestations can’t be completely eliminated just using a DIY approach. If you find yourself struggling to get rid of fleas and ticks in your home, contact ABC. Our pest control techs take a holistic approach to help you reclaim your property from these pesky unwanted guests.

Pest Control Baytown

Scorpion & Spider Removal

We don’t blame you if you have a spider or scorpion phobia. Most people don’t know how to identify a spider or scorpion as venomous, nor do they realize that the list of spiders and scorpion that are dangerous to humans include black widows, brown recluse spiders and striped bark scorpions. Keeping these arachnids and scorpion species away from your home can help avoid any dangerous encounters. ABC’s team of techs can come to your home and tell if you’re dealing with a dangerous infestation. If you are, we’ll help you deal with it so that you can avoid anyone getting hurt.

Natural Pest Control in Baytown, TX

Natural Pest Control 

More and more Baytown homeowners and business owners are looking for a green pest control provider, which is why ABC launched Chem-Free Organic Pest Control. Although both companies follow the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Chem-Free takes additional steps to prioritize low impact treatment plans for our customers. We start by identifying ways we can make your property less attractive to pests then move to chemical interventions when necessary. Our dedication to taking a different approach to pest control has resulted in Chem-free becoming GreenPro certified, a distinction only shared by 1% of the pest control industry. 

How much do you charge for your pest control services in Baytown?

We strive to offer fair and affordable prices for our services, and, unfortunately, there is no real way for us to give you an estimate without actually seeing the issue ourselves. The first step is to send an inspector to further investigate your particular situation and come up with a recommended treatment plan. Both the inspection and the estimate are done completely free of charge. You never have to pay anything until you agree to the plan and we can then schedule your initial treatment.

How many treatments does it take for ABC to get rid of an infestation?

Depending on the nature of your infestation, treatment may either be done in one visit, or, more commonly, it may take a few treatments. Should you have a more severe problem, the inspector or technician may recommend that you continue to receive ongoing treatment.

Our team will be able to estimate the number and frequency of treatments that your issue requires after inspecting your property and assessing the issue.  

Does ABC use pet and kid-friendly treatment products?

Our number one priority at ABC Home & Commercial Services is the safety of our customers and their loved ones. We never want to do anything that could be risky. That is why our employees are required to undergo a background check and go through extensive training. In addition, our products are carefully selected for the use of residential areas and are designed to be low-impact for pets, people and the environment.

Are ABC technicians trained to deal with commercial infestations?

There is a big difference between clearing out an infestation in a residential neighborhood and handling commercial pest control problems. In a scenario where there is an infestation to a commercial property, we enlist the help of an entire team of pest control professionals who are equipped to handle commercial properties, such as stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, and medical facilities.


Can I get other services from ABC in Humble?

Yes. In addition to pest control, ABC Home & Commercial offers a variety of home services, including:

Lawn Care Services

If you are looking to keep your lawn well-manicured, you can also enlist the help of our team. ABC lawn technicians can:

  • Mow

  • Edge

  • Prune

  • Protect against pests

  • Create a new landscaping plan

  • Update your existing landscape plan

  • Help you add any upgrades, such as walkways or hardscaping

Pool Services

Keeping your pool in good condition requires a significant amount of upkeep. At ABC, we can help with the following:

  • Brushing

  • Skimming

  • Vacuuming

  • Washing

  • Removing debris from skimmers and pump baskets

  • Getting rid of calcium residue with acid washes

  • Keeping pool chemicals balanced

  • Engaging in maintenance recommended by the manufacturer

  • Remodeling

  • Replastering

  • Installing ladders, lighting, or water features

  • Adding other equipment

  • Tiling or coping

  • Building or repairing a pool deck

Christmas Lights Installation

The holidays are a fun time to decorate the inside and outside of your home. Why not let our team take over the decoration of the exterior of your home? Our technicians can:

  • Put up your lights

  • Provide you with light

  • Remove and store lights

We can be your Christmas decorating helpers.