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Baytown is the third largest city in Harris County, with a humid subtropical climate that is typical of the larger region. This humidity encourages the breeding and survival of a large variety of pests and wildlife. Those of us who live and work in Baytown are forced to deal with all sorts of annoying common household pests. When looking for help with pest control in Baytown, TX, homeowners count on the expertise of ABC Home & Commercial Services. Our pest technicians are ready and capable to help bring you peace of mind and eradicate any pests from your home.

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Effective Pest Control Solutions

The ABC Process

1. Contact ABC

When you contact us, we will schedule an inspection to get an understanding of the problem. In some cases, we can give you a quote over the phone.

2. Get An Estimate

If you have an inspection, we will send you a custom treatment plan and estimate afterward. Once we get your approval, we will schedule your treatment.

3. Treatment

We will come to your property and treat for pests in common hiding and nesting areas. Over time, you will start seeing less and less pest activity.

4. Prevention

Customers with our ongoing pest management services will receive periodic retreatments to prevent the return of the most common pests in our area.

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We offer a full range of pest control services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take ABC to deal with my pest problem?

We understand that not every pest problem is the same; therefore, it’s hard to tell you exactly the length of your treatment. Depending on the level of infestation, we’ve had some clients who need several treatments. In other cases, customers’ pest control issues are settled after a single service call. In severe cases, customers may require ongoing treatments to keep the problem under control.

For these reasons, we recommend having one of our technicians take the time to assess the nature and extent of your issue before committing to an answer to this common question. The first step in the process is to set up a time for an inspector to come to visit your property. Once our technicians identify the issue, they will work with you to provide a personalized treatment solution. Once you agree on a treatment plan, our team can typically schedule your first treatment in three to four business days.

How much do you charge for your pest control services in Baytown?

We strive to offer fair and affordable prices for our services, and, unfortunately, there is no real way for us to give you an estimate without actually seeing the issue ourselves. The first step is to send an inspector to further investigate your particular situation and come up with a recommended treatment plan. Both the inspection and the estimate are done completely free of charge. You never have to pay anything until you agree to the plan and we can then schedule your initial treatment.

How many treatments does it take for ABC to get rid of an infestation?

Depending on the nature of your infestation, treatment may either be done in one visit, or, more commonly, it may take a few treatments. Should you have a more severe problem, the inspector or technician may recommend that you continue to receive ongoing treatment.

Our team will be able to estimate the number and frequency of treatments that your issue requires after inspecting your property and assessing the issue.

Are ABC technicians trained to deal with commercial infestations?

There is a big difference between clearing out an infestation in a residential neighborhood and handling commercial pest control problems. In a scenario where there is an infestation to a commercial property, we enlist the help of an entire team of pest control professionals who are equipped to handle commercial properties, such as stores, restaurants, apartment complexes, hotels, and medical facilities.

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We offer a full range of pest control services.

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Ann Ebrahimi


“Before, during, and after pictures. Chris made sure that the job was done right. He and his team worked hard in this Houston heat and transformed what has been a problem and eyesore into a lovely space. Can't wait to enjoy it. Many thanks.”

Aaron Glass


“I have used several different companies in the past for pest control and lawn care, but none compare to the quality of ABC. Every experience with the company and their team has been amazing. Transparent, professional, and exceptional would be the top three words that come to mind when using their service. Chance with Accounts , Jose with Irrigation repair, and Mario with lawn care have all done an amazing job with all of our concerns. I highly recommend ABC for pest, lawn and home services.”

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