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How quickly can you come to my home?

We understand that once you see signs of a pest, you want it handled as quickly as possible. Call us at (281) 730-9500 and we’ll get a technician to your property as soon as possible, so that you can get your issue addressed in a timely manner.

Which types of pests do you handle?

Cypress homeowners rely on our pest control experts to get rid of of any common household pest. Our highly-trained, experienced technicians are routinely called to Cypress homes to handle the following pests:

Mosquito control Cypress TX


In addition to creating itchy, red bites on most of us here in Cypress, mosquitoes can transmit serious diseases to humans, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. The greater Houston area is home to approximately 50 mosquito species that are active almost year-round.

Cypress Pest Control


Roaches can enter even the cleanest homes and feed on virtually anything, making them very difficult for homeowners to control on their own. Often hidden in dark, damp places, roaches can emerge at night and can carry salmonella and other types of bacteria which can cause allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Termite Control Cypress


Termites can cause significant damage to your home and other wooden structures on your property and thrive in damp and humid conditions. Colonies can contain hundreds of thousands of workers which remain active year-round, feeding on cellulose, the building block of wood. Since termites are small and enter your property from outside, infestations can often happen quickly, before homeowners realize there is a problem.

Bed bug treatment Cypress

Bed Bugs

Increased travel in and around Houston is part of the reason bed bugs are now a problem in Cypress and surrounding communities. These tiny creatures feed on human blood at night and hide during the day in sleeping areas. Bed bugs can make their way into your home on your suitcases, clothing and purses. Once they are in your home, bed bugs are tough to treat, especially on your own.

Rodent Control Cypress

Rodents & Wildlife

Here in Cypress, rats, mice and other types of wildlife enter your home looking for food and shelter. Rodents can contaminate your food, spread diseases, gnaw on wood in your house and even cause electrical fires by chewing through wiring. Larger animals, including raccoons and possums, can take up residence under your deck or in your attic and disturb your garden, raid your bird feeders and pet food containers, eat the fish in your pond and make a mess of your garbage.

Bee Removal Cypress

Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps may decide your property is a good nesting spot, which puts your family and pets at risk of getting a painful, and for some people deadly, sting. Bees and wasps may take up residence in a wall cavity, under eaves, in insulation, in your attic and even on outdoor seat cushions. Disturbing a bee or wasp nest should only be left to the pros, since agitated insects are more likely to sting.

Pest Control Cypress Texas


Although ants play an important role in the natural world, bites from these small insects can be quite painful. Here in the Cypress area, we commonly see fire ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pharaoh ants, crazy ants, odorous house ants, rover ants and leaf-cutting ants. In addition to being a nuisance, ants can infest food and weaken wooden structures.

Pest Control Cypress Texas


Two types of spiders found in Texas are a concern here in Cypress: the brown recluse and the black widow. The venom from the brown recluse can cause itching, irritation and swelling for up to 8 hours after a bite. Severe cases may require surgery to clean out the wound and to promote proper healing. Black widow bites can lead to moderate to intense pain for up to three days, along with tremors, nausea, vomiting, cramping, abdominal discomfort and increased blood pressure. Young children, older adults and individuals with existing health problems may experience heightened symptoms.

Natural Pest Control in Cypress TX

Natural Pest Control 

ABC responded to the growing demand for green pest control in Cypress by establishing Chem-Free Organic Pest Control. While both ABC and Chem-Free integrate the values of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into our processes, Chem-Free takes an even more holistic approach to treating pests. When designing a treatment plan for you, our first step is to modify your environment to make it less welcoming to pests, then applying treatments when necessary. Because of our dedication to a lower-impact approach, Chem-Free has become certified as a GreenPro company. This distinction sets Chem-free apart from 99% of existing U.S. pest control companies. 

What happens during the initial inspection?

When one of our inspectors arrives on your property, he or she will gather more information from you about the problem you are having and answer any questions you may have. Then, after a thorough inspection to identify pests and related damage, you will receive a customized treatment plan outlining recommended next steps.

What happens after the inspection?

Once you approve your customized treatment plan, we can get to work right away to schedule your first treatment, which usually happens within three to four business days. We will do our best to schedule appointments to fit your needs.

Our ongoing maintenance plan helps identify future problem areas so you can avoid an infestation.

Are your products safe for my children and pets?

ABC cares about the communities we serve, and this philosophy carries over into the products we use to treat your home. Our skilled technicians will work with you on a plan for treatments which minimize the use of chemicals while still being effective. Our pest pros will apply treatments carefully, with safety being our top priority. Homeowners can request Material Safety Data Sheets for any products we use, which detail any potential risks.

Do you offer pest control for my business?

Pest control for businesses can be very different than in homes. ABC’s commercial pest control team can handle even the toughest pest problems, whether your company is an apartment complex, restaurant, hotel, healthcare facility, retail store or another type of property.

Does ABC provide other services in Cypress?

One reason to choose ABC for pest control is that you can also count on us for a range of high-quality, reliable home services in Cypress and throughout the greater Houston area.

Lawn Care Services

Cypress residents can count on ABC for complete lawn care. Our lawn care specialists:

  • Perform routine mowing, edging and pruning to keep your yard looking great and to remove potential hiding spots for pests

  • Enhance your existing landscaping, walkways and hardscapes or create a new landscape design

Pool Services

With the warm climate in Cypress, a pool can serve as a backyard oasis. Pool owners know that routine maintenance and occasional repairs are to be expected. You can count on ABC’s pool technicians for:

  • Regular pool cleaning, which includes washing, brushing, skimming and vacuuming

  • Keeping pool chemicals, such as pH, chlorine, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid and chlorine, at manufacturer-recommended levels

  • Removing dirt and debris from pump and skimmer baskets

  • Routine maintenance to prevent costly repairs

  • Pool draining and removal of calcium deposits with acid washes

  • Remodeling your pool by replastering, tiling or coping; adding a new water feature; revamping your deck or even installing new equipment, such as ladders, pool cleaners and lighting

Christmas Light Installation Services

ABC makes life easier on homeowners, and that doesn’t stop during the holidays. Our lighting experts can create a holiday display to make your property festive for the season. We even provide you with the lights and take down and pack up your display when the holidays are over.