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How soon can ABC get started?

How soon ABC can begin working on your pest problem depends on you. Here’s how we work:

  • Step 1: You get in touch with us by calling (281) 730-9500. We’ll set up a time for one of our inspectors to come to your home.
  • Step 2: The inspector looks around and assesses your pest problem. He or she may ask you questions as well, and you are welcome to question them or provide additional information about the issue you are having.
  • Step 3: The inspector recommends a personalized treatment plan based on your specific needs.
  • Step 4: Once you agree to a treatment plan, we schedule your first treatment. Typically, we can get this initial service call on the books within three or four days of you approving the plan.
Friendswood has all kinds of pests. Which does ABC specialize in?

When you’ve been around as long as we have, there’s not a lot that you haven’t dealt with. Some of the most common pests people call on ABC to handle include:

Mosquito Control Friendswood

Mosquito Control

Other places have mosquito seasons. We just have mosquitoes. These bloodsucking pests are particularly bad in the summer and near dawn or dusk–or if you decide to visit Mary's Creek and forget to wear repellent. Unfortunately, there’s not really a time when they’re not an issue.

Most of the time mosquitoes are just something we deal with, but when they start setting up shop in your yard, something’s got to give. Reach out to us. We’ll send them packing and mosquito-proof your home to prevent their return.

Pest Control Friendswood

Roach Exterminator

There are many bad things about roaches. These creatures exacerbate respiratory problems, such as asthma. They make allergies worse. Even worse, roaches can contaminate your house with bacteria and sickness.

Probably the worst thing about these cringe-inducing bugs is that, when you see one, you just know countless others lurk in the shadows. They’re tough little suckers, too. Thankfully, the skilled professionals at ABC know the secret: take out the nest.

We have the tools, and we’re ready and waiting. All you need to do is get in touch.

termite control friendswood

Termite Control

Imagine a silent enemy slowly devouring your home from within. Taking it apart, piece by piece, without you realizing it. Until it’s too late. If you’ve ever had termites before, you don’t have to imagine this. You lived it.

Once termites get into the wood of your home, these bugs can cause massive destruction for years until they’re finally discovered. The moment you see a bug in your home that might be a termite, it is vital that you call our experienced professionals. Our inspector will verify whether or not you really are dealing with termites and where the heaviest areas of damage are. Then we’ll put together a plan fast, so you can avoid any more destruction.

Pest Control Friendswood

Bed Bug Treatment

For a long time, people thought bed bugs were a thing of the past. Or, at worst, that they were a problem for hotels and other places where lots of people come and go. Not any longer, unfortunately.

Today’s bed bugs have become increasingly resistant to control methods, and with more people traveling than ever before, they’re also increasingly mobile. All it takes is one hitchhiker to come back with you from a vacation or business trip, and you could be dealing with an infestation in your entire home.

At ABC, we use proven techniques to get rid of these pests and teach you how to change your habits so the problem never happens again.

Rodent control Friendswood

Wildlife and Rodent Control

Mice. Rats. Squirrels. Possums. Raccoons. Friendswood is home to a diverse and thriving ecosystem, and many of these creatures would like nothing better than to get inside your house or rip apart your trash cans.

It’s not just a little annoyance either. These creatures can be vicious if you stumble upon them. They carry diseases and fleas. They contaminate food and leave their droppings. If they get inside, they can even bite through your wires.

You need to protect your house from these larger pests, and at ABC Home & Commercial Services, our knowledgeable professionals know a variety of ways to get these animals out and keep them out.

Bee removal Friendswood

Wasp & Bee Removal

Few things are more terrifying than standing paralyzed as wasps buzz around you, threatening to sting. And sting. And sting. Bees aren’t quite as frightening–unless you’re allergic–but chances are good that you’d rather not have a nest or hive near (or even in) your house. Our technicians are trained in methods that allow them to remove wasps and bees from your property safely and humanely, then check your home and yard for anything you can do to shore up the space and make it less attractive to future infestations.

Ant Removal Friendswood

Ant Removal

Ever played the game Whack-a-Mole? Here in Friendswood we have our own real-life version with fire ants. Here’s how it works. Some ant hills pop up in your yard. You treat them and remove them. The next day, more pop up. So you treat them and remove them. Then the next day – you get the idea. Stop the cycle. Call ABC Home & Commercial and we’ll put together a treatment plan for you that not only greatly reduces your ant problem, but keeps them from coming back.

Flea exterminator Houston

Tick & Flea Removal

In an area like ours, where fleas and ticks thrive throughout the year, simply killing off an infestation isn’t enough. The next one will almost certainly be right around the corner, unless you work with pest control professionals who take a holistic approach designed to make your home a no-go area for these frustrating disease-carriers. Want to stop scratching? Give us a call.

Scorpion Removal Friendswood

Scorpion & Spider Removal

Did you know that these are actually two of the most beneficial insects out there? Set them loose on your property and watch as other insect pest populations dwindle and stop bothering you. Moreover, most scorpions and spiders are completely harmless to people. The problem is with that one word– “most.” While the vast majority of these species can’t hurt you, there are a few venomous varieties which can, and some of them are even deadly. The trick is knowing which is which. ABC technicians are trained to educate you on how to recognize the most common venomous species here in Friendswood: black widows, brown recluses and striped bark scorpions. So give us a call if you ever run across a spider or scorpion and you’re just not sure. We’ll let you know if you need to worry, then help you deal with removal if necessary.

Natural Pest Control in Friendswood TX

Natural Pest Control 

To respond to a growing demand among ABC’s customers for green pest control, we have launched Chem-Free Organic Pest Control. While ABC and Chem-Free both use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as the foundation for our approach to managing pests for our customers, Chem-Free takes an even more holistic approach to addressing pest problems. When customizing a treatment plan for your home, we start by finding ways to make your home less attractive to pests, which might include clearing excess brush on your property and sealing up potential entry points pests could use to gain access to your home. This dedication to green pest control separates Chem-free from 99% of pest control companies in the U.S. and has earned us the GreenPro certification.  

How much do ABC pest control services cost in Friendswood?

We strive to make our services as affordable as possible, but unfortunately, there’s no way to offer a general treatment cost because every situation is different. That’s why we have an inspector come to your home to assess the situation and create a personalized estimate and plan. We provide you with a clear idea of cost and what your specific treatment entails so that there are no surprises.

Are there a set number of times that ABC will treat my house?

Every situation is different. After our inspector assesses the problem at your property, he or she will suggest a service plan that typically includes the number of recommended treatments based on the type of pest and the extent of the problem. Some pest control issues can be taken care of with a single visit. Other may need several–or even ongoing treatment–to keep the pest population manageable.

Does ABC Home & Commercial use products that contain pet- and child-friendly ingredients?

Every product at ABC has been approved for use in residential neighborhoods. Moreover, we prioritize the health and safety of our clients (and technicians!) above all else. We take great care to use treatment options that have the lowest possible impact on your family, your pets and the Earth, and our pest control professionals are all trained to be careful in how they apply our products, focusing them only where they are needed and using low concentrations.

Can ABC help me with an infestation at my commercial business?

Absolutely! Apartments. Doctor’s offices. Hospitals. Hotels. Restaurants. Stores. We do it all. Most importantly, we know that there are huge differences between dealing with a pest control issue in a residential neighborhood and at a commercial property, so we employ an entire team of technicians who are specially trained to tackle commercial issues.

Do you offer other services to Friendswood residents beyond pest control?

We sure do. In fact, many people use us as a kind of one-stop-shop for home and commercial service needs rather than having to deal with a bunch of different companies. How exactly can we help?

Lawn Care Services

Keeping your lawn healthy and looking good is a must for most Friendswood home and business owners… but it’s also a lot of work if you try to do it on your own.

So don’t. If you call us, we can help you with every aspect of lawn maintenance, including edging, mowing, pruning, designing and implementing a new landscape plan, updating your existing landscaping, including adding hardscaping or new walkways.

Pool Services

Popping out back and hopping into your very own pool is fantastic. Actually keeping that pool cleaned and well-maintained? That’s another story.

ABC Home & Commercial can help make sure your pool is always in the best possible condition by:

  • Draining it to remove calcium residue with an acid wash
  • Helping you with additions, such as building or repairing a pool deck, installing lighting, ladders, a water feature or other equipment
  • Assisting in replastering, remodeling, tiling or coping
  • Balancing pH, cyanuric acid, chlorine, calcium hardness, alkalinity and any other pool chemicals
  • Removing debris from skimmers and pump baskets
  • Doing regular skimming, brushing, washing, and vacuuming
  • Engaging in manufacturer-recommended maintenance to catch problems before they get worse

Installing Christmas Lights

The holidays are supposed to be a time for people to spend with their loved ones. To relax and enjoy each other’s company during the most festive time of the year.

Imagine how much more time you would have to do this if someone could handle the exhausting and often dangerous job of putting up Christmas lights around your house?

At ABC, our experienced professionals will not only put your lights up, we’ll help you remove and store them once the season is over. And if you don’t already have lights, we can even provide them.