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How fast can you get rid of my pests?

Every situation is different, which is why we always offer an inspection and a recommended service plan created just for you and your unique needs. As soon as you give us a call at (281) 730-9500, we will work with you to find the earliest possible time for an inspector to come to your property. Based on his or her findings, we will suggest a treatment plan. Once you agree to the plan, we can schedule your initial treatment.

What kind of pests can ABC Home & Commercial help with in Galveston?

The knowledgeable technicians at ABC regularly deal with a wide variety of pests and are experts are experts at providing the following pest control services here in Galveston:

Mosquito Control Galveston TX

Mosquito Control

These little disease-carrying annoyances love it hot and humid–something that describes Galveston pretty accurately. Because of this, mosquitoes are pretty inescapable here, whether you’re walking The Strand or hanging out at Seawolf Park. But that doesn’t mean you should have to put up with an infestation at home. At ABC, our goal is to thin out the mosquitoes around your property and make your property less friendly to them in the future.

Pest Control Galveston TX

Roach Control

Few creatures inspire more disgust than cockroaches. Watching as one skitters across your floor can cause even the heartiest of us to cringe. Because you know the awful truth: where there’s one, hundreds more are likely hiding. Contaminating your home. Spreading sickness and bacteria. Making respiratory problems and allergies worse. ABC trains our technicians to help you send them packing by locating and targeting the nest itself.

Termite Control Galveston TX

Termite Control

The scariest thing about termites isn’t how much damage they can do to your home or even how much that damage can end up costing you. It’s the fact that most people don’t discover they have termites for many, many months–or even years. If you discover what looks like a termite, you need to act fast and get professional help as soon as possible. Our specialists at ABC know how to quickly determine which areas have been impacted and start fighting back, so the problem doesn’t get any worse.

Bed Bud Treatment Galveston TX

Bed Bug Treatment

Tourism is a big part of the Galveston economy. People come here for our weather. Our beaches. Our culture and history. But sometimes the people who travel here have unwanted hitchhikers: bed bugs. Though most of the biggest bed bug problems may occur in high-occupancy locations, such as hotels, there are many ways for them to get to your home as well. If they do, your body becomes their all-you-can-eat buffet as you sleep, and they’re experts at avoiding DIY solutions. The skilled professionals at ABC know their tricks though. Call us and we’ll make sure the current infestation is eradicated and that you know how to stop them from coming back.

Rodent Control Galveston TX

Rodent & Wildlife Control

Rodents and other types of wildlife pests always seem cute and friendly in children's books, but the reality is quite a bit different. These uninvited guests spread disease, contaminate food, chew through wires, leave droppings and scamper noisily through your walls at night. Even worse, they can bring other pests in with them, such as fleas. Our goal at ABC is to get them out of your home in the most humane way possible, then work to protect your home from the possibility of re-entry in the future.

Pest Control Services in Galveston

Wasp & Bee Removal

Bees make honey. Wasps kill bugs that destroy crops. Even though there are tangible benefits, you still don’t want either of these bugs living right outside your house. At best, their stings are an uncomfortable nuisance. At worst, they might require a trip to the emergency room. The pest control technicians at ABC can advise you on how to safely relocate bee and wasp infestations and fix any problems with your home that might attract them going forward.

Galveston TX Pest Control

Ant Removal

Experts say that the total weight of all the ants on Earth is equal to the weight of all the people. What percentage of those ants are here in Galveston? We have no idea, but it feels like most of them–especially in the summer. A tiny little mound can easily sprout into an enormous mountain (or several) in as little as a day or two, and your yard can easily be overtaken. Even worse is when they move into your house. Whether you’re dealing with fire ants, carpenter ants or another variety altogether, ABC can help you handle both indoor and outdoor infestations.

Pest Control Services Galveston TX

Tick & Flea Control

Galveston-area pet owners know all too well how seriously they must guard against fleas year-round. But it’s possible to suffer an infestation even if you don’t have a dog or cat. That means not only dealing with painful, scratchy bites, but also the possibility of contracting illnesses, such as Lyme disease. Our experienced professionals use a holistic approach that tackles both the bugs themselves and problems in your environment that can encourage them to enter your home.

Pest Control Service Galveston TX

Scorpion & Spider Removal

If you’re like a lot of people, running into a spider or scorpion is not a pleasant experience. It can be startling and scary. And it’s worse because most of us have no idea which of these creatures are relatively safe and which are venomous and pose a huge danger to us. At ABC, we can arm you with the knowledge you need to recognize species in the Galveston area that are dangerousstriped bark scorpions, brown recluse spiders and black widowsand help you manage any problems with these creatures. This way, you’ll not only be able to stay away from scorpions and spiders, but also, you'll know when your home needs to be treated for a truly dangerous infestation.

Natural Pest Control in Galveston, TX

Natural Pest Control

In response to the growing demand for a more holistic approach to pest control in Galveston, ABC has launched Chem-Free Organic Pest Control. Although both companies have integrated the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) into their processes, Chem-Free has taken additional steps to become GreenPro certified. This designation separates Chem-Free from 99% of our competitors across the country. When creating a custom treatment plan for your home, our first step is to make your home less attractive to pests. We only turn to chemical interventions when necessary. 

What happens after I say yes to the estimate?

The next step is to schedule your first treatment. Typically, we can start treatment within 3-4 business days, and we strive to work with your schedule as much as possible to set up service calls.

How many times will you have to treat my house?

Unfortunately, there’s no standard answer for this, because it depends on the nature and extent of the issue. Sometimes a single treatment is enough. More often, it will take several visits to really get the problem under control. For the most serious issues, our technician may recommend that you receive ongoing treatment with no specified end date. Frequency of treatment can also be impacted, with some types of pest problems requiring service more often than others.

Are your products friendly for my children? How about pet-friendly?

Absolutely. At ABC, we believe that the well-being trumps everything else. Our products are all intended for residential use and they’re carefully selected to minimize the impact on people, animals and the environment. Moreover, our pest professionals are taught to use low concentrations and apply products very carefully.

If you have any concerns, do not hesitate to talk with us. We will do everything we can to ease your mind and address your concerns.

Do you handle commercial infestations as well?

We sure do. In fact, we have a whole team of professional pest control technicians who have received the specialized training necessary to deal with pest control in commercial settings. Whether you’re having an issue in your apartment complex, healthcare facility, hotel, restaurant, retail location or elsewhere, we can help.

What other types of services does ABC provide in Galveston?

Pest control is only a small part of what we do, and many of our customers love the fact that we can be their one-stop shop for all kinds of necessary services, such as:

Lawn Care Services

Having a green, healthy lawn is a source of personal pride for many in Galveston. That doesn’t mean you have to do it on your own though. How can ABC help?

  • Edging

  • Mowing

  • Pruning

  • Keeping pests away

  • Helping you put together a completely new landscape plan

  • Updating your landscaping

  • Assisting you in incorporating new walkways or hardscaping

Pool Services

Few things are better in the dog days of a Galveston summer than being able to head out back and take a dip in your very own pool. Unfortunately, pools require a lot of upkeep, and many people just don’t have the time to do it.

How can our pool cleaning technicians help? We can:

  • Acid wash – drain the water from your pool to help remove calcium residue that can build up
  • Add equipment, ladders and lighting
  • Balance pool chemicals – make needed adjustments to alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acid, pH
  • Build a pool deck (or repair an existing one)
  • Perform coping or tiling
  • Complete manufacturer-recommended maintenance – detect potential issues before they develop into bigger, more costly problems
  • Get rid of debris – removing buildup and lawn waste that makes its way into pump baskets and skimmers
  • Install a new water feature
  • Regular cleaning – performing routine brushing, skimming, vacuuming and washing
  • Remodel or replaster

Christmas Light Installation Services

Everyone wants to have the best lights on the block–especially if you have young children to enjoy them–but putting up holiday decorations and lights takes time, energy and, in many cases, a willingness to ignore the potential danger you’re putting yourself in.

You can skip the stress, spend more time with your family and be the envy of your neighborhood by having ABC put up your lights instead. We can even provide you with lights if you need them and help you with taking them down and storing them safely. How’s that for holiday cheer?