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How long will it take for ABC to remove the pests from my property?

Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. It depends on a number of factors. Some of them you have little control over, such as the type of pest or pests you’re dealing with and the extent of the problem. One you do have control over, though, is how quickly you get in touch.

As soon as you do, we will send an inspector out to your property at the earliest possible time so he or she can craft a unique treatment plan based on their assessment of the problem. Once you sign off on the plan, we are typically able to schedule your initial treatment within 3-4 days.

Get started now by calling (281) 730-9500.

Can ABC Home & Commercial handle any kind of pest I'm likely to run across here in Kingwood?

Absolutely. Our technicians are experienced in providing Kingwood homeowners with:

Mosquito Control Kingwood

Mosquito Control

Combine our warm, humid weather with Lake Houston, and Kingwood is a mosquito mecca. Especially in the hotter months, it’s difficult to go more than a few steps without having to deal with mosquitoes. Still, there’s a huge difference between having mosquitoes in your neighborhood and suffering an infestation in your backyard. At ABC, our knowledgeable professionals have the tools and experience necessary to help you get these pests out of your space and keep them from coming back.

Pest Control Kingwood

Roach Control

There are many wonderful benefits to living close to a large population center like Houston, but one huge drawback is that roaches always congregate where there are big groups of people. This is particularly unfortunate because these pests spread bacteria and sickness wherever they go. If you want to keep them off your property and out of your home, professional help is a must. At ABC, we arm our pest control professionals with the best possible treatment options, designed to help them locate and eradicate the nest itself so that the problem won’t reoccur.

Termite Control Kingwood

Termite Control

Unlike most of the creatures on this list, termites don’t cause people any physical harm. What they will do, though, is utterly destroy your home by eating it from the inside out. Worse, they often remain undetected for months or years, racking up damage while you go about your regular life. ABC Home & Commercial can help you prevent this from happening by regularly conducting termite checks and helping you to termite-proof your home. And if you do discover an infestation, we can help you tackle it at the source and keep it from getting worse.

Bed bug treatment Kingwood

Bed Bug Treatment

While Kingwood itself has few tourists, many people here travel quite a bit for a variety of reasons. This matters where bed bugs are concerned. All it takes is one or two of them to hitch a ride back home with you for an infestation to blossom. Don’t trust DIY solutions to solve the problem for you, because if you don’t get all of them the first time, it won’t be long before you’re dealing with the issue again. At ABC, we know how to stop bed bugs from spreading and get rid of them for good.

Rodent Control Kingwood

Wildlife & Rodent Control

They call this area the “Livable Forest” for a reason. All kinds of critters thrive here, and it can be amazing if you’re out with your kids and spot a family of deer or hummingbirds. But there’s a flip side to that coin as well: wildlife pests. Raccoons and possums. Mice and rats. Squirrels and skunks. You name it, Kingwood has it. Most of the time it’s possible to live in harmony with these creatures, but you must draw the line at your house. If they start targeting your property or manage to get inside, you can find yourself dealing with droppings, fleas, chewed wires, contaminated food and worse. ABC technicians know how to remove these creatures humanely and address environmental factors on your property to keep them from coming back.

Bee removal Kingwood

Wasp & Bee Removal

Sure, bees and wasps do a lot of beneficial things. That doesn’t mean you want them to set up shop in your yard or house, though. We use the latest, safest techniques to remove wasp and bee populations from your property. Then we address any structural concerns that could lead to further infestations in the future, such as holes and crevices that might serve as ways for bees and wasps to enter your home.

Ant removal Kingwood

Ant Removal

There’s no real way to totally get rid of the ants in Kingwood, but you shouldn’t let them overrun you, either. ABC Home & Commercial Services can help you get them out of your house and greatly reduce their population on your property by making the area as unfriendly to them as possible.

Flea exterminator Kingwood

Tick & Flea Exterminator

Constant scratching. Rashes. Lyme disease. These are the things you have to worry about when fleas and ticks decide your property looks like a nice place to live. Our experienced professionals not only know how to target and kill existing flea and tick populations, but also can show you how to make changes in and around your home to discourage them from coming back in the future.

Pest Control Kingwood TX

Scorpion & Spider Removal

There are really only three species of spiders and scorpions that people need to worry about in Kingwood: brown recluses, black widows and striped bark scorpions. So why are people so afraid of these pests? Two reasons: 1) the species mentioned above are incredibly dangerouseven deadly, and 2) most people don’t know how to tell “safe” spiders and scorpions from the dangerous ones. That’s where ABC comes in. If you ever see a spider or scorpion you’re not sure about, get in touch. We can show you how to recognize “problem” species and help you remove them if they pose a danger.

Natural Pest Control in Kingwood, TX

Natural Pest Control 

As a response to the growing demand for a more holistic approach to pest control in Kingwood, ABC launched Chem-Free Organic Pest Control. While ABC bases its pest control treatment plan and philosophy on the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Chem-Free takes additional steps to take a more low-impact approach to these issues. This ongoing commitment is shared by only 1% of pest control companies across the country which are also GreenPro certified. When designing a treatment plan for your property, our skilled technicians always start with recommendations of strategies to modify your existing environment to make it less welcoming to pests, and then turning to chemical treatments when necessary. We may recommend sealing off potential pest entry points, fixing leaks to prevent excess moisture around your home and keeping firewood stored away from your home’s perimeter to protect your property from future infestations. 

What do ABC pest treatments cost in Kingwood?

Unfortunately, there’s no one easy answer to that question, because costs differ depending on the type and extent of the infestation. However, we can promise two things:

  1. We strive to keep our prices affordable, and
  2. We always provide clients with a personalized treatment plan that includes the estimated cost before there is ever any charge. Once you read over the recommended services, you can decide whether you approve the esimate.
Is there a standard number of pest control treatments?

Every problem is different, so the solutions are always just a bit different. This is why we always provide an inspection and recommended treatment plan before starting service.

Rarely, we are able to take care of a pest issue in one visit. Most of the time, however, dealing with an infestation requires multiple treatments in order to completely eradicate the problem. Our inspector may even recommend ongoing treatment for truly severe pest issues.

Does ABC use products that are safe for pets and kids?

We use products that are intended for residential use and have been carefully chosen due to the minimal impact they have on people, pets and the environment. In addition, we train our technicians to use the lowest possible concentrations of products and take great care when applying them.

Still worried? Give us a call at (281) 730-9500. We’re always happy to chat with potential customers and do what we can to ease your mind about the products we use.

Can ABC get rid of infestations in commercial properties, too?

There’s a big difference between dealing with an infestation in a residential neighborhood and a commercial property, and we’ve been successfully handling both types of jobs for years. When a commercial customer calls us about a pest problem, we send out pest control technicians that have been specially trained to deal with infestations in commercial facilities. We include among our commercial clients pretty much every type of property you can imagine—retail stores, hotels, apartment buildings, hospitals, and more.

Can Kingwood residents get other kinds of services from ABC?

Yes. Beyond pest control, ABC Home & Commercial's Houston branch is able to handle a whole host of common home and commercial property needs, including:

Lawn Care Services

Lawns seem so easy from the outside looking in, don’t they? After all, they’re just big squares of grass, with maybe a few bushes, flowers and trees thrown in for good measure. Once they’re established, they pretty much sustain themselves.

Except every homeowner knows the reality: Keeping your lawn lush, green and looking good is a huge job that can take up lots of time. You have to mow it. Water it. Fertilize it. Do edging. Prune plants and trees. The list goes on.

Depending on the size of your yard, it can easily become a full-time job.

So why not turn the job over to the people who do it as a profession? At ABC, our lawn care professionals can do all the things mentioned above, in addition to:

  • Dealing with lawn pests
  • Designing and implementing a landscape plan for you
  • Giving your current landscaping a facelift with hardscaping, walkways and more

Pool Services

ABC technicians can handle all of your pool needs, including:


We brush, skim, wash, vacuum, clean debris from pump baskets and skimmers and conduct acid washes (if needed) to get rid of calcium residue.


We keep your pool chemicals balanced (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid and calcium hardness), remodel, replaster, repair pool decks and conduct manufacturer-recommended maintenance tasks designed to catch small issues before they get bigger.


We can help with coping, tiling, installing lighting ladders, equipment, water features and pool decks.

Christmas Lights Installation

The holiday season is supposed to be spent with your family—not untangling lights or slipping around on your roof. ABC offers Christmas decoration services to make your life easier, including:

  • Putting up lights
  • Adding your other decorations
  • Taking lights and decorations down
  • Storing lights and decorations