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How long will I need to wait for ABC to get started on my pest problem?

Whether you see a mouse in the garage, a roach in the kitchen or another creepy crawling creature, we understand that you want the issue addressed as soon as possible. That’s why we do our best to provide you with an estimate for some common pest treatments right over the phone.

That said, for a treatment plan to be effective, we may recommend an in-person inspection to get a first-hand perspective on what’s going on, which can help us determine the best next steps. An inspector can also answer any questions you might have and address your concerns. After our inspection, we can deliver written recommendations which can be implemented once we get your approval.

What types of pest control service does ABC provide in the Richmond area?

In the decades we’ve been helping Houston-area homeowners manage pest problems, we’ve had to handle practically every type of infestation. Richmond homeowners count on our experienced and friendly technicians to provide the following types of services:

Mosquito Control Richmond TX

Mosquito Control

Both our proximity to the Brazos River and our warm weather make our area ideal for these bloodsucking pests. Not only can mosquitoes make spending time in your yard miserable, but also these insects can transmit serious diseases, including the Zika and West Nile viruses. ABC’s scientifically-proven techniques target both eggs and adults, so that your family can be protected both now and in the future.

Pest Control Richmond TX

Roach Control

Perhaps the most reviled of all common household pests, the cockroach can contaminate food, damage textiles and paper products, transmit disease and worsen allergies and asthma. The most frustrating part is that these pesky pests can invade even the cleanest of homes, so prevention efforts can often be unsuccessful. Richmond residents rely on ABC’s skilled technicians to find where these creatures are nesting and to treat all possible problem areas so that you don’t have any unwelcome encounters with roaches going forward.

Termite Control Richmond TX

Termite Control

While we are usually most concerned about pests we can see, the most dangerous threat to our biggest investment is often termites, which are sometimes referred to as “silent invaders”. Arriving underground and feasting on your foundation, these insects can also feed on insulation, books, paper and even swimming pool parts, which can be a nuisance at best and responsible for structural damage at worst. ABC’s termite specialists can trace the termites back to their colony so that all the termites on your property are eliminated and your home is protected against future infestations.

Bed Bug Exterminator Richmond TX

Bed Bug Treatment

An increase in travel in parts of the country like the greater Houston area is one of the reasons scientists think that bed bugs have had a resurgence in recent years. Bed bugs are among the most difficult for homeowners to address on their own, since these parasites feed on human blood under the cover of darkness, while we are resting, and then retreat into the tiniest cracks and crevices in our bedding, walls and furniture. ABC can pinpoint the source of your problem and provide you with effective treatment options targeted to the different life stages of this bothersome pest’s life cycle. After your bed bug problem is a thing of the past, our technicians can advise you on how to avoid a re-infestation.

Rodent Control Richmond TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

While all pests pose risks to our households, larger animals, including rats, mice, possums and raccoons can seem particularly terrifying when we come across one in our attics, nesting in our eaves or rustling inside our trash. Similar to some other pests, these creatures can contaminate our food with their droppings and damage our belongings, but unlike smaller pests, their powerful teeth can damage wiring and their fur can hide ticks and fleas, which can make an infestation even more disruptive. ABC’s experts can save you the time and trouble of finding where rodents and other types of wildlife are hiding on your property and make sure these pests are gone. Once these unwanted visitors have been shown the door, we can seal up any holes or cracks that had been serving as a welcome mat, so you won’t have to worry about any of these pests coming back.

Bee Removal Richmond TX

Wasp & Bee Removal

Texas is home to a few hundred bee species and a handful of types of stinging wasps. In their natural environment, these insects are important pollinators, and can even feed on some other types of pests. When nesting in and around your home, however, your family and visitors can be put at risk of a painful sting, and even worse if an individual is allergic to a sting. ABC’s skilled technicians can humanely remove these creatures and provide you with tips on keeping bees and wasps away from your entryways in the future.

Ant Removal Richmond TX

Ant Removal

Both native and invasive ant species can become a nuisance on your property—both indoors and out. In particular, Richmond homeowners often call us to get rid of fire ants, which can create unsightly mounds in outdoor areas and deliver quite a painful bite. If you are having trouble with ants in your kitchen, bathroom or yard, ABC can help. Our proven techniques can help you manage your ant problem, as well as any other issues you are having with other pests in other areas.

Flea Exterminator Richmond TX

Tick & Flea Control

There are few things more aggravating for a pet owner than a flea problem, and the rise in illnesses related to ticks means that any sightings of these parasites must be taken very seriously. While ticks can transmit Lyme disease and other health issues, fleas can make your pets miserable, especially if Fido or Fluffy develops flea bite dermatitis. Unlike many other pests, which are most active during the warmer months, fleas and ticks can become a problem year-round. ABC can deliver targeted treatments to manage these pest problems, as well as using our extensive knowledge about pest behavior to make your outdoor areas less attractive to these creatures, to keep them from sticking around.

Richmond TX Pest Control

Scorpion & Spider Removal

Among the creepy crawlies that live among us in Fort Bend County, there are few that are more frightening to the average person than spiders and scorpions. Although these creatures aren’t aggressive, some species are venomous, and there are few among us who can tell the harmless varieties from the dangerous ones. ABC can identify which species you have on your property and handle these pests for you so you don’t have to worry.

Natural Pest Control in Richmond, TX

Natural Pest Control 

In response to the growing demand for low-impact pest control options in Richmond and the rest of the Houston area, ABC launched Chem-Free Organic Pest Control. While both ABC and Chem-Free abide by the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Chem-Free takes an even more holistic approach to treating pest infestations. Chem-free places an emphasis on making minor modifications to your environment to make it less attractive to pests, and then moving to chemical interventions only when necessary. Our dedication to a green approach to pest control has led Chem-free to become GreenPro certified, a distinction we share with only 1% of pest control companies throughout the U.S. 

How many visits will it take for ABC to get rid of my pest problem?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a good answer to that question until you tell us more about what you’ve been experiencing. In some cases, you may only require a single treatment, although in many cases, ongoing treatments may be required, depending on the extent and severity of your problem. We may be able to answer this question for you over the phone when you call to schedule an appointment, or it may be that we need to send an inspector to your home to provide you with a more accurate assessment of what treatment plan would work best for your specific situation.  

I have children and pets in my home. Does ABC use low-impact treatment products?

As a family-owned and run business, we have always put family first, and that philosophy extends to our customers. We wouldn’t use any products in your home that we wouldn’t use in ours. Our technicians use products intended for residential use in the lowest concentrations possible to minimize the impact on your family while still being effective.

Is ABC equipped to help Richmond business owners handle pest control issues?

Pest control in commercial settings requires a different skill set, which is why ABC has specially-trained employees to handle infestations in schools, retail settings, health care facilities and other types of businesses. Our commercial specialists have the same reputation for getting long-term results as our residential technicians have for providing superior, friendly service.

Are there other services ABC can provide for me here in Richmond?

Absolutely! One of the reasons our customers tell us they chose ABC is that they can count on us for a range of home and business services, including: