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- Christopher M., February 2020
Why should I trust ABC for my heating & air conditioning system needs?

Lennox, the best heating and air conditioning name in the business, has over 7,000 dealers in the US, and only 45 of them received their coveted Circle of Excellence award this year. This award is given to their top performing dealers with elite service, elite quality, and consistent growth. ABC is one of the only contractors in Texas to receive this award, and for the third year in a row. Now that’s a BIG deal!

To celebrate this BIG deal and say thanks, we’re giving everyone a big deal too! Call for great year round AC system rebates, deals and options from ABC and Lennox.

Lennox Circle of Excellence award

How soon can you fix my air conditioner?

If your air conditioner or heater stops working, we understand that you want the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. That’s why ABC offers around-the-clock AC repairs. Just give us a call at (210) 599-9500 and we’ll get your air conditioner up and running again.

AC Repair San Antonio

What kinds of heating and AC repair services does ABC provide?

ABC is a fully licensed air conditioning and heating provider with experienced technicians who undergo rigorous background checks and drug testing before they begin making service calls.

San Antonio AC Repair

The services we routinely provide to homeowners in the greater San Antonio area include:

AC Repair

Our highly trained comfort specialists can make repairs on any brand, make or model of air conditioner or heater. After a quick diagnosis of your problem, our technicians can provide you with an estimate for needed repairs. Have an older unit? ABC can also provide you with recommendations on when purchasing a new, energy-efficient unit might make more sense than making additional repairs to your existing air conditioner.

AC Installation

Perhaps you’ve already decided that you need to purchase a new unit, but just aren’t quite sure exactly which one would be best for your home. If this sounds familiar, then you should give ABC a call. One of ABC’s Comfort Advisors can come to your home to provide you with a free, no-hassle estimate for both a new unit and for installation.

Your estimate will be customized based on your home’s size, the existing duct system and what features are important to you. We can even provide you with information on federal and local rebates that can help offset your investment.

Regular Maintenance

We all know we should be performing routine maintenance on our air conditioner, but making sure it actually happens is another matter entirely. By signing up for ABC’s Advantage Maintenance Plan, our customers get peace of mind that a specialist will visit twice a year to perform seasonal tune-ups and run diagnostic tests. Spotting problems early on can help avoid costly repairs and keep your unit running longer.

Energy Improvements

In addition to regular maintenance, making energy improvements in your home can help reduce the amount you are spending to heat and cool your home. ABC’s Home Comfort Advisors can perform an energy audit on your home to suggest taking steps to improve your energy efficiency, including adding attic insulation, checking your ductwork, adding solar film to your windows and improving your air quality.

When we provide you with a free estimate to have these enhancements made, we will also identify possible incentives to reduce your up-front costs.

Filter Delivery

How often do you change your air filter? Probably not as often as you should. One of the top reasons your air conditioner may not be working as it should is that the filter is dirty. Take the guesswork out of changing your filters by signing up for our FilterFetch service. Once you are set up with FilterFetch, you will receive the correctly-sized filter on your doorstep at the interval you specify. Not only will this help you keep up with filter changes, but also your filters will arrive at a reasonable price by mail without having to make a trip to the store.

How does your AC installation service work?

If you are considering buying a new unit, we will send out a Comfort Advisor to take a closer look at your current system and learn more about your budget, how much you are paying per month on heating and cooling and what features are important to you.

After we gather all of this information, we will provide you with a no-obligation estimate which highlights possible ways to lower your investment by taking advantage of local and national incentives. At this time, we can also recommend other energy improvements which can help save on heating and cooling costs.

What services do your Advantage Maintenance Plan members receive?

Our Advantage Maintenance Plan members don’t have to worry about routine health checks of their unit, since ABC takes care of that. As a part of this service, Plan members receive two service calls each year to run diagnostic tests on your air conditioner and heater to check for any possible problems and to perform maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

At the end of each of your visits, you will receive a report on what was done, your system’s health and how you can prolong your AC unit’s life.

How do I know if I need a new unit?

You may not realize that investing in a newer, more energy-efficient system can save you up to 40% on your home cooling costs. However, the decision to replace your air conditioner isn’t one to make lightly. You can trust the pros at ABC to take a “whole house” approach to advising you on whether to make repairs or replace your unit.

Does ABC work on heaters?

Although most of the time it can feel like the heater is on outdoors here in San Antonio, we do get chilly enough weather that we need to turn on the heat inside during the winter months. During these times of the year, you want to know that you have someone to call if your heating system isn’t keeping your home feeling cozy. In addition to making any needed repairs, ABC’s technicians can make sure your unit is ready to make the switch from cooling to heating your home by performing an annual tune-up before temperatures drop.

Why choose ABC for my heating and AC repair?

When your AC breaks, you want someone you can call, day or night that will take care of the problem. ABC’s skilled, licensed technicians are available 24/7 to handle your cooling and heating emergencies. Not only can you trust our background-checked, drug tested technicians in your home, but also you can rest easy, since ABC will treat your home and we would our own.

ABC stands by our installation and repair services. That’s why we guarantee our work for a full year. If you aren’t happy with the service we provided within that time period, we will come back to make things right.

Does ABC provide AC services in the outlying communities of San Antonio?


You can expect the same high-quality AC repair and installation services from ABC in San Antonio as in the following surrounding communities: