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We trust this company and it's professional technicians totally!! They have been providing our home with the best care for over five years and will continue to do so!!

- Yolanda J, January 2020
What type of tree pruning do you provide?

Tree Trimming

Removing damaged or diseased branches can benefit the entire tree by increasing air circulation and allowing more sunlight into the canopy. Pruning also keeps your trees looking their best and helps prevent disease. Tree trimming is difficult work, however, which often involves specific tools and knowledge, as well as dangerous heights. Leave the hard work to ABC’s tree experts.

Tree Limb Removal

After a powerful storm, Austin lawns can be littered with fallen tree limbs and branches. ABC’s tree specialists can help assess any damage to your trees after storms and clean up debris so that your yard looks its best.

Tree Removal

In some cases, removing a dead or diseased tree may be necessary to avoid damage to your roof or foundation. Growing trees may need to be thinned if they are close to power lines. Most tree removal jobs are beyond the capability of the average homeowner. Trust the certified arborists at ABC to advise you on whether a tree needs to be removed and to get the job done without any damage to your home or surrounding vegetation.

Why might my tree need to be trimmed or removed?

There are a variety of reasons homeowners consider removing trees on their property, including:

  • Trees growing too close to your home. Branches can scratch your roof and siding and a large tree’s root system can destroy your home’s foundation.

  • Dead or diseased trees which are at risk of falling or losing limbs. Many of us don’t detect signs of common tree conditions until it’s too late. An arborist can perform a health check of your tree to determine how likely it is to fall or shed large and heavy branches.

  • Trees posing a safety hazard. If a tree grows too close to a power line, homeowners risk power failures, electrical fires and electrocution.

  • Storm damage which weakens a tree. In some cases, damage from a weather-related event can compromise the structural integrity of a tree, putting you and your family at risk if the tree falls.

What does tree trimming service look like?
What are some warning signs to look for that my trees are in trouble?

If you are wondering about how healthy your tree is, here are some warning signs that can indicate a problem:

A cavity in the trunk. A hole inside of your tree can lead to decay, which can weaken a tree over time.

A leaning trunk. If you notice a tree leaning at more than a 15 degree angle because of damage to its roots or exposure to heavy winds, you should remove it to avoid the risk of it falling.

Rotted roots. Fungal growth on the trunk or mushrooms growing around the base of a tree which can indicate disease.

Sudden loss of limbs or leaves. An unusual shedding of branches or leaves can indicate an unhealthy tree.

Cracked or missing bark. Spots where a tree’s bark is dead are called cankers, which can make the tree vulnerable to further damage.

If you see any of these signs, have a trusted arborist inspect your tree to determine if it needs to be removed.

How do your tree trimming and removal processes work?

Tree Removal Austin

Our tree experts will arrive on your property with all the tools they need to complete the job. The team will first conduct a site survey to determine what obstacles might be a factor in trimming and or removing your tree, whether it is a fence, a beloved garden, vehicles or overhead utility lines. Then, our arborists will inspect the trunk for signs of decay and assess the risk for damage as the tree is trimmed and or felled.

Tree Removal

Larger trees will be undercut in the direction the tree should come to the ground. A backcut will be made on the opposite side of the undercut to relieve pressure, allowing the tree to fall. Limbs will then be removed and the trunk will be cut into firewood, if you so desire. If you don’t need or want the wood, you may instead opt to have us remove it entirely. Our crew will clean up any remaining debris so your lawn is left in pristine condition.

How much do tree trimming and removal cost?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy way to tell you exactly what the cost of your project will be. That’s one reason we send an inspector to meet with you at your home to gather the information we will need to provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate.

The factors that influence the cost of a tree removal job include:

  • the height of the tree

  • its diameter

  • the current condition of the tree

  • how easy it is for our technicians to access the tree

  • what you would like us to do with the tree trunk and limbs after it has been removed

One of the reasons homeowners elect to have trees removed is that potential damage from a trunk or limbs falling can far outweigh the cost of removing a weakened or dead tree.

What impact will tree trimming or removal have on my yard and flowers?

At ABC, we treat your lawn as we would our own. That means that we take extra care during our tree removal process to minimize the impact on your existing plants and landscaping. When your tree (or trees) have been safely removed, our crews clean up your yard and leave you with any firewood you might want to use later on. Our goal is to leave your yard in as good as or better condition than we found it.

Do I need to be at home when my trees are being trimmed or removed?

When you contact us about having a tree (or trees) removed, we schedule a time that’s convenient for you to meet an ABC inspector on your property. During this visit, our inspector will get a better idea of the time and tools that will be needed for your tree removal project and answer any questions you might have about our process. Then, ABC will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate to have the work done.

Once you approve the estimate, in most cases, we can schedule the job when you are away at work, as long as we have access to your yard to do our work. For their safety, we do also ask that you keep your dogs and children inside while our experts are removing your trees.


If I want to plant another tree on my property, what are some things I should keep in mind?

The three main factors which can lead to tree failure are root damage, poor planting techniques and overcrowding. Some of the things you can do to promote healthy tree growth include:

  • Planting your tree in a hole with about a four foot diameter so that new roots have enough room to grow.

  • Positioning your tree so that its root ball is about an inch and a half above the ground to promote healthy root development.

  • Loosening the root ball as you are placing it into the ground to cut through circled or long roots. Doing so enables nutrients to move up into your tree’s canopy.

  • Providing your tree with enough room to grow to maturity. Make sure to leave adequate space between your tree and your any surrounding structures, concrete and other trees.

  • Considering how sprawling your root structure can become before undertaking construction projects so you don’t harm your tree’s base.

  • Avoiding overwatering your tree when it’s dry since you can inadvertently kill roots, which can lead to instability.

  • Keeping your trees pruned to avoid decay and strengthen the overall structure. Don’t top your trees, as this can lead to uneven growth and limb and trunk failure.

Our tree care experts can help recommend a new tree which can thrive in our climate and in your landscape.

Do you have certified arborists on staff?

Trees are a very valuable asset, so you should make sure to only hire the most well-qualified professionals to handle your tree care and removal. ABC  shows we take our tree care seriously by hiring staff with the following credentials:

ISA Certified Arborist Oak Wilt Qualified