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I wanted to let you know how wonderful a job Gideon does on my pool.  He is always on time when he       says that he is on his way.  He always knocks on the door when he arrives and always checks in before he leaves.  He explains the work he has done. Customer service like his is hard to find.

- Judy T, October 2017
How often will you clean my pool?

Some of the factors we take into consideration when setting up regular appointments are the type of pool you have, what time of year it is and how often you use your pool. Our Premiere Plan members receive weekly pool cleaning service on a year-round basis.

Additionally, if you're a commercial pool customer, we can also work with you to build a custom schedule to better accommodate your needs and preferences.

What is included in your pool cleaning service?

ABC’s pool cleaning customers tell us that they don’t miss the hassle of taking care of this routine task, because now they have more time to spend on enjoying their pool.

Pool cleaning Austin

ABC’s pool cleaning service includes:

  • Brushing, vacuuming, and skimming your pool to remove debris.

  • Emptying pumps and skimmer baskets of leaves, sticks and other materials.

  • Checking for algae growth and harmful bacteria.

  • Testing the chemical balance of your water and making adjustments as needed to maintain ideal conditions. We test for pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, chlorine, cyanuric acids and total dissolved solids.

At least one time each pool season, our licensed specialists will inspect your filters, skimmers, ladders and other pool components for signs of wear and tear and bring any other potential red flags to our attention. Our pool cleaning service is designed to make life as easy on our customers as possible so you don’t have any unexpected surprises.

Can you clean my saltwater pool or hot tub?

Absolutely! Our licensed specialists have the tools and equipment to clean almost any type of pool or hot tub.

Can you also make repairs?

One of the benefits of choosing ABC for your pool cleaning is that our skilled pool specialists not only know how to keep your pool water sparkling clean, but also can spot any potential problems with your pool early on. By diagnosing and fixing a problem with a filter, valve or another part of your pool’s mechanical system, we can help you can address smaller problems before they become larger headaches.

Will my pool be cleaned on the same day each week?

You will see the most benefits from your pool cleaning if a regular schedule is maintained, so yes, in most cases, your ABC pool specialist will come to your home on the same day each week. During holiday weeks or in inclement weather, our office will contact you to make any needed schedule changes.

Can I change the day of the week my pool is cleaned?

We create our pool cleaning schedules based on the availability of our specialists to serve different parts of the city each day. We will do everything we can to accommodate any schedule changes requested by our customers.

Do I need to be home when you clean my pool?

Most of our pool cleaning occurs during the day when our customers aren’t at home. As long as our specialists know how to access your pool area and your pets are safely inside, we will be happy to clean your pool so that you can return to enjoy the beautiful, clear water.

How long do I need to wait to use my pool after a chemical treatment?

If we perform a chemical treatment on your pool during a routine visit, we will leave you with clear instructions about when you can use your pool again. Depending on what kind of treatment was performed, you can typically use your pool again anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to allow the chemicals to mix into your pool water. If we need to “shock” your pool, you will need to test your chlorine levels to see when the level drops to a safe level to determine when you can swim again.

How often should I test my pool’s chemicals?

Although you can usually perform weekly testing on your pool’s chemicals, you are safer testing your pool water’s chlorine and pH levels at least two times a week. Regularly testing and adjusting your water balance will ensure your swimming environment is sanitary, that your pool water is clear and that your equipment is able to function properly.

What am I doing wrong if my pool smells strongly of chlorine or if the water burns my eyes?

Although it may seem strange, a strong smell from your pool actually means the opposite of what you might think: that instead of too much chlorine, there is actually not enough of this chemical in your pool water to neutralize the ammonia in the water. Organic materials such as suntan lotion, makeup and hair spray—otherwise known as chloramines—can react with the chlorine in your pool water, reducing its ability to sanitize and disinfect your pool. In some cases, when this happens, you may need to perform a shock treatment to restore your pool’s chemical balance.

What can I expect from a pool cleaning service?
Why choose ABC to keep my pool clean?

We understand that you have many choices when it comes to pool cleaning here in Austin. When we ask our customers why they chose ABC, they tell us that they appreciate the experience and high-quality services our pool specialists provide. Our licensed professionals undergo drug screening and a criminal background check during the hiring process, so you can feel safe having one of our technicians on your property.

In addition to having experienced specialists, ABC is recognized as a Certified Pool/Spa Operator by the National Swimming Pool Foundation. This program gives our employees access to special training materials on pool maintenance, care and operation.

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