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How quickly can you come to my home?

At ABC, we understand that if you’re dealing with a pest problem, you want a professional to come to your home promptly. Reach out to us and we will send a specialist to your home as quickly as possible. In certain cases, we’re even able to offer complimentary estimates over the phone. 

Because there are a variety of factors that can make pest problems difficult to control, we typically prefer to schedule an in-person visit to better understand your problem and the best possible treatment plan. In these situations, we will schedule an inspection for the soonest available opportunity. At the end of the inspection, we will present you with the recommended next steps and a complimentary estimate. When we receive your approval, we will put your first treatment call on the schedule.

Which pest control services do you offer in Bulverde?

ABC has been serving homeowners in the greater San Antonio area since 1949. With decades of experience providing high-quality pest control in Bulverde, we’ve helped homeowners with nearly every type of nuisance insect and creature that calls this area home. While we can help with any pest on your property, we most commonly provide the following types of pest control:

An American cockroach

Cockroach Control

Seeing a cockroach scurry across your floor or, worse, your kitchen counter can be horrifying—or sometimes, embarrassing. These pests are widely-hated and are capable of infesting even the cleanest of homes. When cockroaches make it inside your home, they can contaminate food, spread disease-causing bacteria, worsen allergies, damage belongings and leave behind musty smells. Dealing with roach problems can be difficult for a variety of reasons. For one, these pests have been around for millions of years and have become resistant to many DIY treatment methods. Additionally, cockroaches have learned to live and breed in close quarters with humans. Lastly, these pests are prolific breeders with some females laying up to 10,000 eggs in a single year. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a cockroach problem, contact ABC. We have a deep understanding of all types of roach behavior and can implement pest control strategies to get your problem under control. 

A mosquito biting someone

Mosquito Control 

Practically everyone has experienced the annoying, itchy reality that is having multiple mosquito bites. It’s one thing when you get bitten while you’re out visiting Guadalupe River State Park or exploring nature. It’s another thing if you’re getting eaten alive in your own backyard. Mosquito control can be practically impossible for homeowners because these pests only need about a bottle cap’s worth of water to reproduce. If mosquitoes are giving you grief, contact ABC. We can create a mosquito control plan that targets adult mosquitoes and neutralizes mosquito breeding areas. 

A subterranean termite on a piece of wood

Termite Control 

Subterranean termites cost homeowners across the U.S. billions of dollars in property damage every year. These voracious insects are capable of causing so much destruction for a variety of reasons. Subterranean termites tunnel underground and out of sight, so many homeowners don’t even realize that there is a problem until significant damage has been done. Additionally, termite colonies can grow to have up to a million members. To make matters worse, these insects eat all day, every day once they have become established on your property. 

If you are worried about termites, reach out to ABC. If we find you do have a problem, we will be able to locate the colony and then create an effective treatment plan. For further peace of mind, we offer an ongoing termite monitoring program that allows us to catch signs of termite activity before a colony even becomes established. 

A bed bug crawling on someone

Bed Bug Control 

Bed bug infestations can take a huge emotional toll, particularly since these problems tend to be prolonged. Homeowners can unknowingly bring these pests home after visiting a place that is infested. Since it can take up to two weeks for some people to develop reactions to bites, an infestation can develop without your even realizing. Once bed bugs become established, they can be extremely difficult for homeowners to control. These tiny creatures are experts at hiding, and can remain in the smallest cracks for extended periods of time until they need their next blood meal to reproduce. If you’re ready for relief, contact ABC. We can create a comprehensive bed bug control plan, so you can have peace of mind when your head hits the pillow. 

A tick crawling on a white piece of fabric

Tick & Flea Control 

Flea infestations can seem to come out of nowhere, as these creatures are prolific breeders. Fleas can bite both you and your pets, leaving both the human and furry family members in your household covered in itchy welts. Fleas can be extremely difficult for homeowners to control on their own because some types of treatments are only effective in certain parts of their life cycle. Additionally, flea larvae can lay dormant for up to six months. This means that you need a comprehensive plan for flea control—both indoors and out—to ensure you don’t get re-infested. 

Although ticks don’t typically infest homes, the presence of even a single tick can be alarming. This is because ticks are capable of transmitting serious diseases, such as Lyme disease. No matter which type of these two pests is on your property, you can count on ABC for a thorough treatment plan.  

A rat on a roof

Rodent & Wildlife Control 

There are a variety of creatures that can cause trouble for Bulverde area homeowners. If you’re struggling with a mouse, rat, skunk, squirrel, raccoon or possum problem, you certainly aren’t alone. These types of wildlife can find their way onto your property and into your attic and crawl spaces through tiny cracks or crevices. When these creatures invade our spaces, they can contaminate food, damage belongings, leave behind foul smells, strew trash about and even cause house fires by chewing through electrical wiring. 

If rodents or wildlife are making you uneasy, contact ABC. We can strategically set traps and remove all of the unwanted creatures. Then, we can seal up potential entry points other creatures could use to gain access to your home. 

A black widow spider on a web

Spider & Scorpion Control

Spiders and scorpions tend to stay hidden in cool, dark areas. Typically, when we come across a spider when pulling an old tool box out of the garage or grabbing an item out of the back of the closet, we don’t stick around long enough to identify it. However, this can be important as there are two varieties of venomous spider in Bulverde—the brown recluse and the black widow. 

Anyone who has experienced a scorpion sting will tell you that they can be extremely painful, so many homeowners prefer to stay away from these creatures as well. Whether you’re in need of spider or scorpion control, ABC can help. We can implement preventative strategies to reduce the chances of an encounter with these creatures.

Do you offer free estimates?

Yes, we will come out for an initial inspection at no cost to you and can sometimes give you a quote over the phone. At your in-person meeting, you can expect your pest control professional to: 

  • review the pest problems you have been having and where on your property you’ve been experiencing the issues; 
  • conduct an initial inspection of your property to locate pest hiding spots and potential pest entry points; 
  • determine if there is any pest-related damage; 
  • identify the species of pest, if necessary and
  • answer any questions you may have about the pests or our pest control protocols.

At the end of the inspection, your technician will present you with a tailored pest control plan. After you approve the estimate, we will put your first service call on the calendar.

What does a pest control service look like at my home?
What process does ABC follow to control pests?

ABC follows the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) when creating a treatment plan for your property. This approach takes into account lessons learned in entomology, biology, animal behavior and horticulture to create a pest control plan that is both low-impact and effective. The IPM approach is endorsed by many reputable organizations, including the Environmental Protection Agency. IPM is widely accepted because it focuses on making minor modifications to the surrounding environment and only turning to chemical interventions when absolutely necessary. 

When reaching out to ABC for pest control, Bulverde homeowners can expect our specialists to assess their surroundings for pest activity. We will determine what might have attracted the pests in the first place and how we can make adjustments to make the environment less hospitable for unwanted insects and animals. Depending on the pest, we may recommend moving firewood away from the foundation of your home, for example, or changing your sprinkler schedule. Our specialists are happy to answer any questions you might have about our treatment plans and protocols.

Can you protect my home year-round?

Pest pressure is high in Comal County throughout the year, which is why ABC has developed an ongoing pest treatment program. Customers that sign up for this program benefit from periodic treatments on our property throughout the year to help prevent pest problems. During these service calls, we will apply solutions to control the most common pests in the area: spiders, scorpions, ants and roaches.  

What can ABC do about honey bees?

At ABC, we recognize the valuable role bees play in our ecosystem, and we recognize the specialized skills and equipment needed to deal with a bee problem. If there’s a honey bee nest on your property, we can give you the contact information for local beekeepers who can relocate the nest or give you any other advice on how to handle bee activity on your property. 

Do I need to be at home when you treat for pests?

During our initial inspection, we typically ask that you are home so we can ask you specific questions about your pest problem and your property to determine the best course of action. Depending on what type of pest has invaded your property and pest activity is happening, we may need you to be home for treatments. 

Fortunately, we do offer outside-only services as part of our ongoing pest treatment offerings that reduce the likelihood of future pest problems. If you sign up for this plan, we can come and treat the perimeter of your home and other outdoor areas that are common pest hiding spots. This means you can do anything you need to while we are treating your home, whether that's running errands, taking your kids to Natural Bridge Caverns or going to work.

What makes ABC my best choice for pest control?

ABC has been providing pest control in Bulverde and the San Antonio metro since 1949. With over 70 years of experience dealing with every imaginable type of pest problem in the area, we’ve learned what works (and what doesn't) to effectively target pests. With this knowledge, we have created an in-house training program that all specialists must go through before conducting service calls. That way, the technician that comes to your home will be well equipped to tackle your particular pest issue.

Additionally, you can feel comfortable when any ABC technician arrives at your home, as our interview process includes a drug test and a criminal background check. Lastly, ABC is a family-run business, and one of our values is that we always treat our customers' homes as if they were our own. That means that our technicians care careful around your property and make sure to leave everything in better condition than they found it.