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I need help with my pest problem, and I need someone out here fast. When can an ABC technician get here?

While we can’t make specific promises about how quickly we will be able to schedule your initial treatment, here’s what we can say.

Before one of our pros can come out to service your home, we need to come up with an estimate and you need to approve it. For truly time-sensitive issues, we always strive to provide an estimate over the phone so that you can schedule your first treatment right then.

However, there are some issues that will require us to send out an inspector to better understand the nature and extent of the issue before we can offer an estimate. If you fall into this latter category, you can rest assured that we are typically able to conduct inspections within a few business days and that these appointments are completely free of charge. As soon as you approve the inspector’s estimate, we can schedule your initial treatment.

What exactly does your ABC inspector look for?

Our goal in sending out an inspector is simple: to gather all the information we require to make sure we can craft a treatment plan that is customized to meet your needs. To this end, the inspector will:

  • Confirm which pest or pests are causing your problems
  • Search for the source of your infestation
  • Determine the severity and extent of the issue
  • Note any associated damage
  • Uncover any unique characteristics of your property that might make it more vulnerable to infestation
  • Talk to you to learn more about what you have experienced
  • Respond to any of your questions regarding our philosophy, techniques and the overall course of treatment

Based on the inspector’s findings, we will create and send you a free, no-obligation estimate for your approval.

Can you handle different kinds of pests?

Our pros routinely handle a variety of pest infestations in New Braunfels. Our experienced technicians provide the following types of services in the area:

Mosquito Control New Braunfels TX

Mosquito Control

Did you know that the deadliest animal on Earth is the mosquito? It’s true! With the vast array of deadly diseases they carry with them, these tiny pests kill about 250,000 people every year. So it’s too bad that New Braunfels is rife with the bodies of water, woodland areas and hot, wet weather they love to breed in. If you can’t go outside without being bitten, give ABC a call. We can help you drastically reduce the mosquito population around your house, then show you techniques that will make them less likely to return.

Pest Control New Braunfels TX

Roach Control

Few things gross people out more than the sight of a cockroach crawling up out of their drain as they’re about to wash dishes or get in the tub, and it’s completely understandable why. Not only are these pests disgusting, but also they bring with them all sorts of possible issues. They contaminate food, cause allergies and exacerbate asthma, just to name a few. Of course, these creatures are also hard to eliminate. Our trained and skilled pest experts know how to locate their nests and take them out. That way you not only get rid of the live roaches that are currently bothering you, but also their eggs.

Bed Bug Exterminator New Braunfels TX

Bed Bug Exterminator

Activities such as tubing and Schlitterbahn bring people to New Braunfels, which brings in money to the local economy. The downside of living in an area with a healthy dose of tourism is that it also opens the city up to bed bugs that hitchhike in with out-of-town guests. Most of the time these pests remain the problem of resorts and hotels, but sometimes they make their way to residential households. If you find yourself suffering from a bed bug problem, you need professional help, and you need it immediately. ABC’s experts understand the best techniques to get rid of bed bugs fast and stop them from coming back.

Termite Control New Braunfels TX

Termite Control

Discovering a termite is like the beginning of a horror movie—you know it’s just the start and that the truly bad news is yet to come. Why? Because finding one termite likely means you have a colony. Unless you’re very lucky, that colony has probably been gnawing away at the inside of your house for months or longer. Despite this depressing news, finding termites is a good thing, because you can stop them from causing more damage by calling us. At ABC, we know just how serious—and expensive—termites can be, and our goal is always to pinpoint the colony and wipe it out as quickly as possible. 

Rodent Control New Braunfels TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

With our heavily wooded areas, bugs aren’t the only pest problem New Braunfels residents face. Birds, mice, possums, raccoons, rats and other larger creatures sometimes invade homes in the area. When they do, you have to watch out for contaminated food, damage to your house, diseases and even the possibility of being attacked if you stumble onto one of them and frighten it. ABC technicians are trained to track these pests down and remove them from your home in the most humane way possible. Then, once they’re gone, we’ll work on strengthening your home’s defenses and making your property less attractive to potential future invaders.

Ant Control New Braunfels TX

Fire Ant Control

While fire ants are widespread in New Braunfels, with ABC’s treatments, you can make your yard a far less friendly place for them to set up shop and encourage them to head elsewhere. With our help, you can protect your loved ones from their stinging bites around your house.

Flea Exterminator New Braunfels TX

Tick & Flea Control

Sometimes flea collars and treatments just aren’t enough. If one of your pets runs across a tick, it can result in dire health issues, both for them and for you. Keep these parasites from becoming a problem or rid yourself of infestations that have gotten out of hand by calling us. We train our pros to control these pests at all life stages.

Pest Control New Braunfels

Spider & Scorpion Control

There are only a few spider and scorpion species that actually pose a danger to people. Here’s the thing, though—if you come across one, are you really going to want to take the time to learn if it’s safe or not? What if it isn’t and you end up getting stung or bitten? Instead of taking chances, give ABC a call. Our experts will be able to let you know what you’re dealing with—and we have techniques that can help you control the spider and scorpion population in general, minimizing your chances of having run-ins in the future.

Are ABC’s pest control estimates free for New Braunfels residents?

In short, yes. Not only are our estimates always free, but we won’t charge you if you have to have an inspection, either. You will only be charged after you agree to your customized plan of action and treatments begin.

What can I expect that a technician will do at my home?

How does ABC handle pest control in New Braunfels?

ABC operates under Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles, which essentially means we base our treatments around the biology and behavior of the pests in question, and that we put a focus on prevention. What does this mean if you contact us about an infestation? First and foremost, our goal will be to get rid of the infestation. We do this by learning where the pest or pests in question are living and breeding around your property, then treating those problem areas. Once the infestation is under control, our technicians work with homeowners on steps they can take to prevent pests in the future.

Can you tell me how many treatments it will take to get rid of my pests?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you an accurate sense of your course of treatment without knowing more about your specific situation.

All pest problems are unique, which means that one household might only require a single treatment, while another could many more. There are a number of variables involved, which is why we recommend having an inspector come out to assess the situation first.

That being said, resolving a pest issue in one treatment is incredibly rare. Even if the initial treatment eradicates most of the pests, leaving a few alive can cause the problems to start all over again.

Beyond this, many of our customers experience problems with more than just one type of pest at different times of the year. If his sounds like you, we recommend our year-round pest program. It focuses on treating for four of the most common area pests at the times of the year when they are most active.

Can an ABC technician perform treatments when I’m not there, or do I need to be at home?

If you need us to treat the interior of your home, we ask that you be present. Additionally, if we send an inspector over to check out the problem, we prefer that the homeowner be there so that we can learn about your experiences and preferences and craft the right pest control program for you.

We do, however, offer outside-only services, and for those you do not need to be present. If you opt for outside-only services from ABC, one of our experts will treat the exterior of your house for crawling insects, regardless of whether you are present or not. All you need to do is make sure we know how to access your yard.

Why should I pick ABC for pest control over other New Braunfels companies?

Our clients say they choose us for a number of reasons. ABC technicians are friendly and knowledgeable. They are all licensed (TPCL2170). People feel safe letting them into their homes because they know we engage in drug testing and extensive background tests for everyone we hire.

I’m interested in hiring ABC for more than just pest control. What else do you do?

One of the things people like most about ABC is that they can handle all of their home service needs with one company rather than juggling multiple bills and accounts. Our skilled technicians can help with:

What does exterior cleaning mean, exactly? We’re able to assist customers with:

Window Cleaning

Want clear, streak-free windows but just don’t have time to do the job yourself? Our trained technicians will clean both indoor and outdoor window surfaces.

Gutter Cleaning

Over time, leaves, dirt and other debris can clog up gutters and prevent them from working correctly. You can clean them yourself, but it’s a dirty, time-consuming and potentially dangerous job to get up on a tall ladder and clear them by hand. Instead, let our experts do it for you.

Power Washing

When dirt and pollen build up on your driveway, patio, and walkways, it can make your home look drab and in need of better care. Worse, the pollen can exacerbate allergies and make life miserable for people in your house. Power washing from ABC solves both of those problems.