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How quickly can I get a plumber to my house?

Some plumbing problems require immediate attention, which is why ABC offers emergency plumbing services. That means if you’re having a plumbing emergency, no matter what time it is, you can give us a call at (512) 837-9500 and we will send a licensed plumber to your home as quickly as possible. 

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What types of plumbing services does ABC provide?

ABC can repair, replace and maintain all aspects of your plumbing system. 

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Our licensed plumbers can:

  • Clear your toilets, sinks or drains of any blockages. 
  • Prevent water waste by fixing dripping faucets and leaking pipes. 
  • Install new equipment, such as a new garbage disposal, water heater, toilet or water softener. 
  • Upgrade old faucets and fixtures with new components.
  • Inspect your home for any gas or water leaks and make repairs as needed. 
  • Fix any plumbing issues with your garbage disposal, dishwasher, refrigerator or ice maker. 
  • Locate inefficiencies in your sprinkler system. 
  • Use video technology to locate any obstructions in sewer lines.  
Do you have licensed plumbers?

All of ABC’s plumbers are licensed, and our plumbing services are supervised by a licensed Master Plumber. Our plumbing specialists have the training and expertise to handle any repairs that you need, as well as being able to handle all maintenance and installation. 

Does ABC provide a warranty with plumbing services?

In addition to manufacturer warranties on parts, ABC provides a satisfaction guarantee on all labor and parts within a year of your service. If you aren’t happy for whatever reason, give us a call and we would be happy to come back to make things right. 


Why is my water bill so much higher than normal?

Plumbing issues that may seem minor around your home can lead to a water bill that is much higher than normal. For example, your leaking sink can waste up to 300 gallons of water a year. Your running toilet can cost you an additional $100 on your water bill each year. 

If your water bill is higher than usual, we recommend inspecting your home for leaking faucets. Don’t stop with your indoor faucets—sometimes the culprit is a leaking garden spigot. Another common culprit is a problem with your irrigation system. ABC's experienced technicians can take a close look at your sprinkler systems, and make sure none of your sprinkler heads are broken or damaged. 

On the other hand, if your water bill is drastically higher, it could be due to a more serious problem, such as a slab leak. When water corrodes your copper pipes over time, a slab leak can develop. Signs you may have a slab leak include large puddles of water around the perimeter of your home, moist or moldy floors, low water pressure and a moldy smell in your home. Calling in a professional to address this problem is crucial, because not only does this problem create water damage, this excess moisture can also make your home more susceptible to a termite infestation or another pest problem.

Can you install plumbing equipment?

Although most of our service calls involve repairing existing equipment, ABC's skilled plumbers are fully prepared to install any new plumbing equipment, parts or other components. Our technicians can install new fixtures, toilets, faucets, water heaters, garbage disposals and water softeners. You can rely on ABC to give you honest advice on whether it would be more cost-efficient to make repairs on your current equipment or install newer equipment, which often has added features and is more water wise. 

How can I handle a slow or clogged drain on my own?

Our first piece of advice is to carefully remove any obvious blockages that might be in your drain, such as a child’s toy or a ball. If you’re unclogging a sink with a garbage disposal, use extreme caution to avoid damaging your appliance by using tongs to pull out any obstructions, as opposed to using your hands. Once you have removed any visible clogs, pour an enzyme-based opener down the length of the pipe. An auger is usually the best tool to unclog your drain if the blockage is past where you can see it.  

If your clog is more difficult to handle than you had originally thought, or if you don't have the time or the tools to clear the blockage, ABC can help. We can locate the obstruction and effectively clear it quickly. 

What if you are working on my plumbing and something goes wrong?

On extremely rare occasions, we will come across a plumbing problem that ends up being a bigger headache than we had originally thought. If this happens, we will let you know about any of the problems we have come across and present you with an updated estimate. We won't start work until you have given us the OK for any added expense and work.

Our customers appreciate the Comfort Guarantee that ABC extends to our customers. If a problem we come across ends up being larger than expected and you are unable to stay in your home, ABC will pay for your family to stay in a hotel until all emergency repairs are made. 

What does a plumbing service look like at my home?
Why should I choose ABC for plumbing services?

Homeowners in Buda have been relying on ABC for a variety of home services for decades. As a matter of fact, while we started as a pest control company, through the ongoing support of the community we have been able to grow to provide homeowners and business owners with a multitude of services. 

Part of the reason homeowners turn to us is because not only are our plumbers licensed, but they are also background checked and drug tested prior to getting hired. Once on board, ABC employees go through additional in-house training to prepare them to deliver a high level of service for our customers. Lastly, as a family run business, we believe in treating your home as if it was our own. 

What other services does ABC provide for Buda homeowners?