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I need a plumber, and I need one now. When can you get here?

Since we recognize that some plumbing problems just can’t wait, our licensed plumbers are available any time, day or night, to respond to plumbing emergencies. If you have a plumbing project or task which is less urgent, we can usually get you on the schedule within a business day of contacting us.

Plumbing Georgetown TX

What kind of plumbing tasks and projects can ABC handle?

Our licensed plumbers have the experience and knowledge to take care of any plumbing-related issue you may encounter on your property.

Plumber Georgetown TX

Georgetown residents most often reach out to us when they need help with:

  • Unclogging their toilets, sinks or drains

  • Repairing leaking pipes and fixing those annoying, dripping faucets so that you don’t spend more than you have to on your water bill or wastewater

  • Making fixes to or replacing your toilet, all types of water heaters, garbage disposals or water treatment systems

  • Updating your kitchen or bathroom by swapping out faucets or fixtures

  • Quickly taking care of gas or water leaks to protect your family from any potential health hazards or your property and belongings from water damage

  • Resolving plumbing-related issues with dishwashers, refrigerators or your ice maker

  • Backflow testing on sprinkler systems to pinpoint any water issues that can make your yard susceptible to lawn diseases and pest infestations

  • Taking advantage of video technology to identify blockages in drains and sewer lines that don’t respond to traditional drain cleaning methods

Do ABC plumbers hold licenses?

All the work of our plumbing team is overseen by a licensed Master Plumber. In addition, all our plumbing specialists receive extensive in-house training to allow them to perform maintenance, install new parts, make repairs and take on any other types of projects you just don’t have the time for or realize are more than you can handle.

What kind of warranties does ABC offer on plumbing?

We want you to be completely satisfied with the plumbing work we do for you. That’s why ABC offers a one-year, money back guarantee on our services. That means that we will come back to fix any problems you are having within twelve months—at no cost to you—or issue you a refund. In addition, depending on what kind of work you have done, you may be eligible for an additional warranty through the manufacturer of the product you purchased.

As experienced as our plumbers are, on rare occasions, an unforeseen issue can develop which means that our plumbers will need to work longer in your home than we initially expected. Since we understand that this can disrupt your normal routine, ABC offers a Comfort Guarantee. Under these extremely unlikely circumstances, we will cover the cost for your family to stay in a hotel overnight so that we can keep working until you can come back.

What are some of the reasons that my water bill might be higher than normal?

Seeing a spike in your water bill can be alarming, especially if you aren’t quite sure what is going on. It could be that you have a running toilet, which could increase your bill by up to $100 over the course of a year. Believe it or not, you can waste up to 300 gallons of water if you have just one leaky faucet.

If you want to troubleshoot an unusually high water bill on your own, the first place you’ll want to head is outside to take a closer look at your outside faucets. If one faucet isn’t completely turned off, you could be wasting up to a half a gallon of water there, which is completely understandable if you don’t notice dripping because you have a hose attached. The next place you may want to look is inside of your toilet bowl at your flapper. Over time, these parts can become worn, which is one reason your toilet might be running.

Another place to check is your sprinkler system. Turn on the water, walk by all the stations and see if any of your heads might be broken or damaged. After a full cycle, look for areas water might be collecting, which can indicate that you may need to adjust the time watering occurs at each station, or can be a warning sign about a leak. If you check all these common problem spots and you still can’t tell what’s going on, or if you need an expert to make a repair, ABC’s plumbers can come in to take care of that for you or call in one of our irrigation experts to advise you on next steps.

Can an ABC plumber install a part or equipment for me?

You bet! Many homeowners purchase plumbing equipment or parts and plan to install it themselves, only to realize that they don’t really have the time on busy weekends to do it, or they realize that they don’t have a needed tool or that the process isn’t as straightforward as expected. Rather than having that toilet in the garage for months or those fixtures sitting on the floor for weeks, give ABC a call.

Our plumbers have a reputation for their high-quality and prompt installation work, which includes toilets, water heaters, water softeners and garbage disposals. Don’t forget that we can also take care of changing out those faucets and fixtures, too. If you need an honest second opinion about whether it makes more sense to repair a part or get a replacement, ABC will give you sound advice to you can make an informed decision.

What are some things I can do to handle clogged or slow drains?

One of the most common reasons we get calls we get from Georgetown homeowners is to unclog a drain. How can you avoid needing to call in a professional to take care of this plumbing problem?

Here are our recommendations on what to do first:

  • Remove the plug from your tub, sink or drain. Use a flashlight to perform a visual inspection to see if there are any obvious obstructions (hair, a kid’s toy or other built-up debris). Remove anything you can see down the drain or pipe.

  • Carefully and slowly pour a small amount of enzyme-based drain opener down the drain, which can help remove obstructions you can’t see that are further down.

  • Follow the directions on the label of the drain opener or run a slow stream of hot water down the drain to see if the pipes are now clear.

  • If you still have a slow or clogged drain, try using an auger to break up what’s causing your problem.

In most cases, homeowners don’t have an auger or decide that it’s time to call in the pros if a drain opener doesn’t work. When you call an experienced plumber, you benefit from having someone quickly unclog your toilet, sink or drain and you gain peace of mind, knowing that you won’t accidentally make things worse or cause damage to your pipes that will require a larger fix.

What if the plumber takes longer on my plumbing problem or project than originally anticipated?

In some unique cases, our plumbers will encounter an issue which complicates the plumbing work you asked us to do. In the unlikely event that this happens to you, we will present you with a revised estimate and associated timeline so that you can approve any additional work and not be subject to any further unexpected costs.

If our plumbers realize we will not be able to complete the work until the following day, making it inconvenient to conduct your normal routine, we will arrange for you to stay at a hotel, at no cost to you. This Comfort Guarantee is in addition to the one-year guarantee on all parts and labor and any other manufacturer warranties.

Does ABC provide any other home services here in Georgetown?

At ABC Home & Commercial, we’re grateful to our hardworking employees and loyal customers who have allowed us to offer a whole range of services to homeowners, including: