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I need help right now. How soon will ABC be able to come?

We get it. We really do. When you have pests invading your home and property, help can’t come too quickly. You want those creatures gone yesterday. That’s why ABC always strives to start treatment quickly. However, we also want to make sure that we are providing our customers with the right treatment. In some cases, it may be possible for us to offer you an over-the-phone estimate so that we can schedule your initial treatment right then. However, there are some issues that we will need to see in person beforehand. If you fall into that latter category, we’ll schedule the earliest possible time for an inspector to come to your home for a free estimate. Typically, these inspections can be scheduled to occur within just a few business days. After you approve the inspector’s recommended treatment plan and estimate, we will be able to set up your initial service call.

How exactly do your inspections work?

If we determine that a free inspection needs to be done before we can schedule service, we will set up a time and day for the appointment where you can be present. When the inspector arrives, he or she will:

  • Search for the source of your infestation
  • Determine how severe and widespread the problem is
  • Identify the types of pests you’re dealing with
  • Assess any associated damage
  • Look for specific property characteristics that might be making you more susceptible to pests
  • Talk to you about what you’ve been seeing
  • Answer any questions you have regarding our philosophy, the techniques we use and so on
  • Create a customized treatment plan

After your inspection, we will send over a free estimate that details your recommended treatment plan and what to do next. As soon as you approve the estimate, we will be able to put your first service call on the schedule.

Can ABC help with the specific pest problem I’m dealing with?

We’re well aware that Boerne residents suffer from all kinds of pest infestations. These are the types of pest control services we most frequently get calls about:

Mosquito Control Boerne TX

Mosquito Control

Everyone loves the Boerne marshlands, but that “everyone” unfortunately also includes plenty of mosquitoes. Sadly, with Boerne Lake in the northwest and Cibola Creek cutting right through the middle of town, there are plenty of breeding grounds here for these annoying—and dangerous—insects. If you can’t go outside without being swarmed, let us help you take back your yard. Our techniques are designed to not only decrease the number of mosquitoes currently bothering you but also make your property less friendly to them in the future.

Pest Control Boerne TX

Roach Control

No one likes roaches, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. Not only do they gross most people out, but also they can contaminate food, cause sickness, and exacerbate issues like allergies and asthma. Just as frustrating, they’re really, really hard to get rid of. That’s where we come in, though. Our pest control experts know how to discover their hiding spots so that we can direct our treatments to deal with both the live insects and any nests and eggs you may have.

Bed Bug Exterminator Boerne TX

Bed Bug Exterminator

You usually hear about bed bugs in dense urban areas. Not as much for smaller cities like Boerne. But when you couple Boerne’s proximity to San Antonio with the fact that lots of people like to visit here for a Hill Country getaway, it starts to make sense why more and more residents have reported issues with these nightmare pests. If you discover you have a bed bug issue, get in touch with ABC immediately. These pests are almost impossible to deal with without professional help, and if you don’t eliminate them quickly, they can easily spread to other areas. Our experts have been trained to pinpoint the source of the issue and eradicate these pesky pests for good.

Termite Control Boerne TX

Termite Control

While people might feel most disgusted by roaches, the discovery of termites is even more terrifying. Why? Because you just don’t know how much damage these pests may have done to your house until an expert is able to come over and inspect the extent of your infestation. And that damage can be incredibly costly. In fact, every year, termites are responsible for billions of dollars of damage to homes. When you call us, our skilled technicians will work swiftly to find the colony, destroy it and help you protect your home against future invaders.

Rodent Control Boerne TX

Wildlife & Rodent Control

Pests in Boerne aren’t limited to bugs. Birds, mice, possums, raccoons, rats and other creatures can present a huge problem if they infest your house or property. They chew through wiring and cause other types of damage, leave droppings, bring other invaders with them (like ticks and fleas) and may attack if frightened. At ABC, our pest technicians understand how to remove larger pests humanely and make it less likely that you will suffer similar issues in the future by closing entry points and offering tips on what you can do to discourage wildlife sticking around on your property going forward.

Ant Control Boerne

Fire Ant Control

There’s only one way to get fire ants to stop bothering you completely—leave Texas! Even though fire ants are everywhere in our state, though, that doesn’t mean you just have to accept it if you start having mounds pop up all around your yard. Our treatments will help you drastically reduce the fire ant population on your property. In addition, we can suggest tips on things to do to stop them from coming back.

Flea Exterminator Boerne TX

Tick & Flea Control

Much like mosquitoes, fleas and ticks tend to be attracted to warm, humid areas with plenty of natural areas for them to hide and breed in. Sounds a lot like Boerne, right? Most people view these bugs more as nuisances than truly serious problems, but even a single bite from a tick can result in severe health issues. ABC pest control professionals can help you approach the problem that fleas and ticks present holistically, offering treatment methods designed to not just eliminate current invaders, but stop future infestations from happening—even if you have pets.

Pest Control Boerne

Spider & Scorpion Control

Just like bees and wasps, spiders and scorpions play an important role in our natural environment. As natural predators for many other insects, they help to keep other pest populations in check. That being said, some spider and scorpion species can pose a danger to people as well. Most Boerne homeowners have no desire to stick around long enough to learn if one of these critters is poisonous or not if they run across them. When you call in a professional from ABC, we can both help you determine whether or not you are dealing with dangerous species and engage in techniques to remove them from your home—and keep them away.

Can Boerne residents get a free pest control estimate from ABC?

Absolutely. When you contact us, we will either be able to provide you with an estimate based on the information you provide to us over the phone or ask to set up a no-cost inspection that will also include an estimate. Whichever way it ends up happening, our estimate and recommended treatment plan will be completely free of charge. 

Can you show me what typically happens during a pest control service call?

What can you tell me about ABC’s pest control philosophy?

ABC has been helping Texas home and business owners deal with pest problems for more than 50 years. Over the course of that time, we’ve continually refined our approach to pest management to provide our customers with the treatment solutions we believe are the best and most effective.

That means using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles. What exactly are those principles?

IPM is a philosophy that believes in developing a comprehensive understanding of pest behavior and biology so that we can utilize environmentally-friendly techniques designed to stop unwanted creatures from entering and thriving on your property.

Specifically, our protocol is to:

  1. Identify where pests live and breed.
  2. Treat problem areas.
  3. Work with homeowners to take preventative steps to stop future invasions.

Typically, these preventative steps involve taking measures such as sealing up entry points, encouraging beneficial animals and insects to take up residence on your property or altering sprinkler systems to prevent water from pooling. 

Will you be able to get rid of my pests in a single treatment?

While this is possible and does happen sometimes, most often our clients receive more than one treatment to truly eliminate their problem. In fact, ABC now offers year-round pest control services focusing on the most common pests in Boerne because so many clients requested it.

Why does it usually take more than one service call?

There are a number of potential factors. Some pests are more difficult to deal with than others. Bigger infestations tend to take longer to deal with than smaller ones. The time of year can impact the effectiveness of the treatment. Additionally, multiple treatments make it less likely that any eggs or larvae will be missed and develop into adults.

Can ABC service my property if I’m not home?

Yes—to a certain extent. Generally speaking, we prefer for homeowners to be there for the free initial inspection so that we can create a treatment plan that meets your needs. After this initial meeting, you can set up outside-only services that do not require you to be home. If you sign up for this service, you just need to give us instructions on how we can access your yard. Any in-home treatments, however, do require your presence.

Why should I choose ABC over other pest control companies in Boerne?

Here’s what Boerne residents tell us about why they decide to go with ABC:

  • We’re licensed (TPCL2170)
  • We have a generations-long track record of excellent service in Central Texas
  • Our technicians are friendly and knowledgeable
  • Homeowners feel safe with our pros because we conduct drug testing and background tests on all employees
Are there other services ABC offers in Boerne?

Yes, we do! We provide services with experienced professionals in a variety of areas, including:

What exterior cleaning services does ABC provide? With the help of our skilled technicians, you can transform the entire look of your home with:

Window Cleaning

We clean both inside and out to get your windows clear and free of streaks.

Gutter Cleaning

In order to work properly and avoid problems, gutters need to be regularly cleared of debris

Power Washing

Removing dirt and pollen from your driveway, patio and walkways not only serves to brighten up your home’s exterior, but also it can also reduce problems related to allergies.