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What lawn care services do you provide?

The lawn experts at ABC Home & Commercial Services can do everything you might need to keep your yard in tip-top shape year round. We can do all those routine tasks, like cutting your grass, and help out with all kinds of projects, including landscaping and pergola installation. We'll make your life easier by taking over the following: 

Lawn Mowing 

The best way to keep your yard looking its best is through consistent lawn mowing. Give us a call to schedule regular maintenance. Together, we will take a look at your yard and decide how often we should come cut your grass. In most cases, we can even come to mow the lawn when you're not home, so you'll drive up to a nice and tidy lawn after a long day away. 

Lawn Fertilization

During different seasons, your lawn will need different nutrients. We can keep you well informed on what is going to be the best treatment plan to keep your grass looking great and staying healthy. Our fertilization services not only keep your plants healthy, but also help keep the weeds away. We use our specially formulated program that is effective and environmentally-friendly. 

Landscaping & Landscape Design 

Are you ready to switch things up in your yard? We offer free consultations for our landscaping services and would be happy to sit down and listen to your yard makeover ideas. We can do anything from installing outdoor lighting to adding fencing and patios to solving drainage issues you may be experiencing. Just give us a call and we can help make your yard dreams come true! Once we're done, we'll help maintain your outdoor spaces going forward.  

Tree Care & Trimming

It may be getting a little difficult for you to reach the branches of that oak tree in your front yard—and a little dangerous. If the limbs are starting to get unruly and you’re tired of climbing up that ladder, we can help you out. We’ll maintain your trees and help them live a long and healthy life. 

Have you noticed there may be a wasps nest in one of your trees? Or maybe you have another unwanted visitor? We can help with whatever creatures may be keeping you from enjoying your yard by taking up shop in your trees. 

Sprinkler Repair

Having a faulty sprinkler can really run up your water bill. On the other hand, the time and money you spent on the landscaping in your yard will go to waste if there isn’t enough water to go around. Our skilled technicians can review any problem areas you may be having with your sprinkler or irrigation systems. 

How often will you mow my yard?
Lawn Care in Georgetown

ABC's lawn experts can work with you on a schedule for mowing your lawn that best fits your lawn needs. Depending on the season, your grass may need to be cut more or less frequently. What we consider when suggesting a mowing frequency is what type of grass is in your yard, how quickly your grass grows and your desired grass height. 

Do I need to be home when you are working on my lawn?

Most of the time, we are able to mow your lawn and do any other needed lawn work while you’re away. Please let us know about gate codes or any other directions beforehand to make the process as seamless as possible. Out of concern for your furry family members and little ones, we do ask that you keep your pets and children inside while our crews are at work.

What impact do your products have on my kids, pets and the environment?

At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we treat our customers' yards and homes as if they were our own. We wouldn’t want our yards treated with unnecessary amounts of chemicals, which is why we use only low-impact products in low concentrations that are specially formulated for residential use. We will work with you before beginning our work to answer any questions you may have about the products we are using in your outdoor spaces. 

What qualifications do ABC’s lawn care experts have?

In addition to receiving intensive in-house training, our ABC lawn care specialists include ISA-certified licensed arborists, licensed sprinkler repair specialists and lawn crews with years of experience.

What equipment or materials do you use on my yard?

Don’t worry about having to pull out your old lawn mower—we’ve got you covered. We bring our own commercial grade equipment to ensure a more consistent mowing job. 

Why choose ABC for my lawn care?

ABC customers grow to understand that we treat your home as if it were our own. We screen our employees by conducting drug tests and a criminal background check so that Georgetown homeowners can feel safe with an ABC staff member on their property. We provide lots of in-house training to ensure we are providing the best quality service possible.